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  1. you need to provide the name of your birth place. Further, what is the source of your time of birth. As per given birth details; the lagna comes out to be Libra around 0.19 degrees and, even two minute difference prior to it, is changing the lagna to Virgo. As per your problem in education, I feel it to be atleast around 2.06 to 2.08 AM. Did you suffered some serious health and injury problems (like operation, problem of bones, headaches, jaundice, eye problem or other)between Oct 99 to Oct 2005?
  2. Yes, even I failed to notice that.. may be Vidhya Raman would like to clear
  3. Okay thanks for the confirmation of my doubt about your time of birth.
  4. well, I just want to know source of your birth time. Can it be 2-3 minutes earlier or just accurate? Did you get married between Oct 2004 to Sept 2005?
  5. With so much detailed version of your problems; I find it requires to be dealt off the track, I mean your problem requires much more than astrological advise. First of all, you should understand the very fact that he was actually using you for the moral and other supports during difficult times; and when his purpose get solved, he is trying to ignore and avoid you on one or another issues. There is no point in showing/using emotions when the counter-part is acting smart. In present times, it happens to many people; so you are not the only one being cheated by selfish and smart personality. In spite of looking for mercy; you should stregthen yourself, come out of emotional weakness and start living your life with open understanding of the very fact that you have been used by a person and in future, you won't let it happen again. You should also understand the fact that now a days it has become a very common practice and people are not even ashamed of this; therefore, no point in making him realize what wrong he has done or doing, because he already knows very well. The more you try to put your arguments or views; the more chance he will have to torture and insult you. In earlier times, it has been called as cheating, now a days it is referred as being smart and practical. Further, if you think rationally in a cool state of mind; you can easily understand the meaning hidden behind the comment. " if all conflicts, arguements & fights between us stops Permanently. Only then I'll marry u. I dont want single arguement". Believe me, it can never happen in any marriage or any relation until and unless the relation is mechanical i.e. without any emotions. It is just like putting an impossible condition to get rid of you. And, even if you sacrifice all your humanity for the sake of relationship, again you will end up with nothing. There are no conditions in true love or even love; conditions are being framed to safe-guard the immoral and unethical approach. If you have any self-respect left; then just start using your mind in spite of being cruel to your own self. Even, your paretns will not be happy, if you act like this. Whatever happened, happened; promise yourself that you won't let it happen again to you. You are not a thing to be used; you are a human being and if people are acting smart; why shouldn't you. Therefore, in spite of waiting for his response, just tell him that you do not need him any-more and he can have his way. I know and understand that it is really very difficult especially during earlier stage; but I can promise you that you can do it. If possible, take services of some psychologist, who will help you to come out of present troublesome circumstances. The best way is to adopt a hobby upon which you can spend your time, love and creativity. I will try to find out some time and provide some suitable astrological remedies; but you should or you ought to make yourself strong enough to deal with the situation without any help.
  6. Okay, thanks for confirming and sharing. Till Mid Oct 2008, things are likely to remain tough and troublesome in professional matters and chances of even losing your job. Therefore, your apprehension regarding turbulence is somewhat justified. Period after Mid Oct 2008 to mid March 2009 is likely to provide some decent professional opportunities. As a remedial measure, you can wear Pearl in right hand ring finger.
  7. Did any of the problems (as indicated in your above response - specifically accident and family troubles) occured between Sept 2000 to July 2001?
  8. I feel that your past life regression might have not been appropriately conducted else you wouldn't have been suffering from those pains. And ending your life is not the right approach, because you are going to have the similar problem in your next birth. The best way is to accept and bear. Presently, you are running under Venus/Sun from feg 2008 to Jan 2009 and as per my understanding of astrology, it is a very good time for you to have your past time regression; may be this time, you may be relieved of all your pains.
  9. Okay, it matches with 1.35 as time of birth.
  10. Just curious to know about your educational achievements. Did you feel uncomfortable in appropriately pursuing your education between 1996 to 2001? Like despite being awarded with moderate environment and opportunities, you could not do well as per expectations?
  11. I am a little bit occupied and will be reverting as soon as possible.
  12. As per Gun Milap, it is a good match. Look, compatibility of charts can be done through various methods on various grounds and Guna Milapa is one of these and, obviously, its importance can not be ruled out. But, similarly there are other factors to be judged like strength of 7th house, the general significators for happy married life and the ongoing Dasas. Except, Gun Milap, other things are not favorable and/or compatible in your charts. Second, Astrology or you can say my understanding of astrology is not of such an high order that I can predict with hundred percent guarantee. I can just make an assumption of the circumstances which are likely to manifest in a specific arena of life during a specific period of time. And that means till mid Feb 2009 the circumstances are not likely to favor you in getting married to her and enjoying marital bliss. As a remedial measure, you can wear a good quality Pearl in left hand ring finger and she can offer prayers to Goddess Durga on daily basis. The good period of getting married has already been mentioned; that is after mid Feb 2009. suffer
  13. Well, it depends upon the degrees of the Lagna. Usually, the Navamsha Chart changes with change in Lagna.
  14. Well you asked, and it was the answer of your why; It was just an astrological clarification of your chart, no need to take it seriously. And I hope you have got the answer for your main concern.
  15. Thanks ...but i did not get u..does that mean it is not a suitable match or marriage should not be solemized now? It is not a suitable match for following reasons: In Boys' i.e. your chart the Moon, as lord of Seventh house, is debilitated and conjuct with Ketu and Venus. Lagna Lord Saturn and 9th lord Mercury both are combust, Mars is placed in 12th house and you are running under Mahadasa of combust Mercury and antardasa of Debilitated Sun till mid feb 2009. In Girl's chart, 7th house is occupied by Mars which is under aspect of Saturn, 7th lord Venus though exalted but placed with debilitated Mercury which rules 8th and 11th houses and Jupiter, Karaka for Husband, is debilitated. Regarding solemnization of Marriage; The girl is under Mahadasa of Rahu and antardasa of Venus since 19 May 2008 which will remain effective till mid May 2011. As such, Venus ruling 7th house in her chart is exalted, there are strong chances of her marriage being solemnized/fixed during this period, specifically mid nov 2008 to mid Jan 2009. While in your chart, you are running under Mahadasa of combust Mercury and antardasa of debilitated Sun till mid Feb 2009; and the weakness on the part of both these planets is less likely to bless you with marital significations. Therefore, there are less chances of getting married to each other. The next antardasa of Moon, which will start from Mid Feb 2009 to mid July 2010, is likely to bless you with marital signification. Therefore, if she remains unmarried till Feb 2009; only then you can have some hope. We have known each other for two years and want to get married. We are ready to wait till the conditions get favourable..PLease let us now your views and if doshas are there lease suggest some remedial measures to reduce them. The best remedy is to understand the fact that there may be some post marital problems and control your reaction.
  16. You are trying during those periods which are not astrologically favorable for journeys. Your first attempt might have also been opposed by your family and there might have been a confusion in your mind too, like whether to proceed dedicately with your efforts or otherwise. Presently, you are running under Saturn/Saturn (from Mid March 2006 to Mid March 2009) and even this period is likely to obstruct your movement to foreign countries. Try during Saturn/Mercury (Mid March 2009 to Mid Nov 2011) and there are around 90% chances of getting success.
  17. Yes, and even in Boy's chart, Mars is placed in 12th house creating a Manglik Yoga. The chart of girl is somewhat better in comparision to the boy's chart and her marriage is very likely to be solemnlized/fixed between Mid Nov. 2008 to Mid Jan 2009. In boy's chart, Lagna Lord Saturn (though exalted) but combust, Mercury is also combust and Sun as lord of 8th house is debilitated. Mars ruling 4th and 11th houses is placed in 12th house. Moon is debilitated and placed in 11th house along with Ketu and Venus. Presently, he is under mahadasa of combust Mercury and antardasa of debilitated Sun. There are very few chances of his marriage getting fixed/solemnized during this period.
  18. Sagittarius (Dhanu) rises in the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Jupiter is placed in 7th house. Apart from this, Mars, Sun and Venus are debilitated, Mercury is combust and Moon is in sixth house. Mahadasa of Mars was operational between Jan 1989 to Jan 1996 which might have caused numerous problems in Education, happiness to/from Parents and bad luck. Even health appears to be causing troubles on different issues quite off and on. Presently, you are running under Rahu/Venus till mid Aug 2010. I do not find it good to commence a business during such period because Rahu/Venus combination in 10th house may cause severe financial problems due to debts and disputes. The placement of Saturn in 9th house is another issue which causes obstructions and delays in fruitifications of results expected. If you feel that you can manage finance for the business at your own and without taking loan, then only you should think about it. Did your father had severe problems related to debt and/or dispute?
  19. Does Thrissur mean Trichur? Aluva I am trying to find out, any nearby location district, city etc.?
  20. Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in Lagna, combustion of Mars, placement of Jupiter in 12th house (ruling 5th and 8th houses) and Operation of Saturn/Ketu period seems to be responsible for unsuccessful operation. As such, Venus is strongly placed in your chart in 3rd house, you may expect a good amount of solace during Saturn/Venus starting from Mid Nov 2008 to Dec 2012. The antardasa of Ketu during which you chose to get operated has been able to enhanced to problem.
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