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  1. Namaskar Web yogiji, I would like to know an auspicious day for scheduling c section for me for birth of a baby girl. Could you please suggest me a good day from May 1st to May 8 th 2009 and few timing slots on that days. Not sure if you would require the following details My DOB . Its Sept 13 1976 time 2:00 PM Nalgonda. My husband DOB is May 13 1977, time 2:45 AM Gudur, nellore dt. The Place of hospital would be Des moines, IOWA.USA. Really appreciate your help. Thank You.
  2. Hi, My dob is sept 13 1976 Time 2:00 am in nalgonda , ap. Do i have separation in my marrige. Does wearing emarald suits me in this rahu maha dasa. Does chandi homam help. Please suggest.
  3. Thank you very much for your reply Webyogi ji.Is rahu in bad place for both of us causing the bad effects. Does chandi homam solve my problems for this rahu dasha. can you please explain both of our charts the planet places and houses. Thanks you.
  4. My dob is sept 13 1976 time 2:00 pm at nalgonda , AP. My husband dob is may 13 1977 2:45 am in gudur , nellore dt. AP. Looks like i am running rahu-rahu and my husband mercury-rahu. Please help ia m very confused about the conflicts between us and worried about financial matters.
  5. My dob sept 13 1976 time 2:00 pm.in nalgonda AP. My husband dob is may 13 1977 time 2:45 am in gudur nellore dt. Please tell me if i can do something to have success in my marriage life. Currently we are suffering from discord.Something or the other will arise and end up as an argument.
  6. thanks so much for reply. I am eagerly waiting it. Is rahu dasha effecting me(My marriage) in future. can you please elaborate it if you have any more details. I really appreciate it. Does my husband chard look ok?
  7. My dob is sept 13 1976 at 2:00 pm in nalgonda my husband dob is may 13 1977 at 2:45 am in gudur , nellore dt. We are having marriage conflicts. It is said that we will get separated in 2013-2014 becuase of rahu mahadasha in my jatakam. Is this right. Please help me if i can save it. what remedies can i perform
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