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  1. There are likely hood of all kind of marital problems in your chart i.e. post marital and pre-marital. Under such circumstances, it is suggested that you take every caution while going for marriage. At present, you are running under Sun Mahadasa and Rahu antardasa which does not denote favorable results regarding marriage. There can be some chances of getting married in Sun/Jupiter i.e. between 15 Jan 2009 to 5 Nov 2009; but then also try to follow the customs and take precaution like horoscope matching and following the guidance of elders in your family. The present antardasa of Rahu will operate till 14 Jan 2009 and you should be very careful in your professional matters as such the overall period is not likely to be favorable in finance and profession. Achievements and accumulation of wealth during the earlier phase of Sun/Rahu is likely to get destroyed within this period. Chart also denotes lack of happiness to/from parents, therefore, be as careful as possible in all personal, professional and family matters. You can be able to receive guidance from someone related to religion and spirituality in your family/relatives.
  2. Your chart shows appropriate strength of planets and houses in regard to professional matters while there ARE some minor but frequent problems in marital aspects. The next antardasa of Santurn in Ketu Mahadasa is indicating foreign stay/travel very clearly and, therefore, you can wait for the period to commence i.e. 4 Sept 2008 to 14 Oct 2009. Do not try to force upon over anyone in this regard; the present antardasa of Jupiter does not indicate travel or journey as such the same is placed in 4th house in its own sign. If possible, you can stregthen your Sun which rules 9th house and denotes happiness from father, husband, son besides favor of luck. Wearing of a good quality Ruby in left hand ring finger in gold will be quite helpful. Overall chart is strong and favorable in most of the human issues.
  3. My Dear Kapil Would you mind sharing birth details of your friend who suffered huge loss after wearing Emerald and the time of bearing the loss? best wishes
  4. Best will be wearing Pearl and Red Coral in a silver-locket in neck. Regarding time of wearing the stones, you can take help of local pundits or wear the stones on Monday or Tuesday. It is very difficult to specifically point out the type of business under free readings as such it takes a lot of time and effort.
  5. good contribution to the forum as such it may help a lot of members.
  6. well, maandi can be considered for judging the malefic influences over the chart. In your chart (Aquarius/Kumbha Lagna) the presence of Moon(ruler of 6th house) with Mandi in 11th house and aspect of Jupiter and Venus over the combination denotes problems due to unwarranted confrontations, disputes, legal problems, finance problem due to debts (whether lended or owned). During the mahadasa of Moon (under influence of Maandi) you may face financial and legal problems specially under the antardasas of Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Exact influence over financial and professional matters can only be judged with complete birth details.
  7. at present you are running under Saturn/Sun and both are highly malefic planets for your chart. The next antardasa of Moon will be starting from August 2008 which is very likely to provide good business opportunities. The presence of Venus + Mercury + Ketu in 4th house of your chart is highly undesirable and such combination denotes lack of domestic and mental peace along with loss of property and vehicles. You should not wear Emerald at all under such circumstances. Wearing of Red Coral and Pearl is the ideal combination of gems for professional and financial betterment.
  8. To me, the problem seems to be phonic i.e. it is based upon false ego and a lot of mis-understanding. The problem lies in the chart of your husband. If you allow him to command over-your self; the problem may get solved easily. It seems that he feels quite in-secure and might be having inferiority complex which instigate him to have command over you. Fortunately, I fail to see any big problem which may lead to painful divorce. The current antardasa of Venus in Rahu Mahadasa has just started in your husband's chart i.e. from 30 March 2008 and will remain effective till March 2011 and I hope this period is likely to be quite favorable for marital issues. Now, in your chart, the presence of Exalted Rahu in 7th house is a little bit troublesome especially when you are running under antardasa of Saturn in the Mahadasa of Mercury (20 August 2007 to 26 April 2010). The period denotes duality of events. So, if you can arrange for re-marrying your husband; that will be an appropriate solution to the problem. Or you can email at rajshekhar.sharma@gmail.com for remedies. Or you can just allow him to have command over you for next 1-2 years till he gains his confidence in personal relations; things will ease out a lot.
  9. Avoid working with loans as much as possible. Wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) and perform following remedies: Offer Water to Banana Tree on Thursdays. Donate 1 Kg. Chana Dal in Hanuman Temple on Every Thursday. Things will improve very soon.
  10. Carreer wise chart is Okay, so you will be getting new job very soon. As regard to your personal problems, I think things will ease out only after marriage. There may be progenic problems even after marriage. Wear Yellow Sapphire. Chart denotes severe troubles related to parents.
  11. the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the 12th house is the reason behind troubles in married life. Strengthening of Lagna by wearing of good quality Yellow Sapphire is likely to help a lot. Offering prayers to Goddess Durga is also helpful. At present you are running under Jupiter/Jupiter till May 2009. Things are very likely to be favorable and smooth during next antardasa of Saturn, which is exalted in 11th house. Antardasa of Saturn will operate from June 2009 to Dec 2011.
  12. I will be reverting within 1-2 days. If you can wait let me know.
  13. I will be reverting on your chart within a short period. If you can wait, let me know about it.
  14. Well, I am just unable to comment on your assessment of the things like debilitation of the Sun, remedies suggested by you for debilitation of the Sun and questions raised regarding wearing of Gomed. There are various ways of depicting/analysing a horoscope and as per my limited understanding of astrology most of them are good. It is just like, treatment through various philosophies of medicines viz. Yunani, Homeopathy, Alopathy or Ayurveda. Each is capable of curing diseases but each is having different rules. Mixing of rules of two different approaches is not suggested. I have my own style of working over charts on the basis of which I have recommended what I though best for yourgood self. Other things, I should not comment as a good human being. best wishes
  15. stregthening of Mars and remedies of Mercury are likely to help. You can wear Red Coral and do remedies for mercury (the antardasa Lord) General remedy for mercury is to donate green color items or Watering Tulsi Plant daily except on Sundays
  16. well, you can depend upon antardasa of Moon in Saturn's Mahadasa which will start from 28 July 2008 and will remain effective till 24 Feb 2010. Even the next antardasa of Mars is likely to be favorable.
  17. yes, you are correct. it was a mistake on my part. thanks
  18. well, I see problems related to almost every aspect of life i.e. parents, spouce, profession and finance. You are running under Mahadasa of Saturn which started from 25.8.1997 and remain effective till 25.8.2016; and this period is not supposed to be good any in any of the afore stated matters. The antardasa of Mercury would have caused numerous problems- Saturn/Mercury (from 28.8.2000 to 5.5.2003) - specifically in matters related with spouse, children and luck.
  19. You can expect suitable rise in professional matters in the coming antardasa of Venus in Mahadasa of Mercury (2 June 2008 to 2 April 2011). There are good chances of either visiting abroad or gains from foreign countries during this period. Chart denotes problems in arranging and managing finance in business matters; therefore, avoid initiating business with loan else you may get into troubles.
  20. Well, I would like to correct you on following: "So Venus dasa doesnt look good. Thats what I was scared to hear. and Im just going to start 20 years of the dasha this year........" You are not going to have Venus Mahadasa for 20 years. You are going to have antardasa of Venus in the Mahadasa of Saturn which will last for 2-3 years only. And, the whole antardasa will not be bad, only some of the pratyantars may cause some problems impact of which may last for a significant period of time.
  21. . What are the implications of this on my career as Leo is my 10th house from Lagna? Transit of Saturn over Leo sign, which falls in 10th house of your chart, is not favorable especially when it changes its motion. Therefore, at the time of coming in direct motion, it may create some hurdles. 2. How will the last phase of Sade sati shani turn out? Better or worse? There are other aspects too to be looked into while judging the future results of transit planets including Saturn's movement in Sade-Sati. At present, you are running under Saturn/Ketu and exalted Ketu is likely to protect you in some or other way under difficult situations. During Saturn/Venus, Sade-Sati last phase can provide mixed results. 3. Since Venus is afflicted by Mars in its enemy's house (Leo) in the chart; how does that affect my Venus Dasa? Will it be better than my current ketu dasa as ketu is exalted? Saturn/Venus is not likely to be much favorable.
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