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  6. Vatsala Tripathi

    I want to achieve Vairagya

    Mind cannot be fully controlled without it
  7. Below are my birth details: DOB is 22nd Feb 1989 Place of birth is Bhopal. MP (India) (The coordinates of the place are: Longitude is 77 degrees 24 minutes EAST, and Latitude is 23 degrees 16 minutes NORTH) Time of birth is 15:33 (that is, 03:33 PM) I have been studying intraday stock trading for the last 1 year. I wish to know if I will become successful or not. Basically, my father became interested in stock intraday trading 1 year ago. He encouraged me to study the same with him. The main difference between him and me is this that I am too conservative in taking risks, whereas he is not. However, I want to enter this profession, since I have not been successful in any other field. Although I did Engineering in the Computer Science field, and have done numerous jobs in the areas like marketing, creative writing, and teaching; I was not able to remain in these fields for more than 6 months maximum. I am unable to remain in any 'job' for a long period of time. Currently, I am unemployed and Stock Trading is the only option left for me. Could someone please help me??
  8. Guest


    hi dear astrologers i wish to have an enquiry about my son has he any yogas to become a military man pob rawalpindi pakistan dob 11th jan 2004 tob 19:25 hrs thanks for your input
  9. hi im anjaly DOB 15-April-1988 00:10 am kerala, thiruvananthapuram, please recommend me the right gemstone to wear please.
  10. Hi, I was born in Jyeshta Nakshatra and and I am the eldest in my family. My girlfriend is the eldest in her family. Someone told her that this forms the Trijyeshta dosha. She seems to be worried as she was told that it will not be good for my health and life. Also, I have a chance of divorce according to my Kundli(forgot the reason). If someone knows what is this dosha, can you please explain or provide some links/book names where I can read about it. I would like to know more, so that we can decide on our marriage. Also, If someone knows, how to resolve the dosha, please provide the ways to do it. Regards, Yash
  11. Pranam Rao Ji, I am big fan for JHora,but recently I found 1 bug in software version 8, This is D1 Chart Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 13 Vi 27' 32.86" Hast 2 Vi Ta Sun - PK 12 Ta 55' 52.26" Rohi 1 Ta Ar Moon - PiK 21 Sg 16' 08.37" PSha 3 Sg Li Mars - GK 11 Pi 46' 33.81" UBha 3 Pi Li Mercury - DK 0 Ge 01' 55.07" Mrig 3 Ge Li Jupiter - MK 22 Pi 33' 00.28" Reva 2 Pi Cp Venus - AK 26 Ge 57' 09.35" Puna 3 Ge Ge Saturn - AmK 23 Ge 04' 14.13" Puna 1 Ge Ar Rahu - BK 7 Sc 17' 23.33" Anu 2 Sc Vi Ketu 7 Ta 17' 23.33" Krit 4 Ta Pi The Aspect table with relationship is showing mercury as com-bust
  12. Guest

    manthra recitation

    Dear all, paranams..can this manthra be recited by ladies and without any upadesh ? just got it in youtube and found this to recite during navarathri days.is it fine to start with ourselves on an auspicious day. pls clarify my doubt.. Thanks and regards, Saimira
  13. confused 12

    Help regarding Lord Shiva

    Respected Members Please inform me about a few things regarding Shiva statue. Which one shiva statue is better - Granite or white marble ? What would be the best size of the statue for a home temple of a Brahmin family ? Please any knowledgeable person help me soon .
  14. How do you tell/write on sanskrit :”Always forward”
  15. Dear Esteemed Members, I have Lost everything since august 2017.All my efforts are unfruitful. I have lost my House,Household,My wife and 3 year old Daughter were forcefully taken away from me and are staying in an ashram. I don't have any income and all my efforts are not bearing any fruits. I am loosing my mind and supposedly my jana guru is starting from october 11. I need help. What remedies can i do for janma guru in scorpio.
  16. Hi all, I born on morning 6:55 Am India at Lat. 24.84(N) Long 93.01(E). I am unable to settle down in career. When ever I got a promotion after that problem started with other side. Can you please help me with that to figure out why it is happening and how could I get out of that problem.. Please help me.
  17. My D.O.B is 15/03/1999 at 6;04 p.m at madurai T.N, i have leo lagna, venus in 9th house and yogakaraka mars in 3rd house(parivartana yoga) also mars is A.K and venus is Arudha lagna lord and is in vargotama Can i wear diamond and coral together to augment the effects of dharmakarmadhipathy yoga?
  18. My D.O.B is 15/03/1999 at 6;04 p.m at madurai T.N, i have leo lagna, venus in 9th house and yogakaraka mars in 3rd house(parivartana yoga) also mars is A.K and venus is Arudha lagna lord and is in vargotama Can i wear diamond and coral together to augment the effects of dharmakarmadhipathy yoga?
  19. Guest

    Twin Pregnancy

    Sir, My details are as follows: Date of Birth: 04th August 1985 Time : 11:57 AM Place: Pune, Maharashtra. Following are details of my husband Date of Birth: 15th September 1983 Time : 06.:08 PM Place: Bijapur, Karnataka We do not have kids till date. We would like to know whether are there any chances of conceiving twins as we would take up only one chance for kid.
  20. what is the time of birth for udayanthi nazhigai 10, vinadi 11 on October 9, 1973
  21. Guest


    Dhantari magazine
  22. I am going through Horrible Rahu mahadasha , I am suffering from extreme depression, humiliation from relatives, outsiders etc. I have attended no of interviews but not even one was cleared, Even those who were less talented than me. I am facing challenges every day. My mother's health is becoming worse. Anyone with a good heart, Please tell me will I ever get good days? My details: 13th July 1996, Morning 5 am, Place: Nalgonda, Telangana. Please tell me the reason what planetary combinations are making my life hell, and when will i get good days. If i will never get good days, Please tell me I will not live anymore, Such is my situation now.
  23. Dear Friends, I came across a Shloka from It is from Grihya Sutra which I really liked. Can anyone please help me with the correct written form of the same. It would be nice if someone can tell me the location and name of the verse. "Aapah Punanthu Prathveem " "Prathvee Poothaah Punaathu Maam " (2) =(meaning) Copious flow of rain water purifies the Earth and removes--dust-dirt-filth-garbage from Earth --Thus purified Earth purifies me by giving Clean and Hygienic food With regards Amit
  24. RamyaBala

    For MyMarriage

    Hai All. My parents seeing groom for me. We got one jathagam from co-worker we like each other. They gave his jathagam to us. He s Mirusarisam Nakastra 1st padam. Mine s Ayilyam 1st padam. We saw jathagam one guy told u can do marriage. Another one s its doesn't match also he is telling after 2years guy will suffer from some skin allergy and all. But i really like him alot. Can u ppl please help me to sort out this.
  25. Namasthe I'm ramya n recently on the day my sister marriage 19th Aug 2018 we lost gold jewelery n cash at home n want to knw who is the person stolen n will i get back my jewellery n cash,i m requesting to solve my problem. Ramya
  26. Hello, could you kindly help me translate the phrase "garden of peace" into Sankrit? I know peace is शान्ति (śānti) but should it be declined in the genitive case maybe? I'm also not sure what word to use for garden... I know the word उद्यान (udyā́na) - is it correct? Thank you in advance for your kind help.
  27. So i was curious how the correct way to write this little phrase in sanskrit would be? Typing "Our Love Is One" in an online sanskrit generator produces this result. Can anyone give me any pointers to make this correct grammar/formatting? ओउर् ळोवे इस ओने "Our Love Is One"
  28. NKeagle

    Hanuman Chalisa Doha

    My greetings to everyone, I was hoping if somebody could clear a doubt of mine. I would very much appreciate it. When people chant the Hanuman Chalisa, and when they reach the doha, they always recite a few more lines after it. It usually goes along the lines of "Siyaan vara Ramchandra ki jai, ... " . I don't know where I read it, but I've always said these lines after reading the Doha; Doha Pavan Tanay Sankat Harana Mangala Murati Roop Ram Lakhana Sita Sahita Hriday Basahu Soor Bhoop "Siyaan vara Ramchandra ki Jai Uma vara Shambhoonaath ki Jai Pavan Suta Hanuman ki Jai" The second line, "Uma vara Shambhoonaath ki Jai", I swear I heard it somewhere. But now I don't find it anywhere on the net. I fear I might have been reciting it all wrong during this whole time. It's making me crazy because by His blessings, I managed to keep a fast for Lord Hanuman and recited the Chalisa ending it with these lines after the Doha. And now I am feeling ridden with anxiety and doubts, fearing that my fasting has gone to waste. I know this may sound very trivial to some, but it means a lot for me. I am a very anxious person. I would gladly appreciate if someone could clear my doubts. Thank you a lot!
  29. bhakta93

    Kali nama japa?

    What would be a good name of Ma Kali would be good for nama japa? I've come across: Om Kali Ma Kali, Kali, Kali Kali Ma Dakshina Kalika any help or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
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