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  1. Dear experts, Could you please take a stab at my case and help me? please let me know if I am missing some information. I have always been excellent academically and getting a job was a cake walk few years ago. Now I just feel my mind is not co-operating with me. It just blanks out sometimes. I am failing in securing a job and also in trying to do further studies. I feel I am not as intelligent as I used to be, probably I have gotten really dumb! I am losing confidence in myself. If not anything else, is there a way I can become strong mentally and have the confidence to face no matter what happens?
  2. Experts, is there any particular prayer that would benefit me? Nothing is working out for me. They say period of planets in 12th house give material losses but help one grow spiritually. So even if all my efforts yield nothing, I hope to become stronger mentally and emotionally so that I have the strength to make the best of everything and have the courage to face what ever comes. I want my mind to be calm and stable and devoid of unecessary thoughts. I have started doing yoga and meditation regularly. Thanks in advance. since this post has become quite long, giving my birth details again June 2nd 1981 time: 10:30AM Place: karwar, Karnataka.
  3. Riazji, Quick question(Please pardon me if it looks like I am trying to fish for the answer I want). You mentioned Rahu dasa and Sun antardasa wont be so good. But sun is the 2nd lord in 11th house which is a type of dhana yoga and it is with moon and mars which form chanda mangala yoga in 11th house which is also a dhana yoga. Would it be fair to assume that Sun antardas will be atleast relatively better than the Venus antardasha? This is for my original post. Preeti: I would appreciate if you could post your queries seperately and not as a part of my post. Thanks!
  4. Dear Riaz, Can wearing moti help me get a job in US? I have trying for a really really long time and it has been just failure and hinderances at every stage . Getting a job is my only priority right now. I was working on SAP in a reputed organization back in India. Moved to US after marriage and finding it very difficult to find a job here. Regards, Nisha
  5. Sandhuji,Atulji, Just out of curiosity, the below horoscope has saturn and sun exalted and opposing each other. The native is doing very very well with good higher education and a very lucrative job and settled in united states. Could it be something else in his chart that bestowed these successes? April 25th 1983 10:09 AM Bangalore,India
  6. Riazji, Any particular reason why coral should not be worn by me? Since it is a yogakaraka for me .
  7. Dear experts, I read up about the maturity of planets. It would be greatful if any of you help me understand what exactly maturity means. Does it mean ill effects will be less or generally effects will be less? For eg: Mangliks are advised to marry after 28 because mars matures at that age. Does it mean effect of mars decreases. In that case, for a non manglik, if Mars is a yogakaraka ie lord of 5th and 10th house , does it mean after 28 the good effects will be less?
  8. Sir, Thanks so much for the analysis. You said I need to be evry careful during Mars anthardasha. Could you pls help me know what tht means? and also why 11th house is bad for yogas?
  9. Yes Raviji, the chart is right. Please proceed with the analysis. And thanks so much for taking time to do analyse my chart.
  10. Respected experts, I have been an ardent reader of this forum and have immense respect for the kind of help the experts have been offering to the needy. I humbly request you to answer few questions regarding my career. Here is my birth details. 2nd June 1981 time:10:30 AM Place: karwar, karnataka. 1. I have been trying for a job for a long time since 2007. Things have not worked out despite lot of hardwork. Can I hope to see some good news starting november when my sun antardasha starts? Venus antardasha has been extremely dissappointing and grueling. Things were good before that. 2.I have a very weak mind, extremely sensitive,moody and fearful of everything. Is it because my moon is badly combust?(exalted though). 3. How will the efforts to do my higher education work out? I have been good at studies right since childhood and also before 2007 was working with a reputed company. What are the remedies that can be done in terms of prayers? I am already wearing coral and pearl. Thanks in advance.
  11. Good one.Thanks! Also, I would like to add one more. http://www.barbarapijan.com This site has very good layman and interesting explanations of planets in various bhava, various lagna , covers lots of topics or astrology and good for beginners.
  12. Dear ips, If you think you are not compatible with the person you are enganged to, you might want to think over your decision,still not too late.. if you don't enter the wedlock with a positive and good feeling with a belief that things will work out well, it is very likely that both of you will feel miserable going forward.
  13. Dear all, I agree that trying to fix a birth date and time is not something that we humans should do. But since Mr google12 has been asked by the doctor to choose a date and if he anyway has to give a date, there is nothing wrong in trying to choose an auspicious date in my humble opinion . Offcourse choosing a date may not really mean delivery will happen on the same date. However , while giving a date, wanting to give an auspicious one is only natural. Again I am a novice in astrology and neither am I spiritually at a high place, I just felt a genuine concern for the queryer.
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