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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know that we had our baby boy born on April 09, 2009 at 11:52 am. I guess God and baby had thier own plan. We are very delighted, happy and thankful to God and everyone who cared and wished for us. Just to mention it was a full moon and Hanuman Jayanti on April 09, 2009. We have decided on his name too, we are thinking of "Nivedh" which is derived from "Nevedhya (offering to God; Prasad)" Let me know if you all have any suggestion, I still have 12 more hours to finalize. Thanks and wish you all the best. - Ritesh Gupta.
  2. I really appreciate everyone's feedback on my query. I was just trying to know the date and Not time, because this is not in our hand. Again, we have an option of selecting the date when we want to go in labor that's why I wanted input from someone who has some insight on this. Again no offence taken...thanks for all your concerns, prayers and good wishes.
  3. We are not trying to control the destiny, we have an option provided by the doctor. And if the date suggested is more than 18th April, then we cannot push for that due to medical limitation. We are trying to know the best date and NOT time for birth. If my wife goes into natural labor before 17th April, there's nothing I can do about it and I'll be as happy and grateful to god as I would be having the baby born on the date prescribed by some knownful person. I hope you dont look at these request through same lens of someone trying to control the destiny. Thanks for your comments and concerns.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, as suggested by you 18th april has effect of Rahu, will it be a good thing or bad ? I would like to provide more information so that you can make an informed suggestion. My Wife detail DOB 14 July 1978 Place of Birth Aligarh U.P. Time of birth : 11:05 am My birth detail DOB : 28 aug 1977 Place : Varanasi UP Time 1:05 am Married on 10th feb 2008 in Noida U.P. The baby would be born in Midlothian, Virginia USA ( close to Richmond City, VA) The cordinates for midlothian are : Lattitude: 37.4 Long: -77.6 If you could suggest an earlier day that would be more helpful because the doctor does not want to delay the birth beyond 17th April. -----------
  5. Namaskar, We are expecting our 1st baby in couple of weeks. Our due date as per doctor is April 18th and she wants us to come for delivery on Aril 17th. I would like to know as what is the best date to have a baby in April 2009. It be really helpful to know if we could select an auspicious date for birth. I know that we cannot control the child's birth date and time, but since doctor has asked us the date that we want to have the delivery done, then I would like to know and try to meet that. I was born is Varanasi (U.P) Born on 28th Aug 1977, 1:05 AM I was married on Feb 10th 2007 We are having our first baby - its a boy My wife was born on 14 July 1978 Also if you could suggest the first letter to name the boy, then it would be really helpful. Thanks, - Ritesh Gupta
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