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  1. Respected guru ji I request to all astrologer with respect :- 1.can i get fame , international recognition as fashion designer or not 2. My another question is my married life/love life would be romantic or not or filled with tensions My birth details are as follows 16june , 1984 Time of birth-8:55 pm (night) Place of birth - faizabad (U.P.) Please dont ignore this prediction according to palmistry i can get fame in fashion world just i want to confirm according to astrology
  2. And thanks for providing such opportunity to us and your helping nature mate
  3. Ok here is mine too, its 16, june , 1984, 8:55 pm(night) , faizabad (U.P.) My question is can i be popular in fashion world or not. And about my international image
  4. Well only astrology cant predict we also need to know palmistry to check if his or her date of birth correct or not. . . . There are millions of people and their palm lines are different so your issue about the person born at the same time , same sign , nakshatra get different luck , future attitude. So you need to know ful information about astrology and palmistry both, unless you cant be good astrologer
  5. Respect vatsayan ji I know too many sun lines are not good, but only when all sun lines are small , but when all sun lines are long they are good, my three sun lines are starting from life line , sun lines starting from life line shows using using art for the purpose of earning money Thats why i am in fashion , my sketching ability is inborn i am doing it since from the age when i was 7 or 6 years old and with perfection, now finally i am in fashion field as fashion designer. Got job opportunity in london as fashion designer plus fashion advisor for models Now to discuss effect of many small sun lines are the person with many small lines have no patience to get fame , he is always in hurt to get fame and finally he is unable to achieve the fame and glory another effect is that person becomes more sensitive related to family life , and he/she is having problem with family life and at the end of his/her life their children does not live with them and its truth and verified by me many times Effect of long sun line starting from life line, wrist , moon , venus.--now ppl with sun line shows patience, wish of fame, respect in family, friends Many sun lines starting from moon shows help from girlfriend/wife/co-worker, elder ppl and mass of ppl , so these type of ppl get so much help from other ppl specially girls. You can see these type of sun line in famous actors , actress , politicians Many Sun line starting from wrist shows person works for fame , having lots of patience and zerod to work to get fame Many sun lines starting from life line - shows the person uses his art for earniny money and he may open many business related to art, painting , music etc. Now guess i made you clear . You can ask more Thanks
  6. Respect sir sanjeev ji For to predict exact time in palmistry you need deep knowledge in it And here i seen many palmists hand and predicted there past life exactly month wise and they agreed too. I predicted for swapnil palm too , riaz palm too and they all accepted that my prediction were accurate according to astrology transition too About job etc its easy to know in which field the person should work , just you need to know which planet is most effective, your life line, and head line condition For example in my palm - my saturn , my jupiter , my mercury , venus , and moon is very good, i am having three sun lines , now in my saturn i have two saturn line plus one triangle , triangle shows knowledge of occult and fame , my life line ending in the middle of venus and moon , and in venus i dont have any wrong lines, its very shiny , life line ending in the middle shows the effect of moon and venus both, also venus represents fashion , art , woman , moon represents imagination, innovation , sun represents artistic nature, appreciation of art and success in art field now i am in fashion field , also life line ending between venus and moon and its touching my wrist lines shows emigration in other country. So this is how its very easy to find out the right job
  7. Respected sir sanjeev rao I have seen many palms heart line branch touching the head line which is joined with life line And never experienced what you said that he is having suicidel tendency For to check his extreme sensitivity we need to check the condition of saturn , jupiter, and moon To check he will suicide or not we need to check the condition of head line and heart line plus mars mount If mars mount is developed it will give confidence to suicide but apart from that if saturn is excessively exaggerated than jupiter and moon mount is displace out of palm and head line is touching moon mount , and line line is crossed by a line coming from mars , its also cutting head line, luck line( if present) than we can say he will surely suicide But as you said heart line branch is connected with life and head line shows extreme sensitivity you may be right in your experience but in my experience that person is stupid , he is fooled by friends to do mistake even not bothering about his life and jumping into danger. And about indian palmistry/western palmistry I follow non of these i have my own data, experiments and observation in daily life of person I even dont bother to watch beggers hand, servants , person thinking to suicide etc Palmistry is subject of experiments and observation not about bookish knowledge And i agree lines change but only some lines not main lines And about lifetime prediction you can even ask here to some of astrologers about whom i predicted for their lifes prediction and they checked and found it was like transit of planets, i will never agree that we can only predict for 4 to 5 years as i predicted for many persons about the future and they contact me that my predictions were true month wise day wise
  8. Respected vatsayan mate Can you clear me on thing on your question 1. Is heart line and head line is stucked togethers and looking like one line in hand ? ? Its really important to know mate, 2. What is the position of saturn , sun and jupiter 3. What about sun line condition 4. Where is life line ending 5. And last question condition of your moon planet Because without knowing these important question i cant predict with perfection and true Thanks
  9. And as you are from delhi and wanna take free advice on phone you can contact me. Thanks
  10. Your feeling is like that because your kalsarpa yoga is because of 8th house situated rahu , 8th house rahu generally gives such feelings . So wear good quality pearl
  11. And can you show your palm print to me i can give you advice according to it
  12. Here is the remedy for you according to my astrologer friend As your chart is showing weak Soul (MAN) You should wear pearl and you will feel good You need not to worry everything will be ok soon And you wont suicide just dont worry
  13. Well respected @Srivatsayan and sri sanjev Well I am 25 years old i started learning palmistry from myself when i was 19th years old I have seen more than thousands palm and predicted for ppl for life time , year wise months wise day wise and weekly too I observed changes of lines too for lifetime prediction you need very deep knowledge of palmistry, cheiro predicted for many ppl for their life so its wrong to say you can predict for only 4 to 5 years. I predict ppl life and any good astrologer can check it in his chart . And when i was 19 years old i had no sun line now i have 3 long sun lines , but its still depends on type of hand, type of skin etc . . . Ppl with hard type skin , square hand and spatulate hands they develope sun lines and saturn line very late but small sun and luck line in their hands are far better than with ppl having philosophical hands , conic hands , artistic hands. Plus value of sun line and luck line depends upon on mounts condition .
  14. Well you are right but depends upon skin type, hand type, and person do work according to lines. And if saturn or sun line is stopped by head line it wont go beyond it.
  15. Anyone interested in their palm reading contact me . Add me as Confused_designers@
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