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  1. Namaste Those who fail to understand the reason, often resort to such practices of blaming planets without any logical reason. Your venus is very well placed and reasonably strong in your chart. May be because your problems related with General significations of Venus, they might have left with no other choice to blame it. Even if, your Venus would have been in bad condition, no single planet can give problems at its own. There had to be several other factors supporting him. You have given ur time of birth as 9.15 AM, which I think, is required to be ascertained/fixed first to analyse the chart. The easiest way of doing it is having the personality traits of a person to match with the chart. Therefore, if you can provide the following info. I can try your physical features like height, build (fat/medium/slim) and face [oval/round/long]. best wishes
  2. unfortunately, the chart does indicate problems in educational matters. Fine arts and media (subjects related to imagination) are likely to be more suitable for educational and professional aspects. She may also go in medical line as nurse or attendant or some clerical job.
  3. Things are very much likely to be positive and favorable between Mid August 2009 to April 2012. So, you just need to pass some time around 2 months or so; and thereafter, the favorable planetary position is likely to give good solace in current problems. Donate wheat, honey and saffron on Tuesdays and Thursdays in temple. quantity has not issue and you can donate as per your affordability.
  4. You are very likely to be blessed with progeny between 21 August 2009 to 21 August 2010. For best results, you can wear aquamarine; weight 5 carats around; studded in silver as a necklace.
  5. just don't worry, she is having a lifespan of more than (or at least) 52 years despite all odds.. no need to be tensed on this issue...
  6. higher education or education in the field of maths, logic, reasoning, media and research have positive impact usually during Ketu/Budh.
  7. communication, media, medical, law, police, judiciary and all research work appears to be suitable.
  8. she may got married between 15th March 2010 to March 2011. The chart is strong in marital aspects; so need not to worry much.
  9. Hello Mr. H G Prakash. Shri Sasisekaran has given you the appropriate advise. Your desperation is okay; but just look at his words. He has done a very good diagnosis, and I would like to request that you should try to perform the suggested remedies. PS: Hello Sasisekaran jee. Nothing has changed over here. people are still very eager and desperate to know the answers as per their tunes, and you are still patient to answer them even after judging the whole thing from the charts. Well, I just got some time to visit the forum and hence thought to say hello.
  10. no particular variety is required. Just Original Red Coral.
  11. There are no such indications of getting separated in 2013-2014. Further, the problems appears to be more on family issues; than personal conflicts. I believe, you are likely to have suitable amount of relief in your problems during mid Dec 2008 to Mid Jan 2009. No need of any remedies on your part.
  12. Remedies are to be performed by the native only. You can skip the remedy you are unable to perform.
  13. Just perform the suggested remedies and hope for the best. As I have already expressed that time till mid April 2009 is not favorable; you need to focus more on remedies. After mid April 2009, things will be favorable for you in marital life and it means that if you can manage to save you marriage till that time, you need not to worry about it anymore.
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