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  1. I am sorry, I am requesting advice on my career. I am an Anaesthetist and my work depends on a good surgeon, like the patients. My wife runs a clinic and she is a surgeon and a good one. I like working with her per se, but it is not very convenient keeping in the mind the practical aspects like child care. We are blessed with a very sweet girl. I have shown my chart to a very nice astrologer, who advices Jupiter is very conducive in her chart, for 16 yrs and good to work together. I am going through a very frustrating phase as of now, with friends and family seeing me as more of a house husband. I prefer working in an institute, and eagerly waiting for job adverts in a big surgical unit to get on with my career aspirations. Please advice if I better develop our own unit or move on for a different institute. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Male, DOB 03/07/1973, time 1630 hrs, Hyderabad married to Woman, DOB 05/07/1975, time 1130hrs Hyderabad
  3. 03/07/1973, Hyderabad, 1531 hrs. Kindly advice. Very keen on reforming on the professional front in the field of healthcare. Wishing to be a healthcare provider until I retire if not the very best in my field. Please advice on the family ( parents, wife and children ) and society too.
  4. great persons live after death...is that what it is..
  5. Dear Samir, First I feel sorry for the major accident you had. Please be assured that a similar accident need not happen again. It looks like you are going through a condition called post traumatic stress reaction, common in accidents like these. You will definitely benefit from the advice from the learned members of this forum, and you also need to see a psychologist/ psychiatrist nearest to you. There is what is called psycological de-briefing, may take a few sessions, the main basis is - the emotional part of the brain is mainly shocked with accidents. And it is to be approached by the psychologist who re-assure and calm it. And you will also learn
  6. Dear Sir, Have posted before, My DOB 03-07-1973, time: 1715 hrs, Hyderabad. I am more worried if I offend her, Please advice
  7. In response to the initiator of this thread, Dear Lotusflower ( hope you have seen one ), why is that the drivers drivers in UK take even a small chance to smash their 8-10 yr old cars onto yours to claim huge damages in personal injury and car write off, is that why they scream and sign off with their 'dirty' middle fingers at the smallest, trivial mistake like a new driver doing 30 mph in a 30mph zone, is that why a family of 4 ( 2 adults & 2 kids ) perished on the M6 in July 2008, nearly a 10 people die on an average on British roads ( the Motorways!! trying to make similar expressways in India ). At least from the differences mentioned above, Indians are tolerant and not greedy, know the limitations and pluses of the system they are living in. It a shame indians started aping the West, just they are 'Rich' should not make them right. We Indians also forget how rich we are in our 'Character', 'Culture' and Heritage. Looking at the demographics, GB would be a mad house if they had the same population density, ask the British themselves, they are amazed how well India is able to flourish with such a massive population, and agree Britain will be torn apart with such populace. Now please do not make a joke of Indian population, as mortals like we cannot decide births/ deaths. Hope to meet you.
  8. Thankyou very much Riazji, I take your advice with utmost respect. The idea of prayers is very good, as all great people mention, prayers do a lot good to individual and society....especially cant bear the possibility of separation from dear ones.
  9. Dear sir, A little update, the cat's eye has come off at work, and cannot find it. Is it a cause to worry, and based on my date of birth, please advice me if I can wear nav.ratan ring..many thanks in advance.
  10. Dear Avinash, Heart problems can be may types. The common word Heart attack usually affects the elderly. It can rarely affect young. Others are to do with the regularity of heart beat which can affect the young commonly. And there are the ones with structural defects in the heart, usually diagnosed at birth, but can cause problems at your age. You are in that age group to not to have the really serious heart problems. The chart reading by Sri Suvarchas is re-assuring and worth following if I was in your shoes. I also advice you to see a cardiologist near you, to know what the problem is. Cardiology is very advanced these days and can cure most of the cardiac problems these days by passing a thin wire to the heart from one the blood vessels in the hand or groin. It is not a surgical procedure so no opening of the chest is made. You mentioned it is not responding to medicines, so this may work. Please see a cardiologist and follow Suvarchas ji's advice too.
  11. Dear Sir, It looks very nice watching people wear 9 stones as a ring or as a pendant. It is an expensive affair and not everyone wears it. I have seen my Guruji decorate it on the occasional disciples of his, mostly on the right ring fingers, but have also seen it get worn onto the right index finger of one of his disciples. They tell many stories of the real intention of my guruji as, it was much needed by the subject at the time, to ward off danger, and also mention that our guruji is only offering it as a reward, a beautiful combination of precious stones to his disciple for following strict spiritual/ discipline. As you can imagine I never dared ask my guruji what it is all about. And I also noted no difference of attention showered by him on other disciples who did not get it. Recently I got gifted the 9 stone ring from my In-laws ( no, I have never even mentioned about it to them/ my wife, so it was a pleasant surprise. After looking at it in the forum, am curious and thankful to know the basis of wearing it, indications, and if I can wear it. DOB: 03/07/1973 Hyderabad. Birth star: Aslesha 3rd padam ( will get back with time of birth form mother )
  12. I thank you all for the responses, and feel a bit re-assured from the nice things that have come up. I do take Suvarchas's advice seriously and stop asking about the birthchart. I happened to know this site by accident and happy to be here, as there is a rich source of information here. kind regards
  13. A little correction from my details given, the birth time is 10:10 hrs GMT and not 09:10 hrs GMT as given
  14. Dear Sir, I am keen to know the well being ( lifetime ) of my daughter, as per her astrological chart. She was born at 0910 hrs local time in Manchester (GMT 0910), on 13th May 2005. We, her parents are well settled in Manchester, but started thinking to come back to India, to keep up our moral responsibilties to India, because of which we are here today. But torn between the good education chances for our daughter here in England and India ( I do not mean there are no good educational institutions in India ) Personal Background: We come from a family of Vedic Astrology, Grandfather could write in depth 'Jataka Chakram' and analysis of my parents, which have been coming true with great precision, unfortunately we could not see him. I am really impressed by the posts here and finally wishful of my daughter to get some advice. Many thanks in advance
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