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  1. Thank you all so much. Wow Srinivas such a detailed analysis. I really appreciate your time. I am indeed very interested in astrology as you rightly pointed out. No, my husband is not in Govt. he is in I.T. I want to know one more thing. I agree moon is afflicted but its in Cancer (Moon's own sign and it mooltrikona sign) I understand from reading that moon controls Rahu and Ketu's energy. So if Moon is in mooltrikona sign and happy wont that give positive energy to Rahu. (Sorry this must be a stupid question but unless I ask these questions I will never learn. ). My husband is not very emotional, infact he is the reason I feel confident and happy. We do have tiffs but mostly have a good relationship. This is why I asked about Moon and Rahu in Cancer.
  2. Hello, I was born on 10th May 1981 at 11:52 p.m in Srirangam, TN, India.
  3. Hi Srinivas, Thanks for replying. I have pretty good rapport with my relatives. Except with one of my maternal uncle that too no disputes as such just lost touch. I have done double masters with distinction throughout so no probs in education but have not been able to work after marriage since 2 years. But I do have Mercury and venus in fifth house that is taurus. I have just started learning astrology so dont know if that counts. It is true that nothing comes to me easily but I am quite happy with the way things turn out at the end.
  4. I have been wondering what will be the effect if Sun and Mars in Aries (4th house) as Sun in exalted in Aries and Aries is Mars's Mooltrikona sign. This will be an interesting combination right.
  5. Hello, I am interested in learning asrtology and am trying to read my own horoscope first. Now, I learned that 5th house is for progeny. I have Capricorn asc in my birth chart In my 5th house i.e. Taurus, Venus and Mercury are present together. I learnt somewhere that if the 5th lord is placed along with mercury/Venus/Saturn progeny will be delayed or denied. My fifth house lord is Venus and is placed with Mercury does that mean that I will not have a baby soon?? Also Jupiter is placed along with Saturn in my 9th house. So I am veryy apprehensive as I and my husband are trying for a baby now. Birth details: Myself: 10th May 1981, Srirangam, TN, India at 11:53p.m Husband: 14th Feb 1978, Nagpur, India at 3:30 a.m. I will really appreciate any inputs from you. Also please let me know anyplace where I can learn astrology.
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