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  1. Hi Members, Adding on to what Classic72 and Webyogi mentioned, I believe seekers should never include the name of a specific individual while putting up their queries. This not only makes the thread's scope limited, it also lets only a few people get into the conversation, given this forum is open and is not biased in anyway. Hence, I request all the seekers to include only their specific problem as the Title of the Thread and not address it to a specific individual. Few examples for Title of the Thread: "28yrs old no job,depressed,very sad,parents problem" (Indicating only the problem) "Venus, Mars, Mercury debilitated, is anything good in this chart" (Astrological query) "What is the use of Navamsha?" (Simple Astrological query) Please avoid the following types of Titles: "Dear Sri xyx ji Please help, dependent on your guidance" (Highly biased) "xyz ji, abc ji, cqt ji, please help" (Query is limited to the mentioned people) wbr Ayush
  2. Dear Members, It was shocking to hear the King of Pop dying due to cardiac arrest. I grew up watching him and to me it was a feeling of loosing someone who deserved a lot of respect. He was simply the best POP singer the world ever knew. Birth Details of Michael Jackson Date of Birth: 29th August 1958 Time of Birth: 10:00 AM Place of Birth: Gary, Indiana. (USA) Dasha at the time of death: Mercury + Rahu + Venus + Saturn + Jupiter In 80s Jackson was in the heydays of his life. He was under the Maha Dasha of Saturn since 1979 to 1998. Saturn is in Greater Enemy's house but still Michael did seemingly well and became the King of POP. Saturn is in its own house in Navamsha, still its not something that can give such a success to the native. Professionally he was a great musician. Ideally Venus and Mercury must be strong in his chart, but Venus is in Cancer, a greater enemy, and Mercury is in Retrogression and is combust in 12th house Leo. I see Mercury as the only planet that might have been the reason for his success in the industry, but the placement doesn't suggest someone becoming the best in the world. Finally, he died in the MD of Mercury and AD of Rahu. The 7th house rules Death, and there was no direct link with the 7th unless we analyze beyond pratayantar dasha where we see Jupiter the lord of 7th running from 24th of June 09, still this doesn't look like a very strong reason for death. I request other members to have a look at Michael's chart and comment on what planets gave him success and early death. P.S. - At times it gets difficult to analyze a chart where the answers from the natal chart doesn't match what the reality is, a similar chart being that of Bill Gates which doesn't says that the person will be richest in the world. wbr Ayush
  3. Dear Anjali, What kind of voices you hear? Can you make any sense out of them? wbr Ayush
  4. Dear Sasisekaran, I understand what you wanted to highlight. This is the reason why I appreciate your knowledge and mental capacity. wbr Ayush
  5. Dear Sasisekaran, Interesting analysis. I do not have much knowledge to do match making however what I see from the software over analyzing charts of many married couples is always true to some extent. When I tried to check Ashtkoot Guna of the above mentioned couple the software came out with 16.5 marks. Ain't that enough to signify that this is not a good match. I've seen charts of a couple close to divorce some years back but now living in harmony, they had marks somewhere above 20. I presume for a common man to understand astrological compatibility match making software that analyzes Ashtkoot Guna does the job fairly well. However, in cases like the one where in I mentioned the couple was close to divorce there was a different pattern in husband's chart, he was going though a tough phase and that cause trouble to everyone associated to him, which includes his wife. The Bhakoot Maha Dosh indicated by you about the above mentioned couple is also indicated by the software(s). However the analysis which you made concerning the AtmaKaraka was not considered by the same. I think software is only for assistance. To make an astrologer's job easily. Following it blindly is not good, however, discarding it completely is also not great. wbr Ayush
  6. Dear Raj_an, Software can do the calculations which a pandit does using his books. While matching horoscopes various attributes are considered and they have their fixed ratings. Hence, you can trust the software as the total points is what is considered. However, there are certain charts which are complicated to be matched. The calculated points maybe good or bad and the actual compatibility may also vary. In these cases it is always advisable to seek help from professional astrologers who consider many prospects of match making. wbr Ayush
  7. Members, Rahu literally means 'the seizer'. Ketu literally means 'bright appearance, clearness, brightness'. Rahu and Ketu are the last two of the nine planets or grahas. In astronomy they are the ascending and descending nodes of the moon respectively. Rahu is believed to be the cause of eclipses. Sometimes the name is used to designate the eclipse itself. Ketu is believed to be a comet who gave birth to numerous other comets. Mythologically, Rahu was a four-armed, dragon-tailed demon called Svarabhanu. Sometimes he is represented as a black man riding a horse. He is believed to have been a great mischief-maker. When amrita arose from the churning of the ocean (see samudra manthan) and was being distributed to the gods who stood in a line to receive it, Svarabhanu is said to have disguised himself and joined them. The sun and the moon detected this mischief and reported it to Vishnu who immediately cut off his head. The head became Rahu and the body became Ketu. However, because the demon had drunk a bit of the amrita, he attained immortality and his body was placed in the stellar sphere. It is believed that Rahu traverses the heaven in his eight-horsed chariot and tries to devour the sun and the moon for denouncing him. Whenever he succeeds in whole or in part, an eclipse of the sun or the moon takes place. Hence to this day, whenever an eclipse is noticed, people make noises, shouting, blowing horns and beating drums to drive away Rahu and thus restore the sun and the moon. Rahu and Ketu are believed to be inauspicious and fierce. If a person is born under the influence of these planets, it is considered extremely inauspicious for them. Such persons are believed to have no peace, they are exposed to enemies, and their wisdom, riches and children are willed to be destroyed. Various yagyas and japas are enjoined to pacify these planets. The effects of Rahu are said to be at a peak at certain parts of the day. There are many ways through which the exact time of this can be calculated. During this time, called Rahu-kala, many people cease all work and refrain from speech. No ceremony or new project begins at this inauspicious time. Source: http://www.gurjari.net/ico/Mystica/html/rahu_ketu.htm wbr Ayush
  8. Dear Srinivas, As the discussion of multiple planets in a single house goes on, I would like to point out this chart. The prominent question arising is what should be the most suitable profession for the native. I would also like to request Sandhu Ji to post some information about analyzing charts like this. wbr Ayush
  9. Dear Srinivas, I'm unable to locate the details of the individual I was talking about, however, I'll post the same whenever I get it. Here is another chart with 5 planets together in a single house. Date of birth - 29/04/1976 Time of birth - 3:45 pm Place of birth - Mumbai I do not have any information about the native, few months back while working on houses with multiple planets I came across this chart. wbr Ayush
  10. Dear Ravi, Feel free to go through my chart, I would be pleased to get some input from you. Please bear with me till tomorrow, I'll get back to you, I'm caught up in some urgent work. wbr Ayush
  11. Dear Srinivas, Astrologer is in you. The catch is multiple planets in a single house. I've seen a chart where 5 planets where in the Ascendant, according to planets the native might have been eunuch, might have had relationship with lowly people, might have had bad looks, and various other bad interferences related to personality and life. But, the native turned out to be a chatter box but a wise guy. A debilitated mercury in his case gave him great results. So far I've found charts with multiple planets in one house, the most difficult ones to analyze. wbr Ayush
  12. Dear Veno, I've been trying to understand Sun's relation for Taurus Ascendant for a while. Sun is considered a benefic for the same, it also rules the 4th house, then why its is not considered as a friend of Taurus asc. I understand Venus cannot be strengthened for Taurus Asc as it rules 6th house. But why not Sun. Thnx Ayush
  13. Lucid, Apologies, I mistakenly wrote Atmakaraka, its AmatyaKaraka for profession. If you go through some of my other threads, then you would know I'm not a believer of mantras. Shad bala is of prime importance where mercury is weakest. Vimshopaka bala may show a planet as strong in some varga but weak in another. As far as my understanding is the more simple you keep things that better it is in understand it. A quick reading of SB,Aspects,AK,AmK,Positions,D9 depicts half of the story, rest all depends on you in fine tuning, how far can you take it. I still believe my Mercury is weak. wbr Ayush P.S. "forgive my mistakes. i wasnt aware that u were on and off into astrology" if that was a taunt, then well you win, I ain't as lofty as you.
  14. Lucid, I dunno much about you, but I've been into astrology on and off for quite a long time now. Although, thanks for your advise. 1. For Virgo Ascendant, Moon is a malefic, Moon is in Maran Karaka Sthan and is hampered by Rahu as you said, but Moon cannot be strengthened by wearing a pearl as it is a functional malefic. 2. AtmaKaraka in my chart is Sun, which is also well placed. 3. Saturn is a functional malefic but is exalted and is debilitated in Navamsha, Shastiamsha of Saturn is good so there won't be any problem on that front. 4. Mercury is the weakest planet in the chart, it has lowest Shad bala and it needs to be strengthened for profession. Emerald is the only stone I'm supposed to wear. Even in astakavarga Mercury is the weakest planet. The worst phase was Rahu + Moon not only because of the planets but because of other factors, Rahu + Moon combination is bound to create mental troubles, only the degree can be high or low. wbr Ayush
  15. Dear Members, I think I should have posted quite early in this thread but was busy with my rarified life. My experience in IT Industry: I was inclined towards technology since childhood. I had my first computer in 1994, an HCL Busybee 386. In 1998, I was an exceptional programmer in C, but I never had interest in it. In school I was taught Logo and at home I was working with LILO Boot and Partitions. By, 2000 I lost interest in all this as I saw everyone doing what I was doing some years back, I wanted to be different, exceptional. I started working on Cell Phones, wrote custom Flash Files for Nokia 3310, 7710 and some other old B&W phones. The power was in internet, it taught me everything. However, things didn't last long, I got screwed in my 12th as I was very busy making 30Gs a month, and my dream destination was Canada. In 2004, I started my own IT Consultancy firm, I lost track on programming, got more into 3rd party software maintenance and the income kept on decreasing. I got my Bachelors in Computer Application and tried for Masters in CS in Canada but got rejected. I got a job at TCS but left it as they asked me to sign a bond, I got a call from HCL, left it as I didn't like working under some guy who has less brains and exposure than me. Today, I'm going through one of the toughest phases of my life. I got a good score in one of the MBA entrance exams and even got a call from one of the top 20 b-schools in India but I don't have money to take admission in the program. I cannot even get a job in some software company as my knowledge is outdated. Overall I've screwed myself. My chart: Lagna: Virgo, Rashi: Taurus, Current Dasha: Rahu + Mars. Jupiter is conjuct Mars in 4th house Sagittarius, ideally I should have been one highly educated individual, but I'm not. In 2nd house Libra I've exalted Saturn, Venus and Mercury, which is Deeply Combust with Sun in 1st house. The three planets are well placed, but Mercury is not strong. It rules 10th house, is Deeply Combust, and that could be a prime reason for my hardship in professional life. Rahu is Conjuct Moon in 9th house Taurus. This makes me cross boundaries. Sometimes I live with superiority complex, and I find it difficult to get along with people who are not like me. I even have some difficult with my father. The worst phase of my life was Rahu + Moon period last year. Conclusion: Mercury plays an important role in the field of IT. A strong mercury in relation with 10th house also suggestions great profession in field of finance and trade. Mostly it is on the basis of mathematics. In my case I've seen I'm good in maths not that great, but I've an exceptional memory. I'm able to remember a casual meet 10yrs back but I'm unable to remember a sentence properly. This happens because of Mercury being deeply combust. Maybe I should wear an Emerald. Hope my experience helps others. wbr Ayush
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