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  1. Manjuji, Let the fear in your mind die first and then see the world that will shower with all the happiness you ever wanted, petience is the key whick unlocks doors to happiness. And it always works, God bless. Ravi
  2. Please let us know the city/town of birth, thanks ravi
  3. Dear Surabhiji, Please provide us with your birth details for a proper analysis of the matter, thanks Ravi
  4. Anuradhaji, Please provide am or pm for all the 3 natives, thanks Ravi
  5. Atulji, Thanks an interesting chart, needs thorough investigation into what caused an early death here, may god bless the little soul. Ravi
  6. Dear Rajan, Good question, Whenever a benefic planet is placed in 6-8 houses from a malefic planet, then during the mahadasha of either of them the other's bhukti ie antar-dasha will have give negative results or delay results, ultimately making success a difficult to attain for the native. Same goes for the aspect scenario form 6-8 etc. But before prediting the outcome, one must look at the funcational relationship of the planets as per the ascendant in question. Planets strength must be judged with the bala charts etc. Thanks Ravi
  7. Hi Rajan, You are right in mentioning the overlapping method, one of my friends uses this by just placing the two charts (boy and girl) side by side on a table and then comparing the planets in each of the 12 houses in both charts. It does not matter if both have different lagna rasis. Just what each of them have got in each of the 12 houses against each other. For example if the boy has Jupiter only in the ascendant with xyz rasi and the girl has Moon only in the ascendant with xyz rasi, then you can say that since both Jupiter and Moon are friends, this marriage can work and same goes for the remaining 11 houses. Not sure if this is a reliable method, but seems interesting too me. Thanks Ravi
  8. Dear Friend, Everybody has an opinion and no matter how critical he/she is of some subject, the followers of the subject in question should continue with their reserach. Experience leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to perfection. In my humble opinion astrology is a divine science and not a scientific science, although people may disagree and I accept that. My father once met a gentleman who cast the birth charts of all 4 of us in the family, that too by looking at my father's hand only. The charts were correct and I was mad as to is it that easy or was he a great soul. Astrology and palmistry both need a lot of research and verification of people's lives with their charts, that is the only way they both can attain the status of science as it is generally considered, thanks and good luck Ravi
  9. Dear Amar, http://www.planetarypositions.com/notes/2006/02/10/bhava-chart-chalit-chart/ How is Rashi Chart different from Chalit Chart? 1. Mathematically: Rashi chart assumes that all the houses are equal - 30 degrees in length. While calculating the positions of ascendant and other planets, we just take the modulo of the degree by 30 and assign the houses. In bhava chart, the mid point of a house, i.e. the bhava madhya, is given a lot of importance. The influence of a house is calculated based on this bhava madhya. e.g. if Ascendant value is 2 degrees, then the influence of the first house extends from approximately 350 degrees to about 17 degrees and not Zero to 30 degrees as would be the case with a rashi chart. The upper and the lower limits of influence of a house are called Bhava Sandhis. Planets are placed in this newly computed Bhava chart - and we get something called Chalit chart. The rule is simple, if a planet’s longitude is more than the starting sandhi and less than the end sandhi, it is said to fall in that bhava. 2. For interpretations: The combinations that are used for interpretations are - rashi chart along with divisional charts on one hand and bhava charts on other hand. We never mix divisional charts with bhava chart. Planets influence a chart based on the bhava they are situated in. Rule of thumb - if an interpretation system works only with planets and houses and not signs, you can safely assume that it is working with the chalit chart and not the rashi chart. However, the aspects of planets on other planets are always studied from rashi chart. Similarly exaltation/debilitation of planets is again studied only from the rashi chart. Manglik Dosha is studied partly from bhava chart (e.g. statements like Mars causes dosha if situated in 7th house) and partly from rashi chart. When looking for exceptions (e.g. Mars in Simha, i.e. in the sign of a friend does not cause dosha), we should see the rashi chart. Normally, bhava chart and rashi chart would agree with each other. However, if the Ascendant or planets’ degree is closer to multiple of 30, there may be differences between the charts. It is always interesting to see if a planet has moved from one house to another from rashi chart to chalit chart. This explains a lot of times why a yoga that is so obvious in rashi chart does not fructify in real life. Ravi
  10. Dear Classic72ji, Thanks a lot for the wonderful information on the UL, is there any book on the subject that you think is good for novices like me? I am also learning the famous KP ie Krishnamurti Paddhati at the moment. Regards Ravi
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