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  1. It is not too uncommon a condition, and while it may affect self-esteem, it is definitely a "good" problem to have compared to many serious skin conditions that are very common these days like eczema, psoriasis, etc. I would suggest reducing or cutting down on sugar, both natural form and in cakes, donuts, ice-creams, soda, and a thousand other things loaded with sugar. If you can, eat more green vegetables, drink lots of water (in LA, you almost need to), and try to see a homeopath or ayurvedic doctor for the condition. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to take accutane as it is a short-term remedy and long-term poison. It's just not worth it. Evaluate your diet and see if you are eating something that contributes to it, like a very high-refined diet, white bread, lots of white flour foods, or very spicy indian or thai foods. In my opinion, Jyotish vidya is not for these small problems but real big ones. But, you may still benefit from some jyotishi's remedy. Good luck!
  2. Dear aboutson, Do not underestimate the seriousness of your son's moods and behavior. Please sit down with him and talk to him, it may be difficult in the indian context, but some parents can do it easily. Just talk to him, ask him what is bothering him, it could be his love-life, career, some health issues. Tell him how much you love him, and that you support him in everything. Do not try to judge him because you find out something that you don't agree with. Everything in life is ever-changing, jobs, careers, money, it all comes and goes, but it's extremely important to have faith in God, and stay calm and composed. Considering the very high rate of suicide in India among young people, I think we should take these things very seriously. Also, worst case scenario, if you can't talk to him, ask a good friend of his to talk to him. And follow up with full support and unconditional love for your son. May the Divine help us all. Om Namah Shivaya!
  3. Everybody is reading the same chart but interpreting things differently. Someone advises you to do this, or do that, or use this stone, and sometimes they are conflicting with each other. What is the real truth, and what should one do? Sometimes, even after you have followed one person's advise, the problems continue and no change happens. Only God can change our destinies, but I think to expect or ask him to do so is unreasonable. And maybe He doesn't intervene because we have to suffer and pay the price of our actions and karma. Om Namah Shivaya!
  4. Thank you for your reply. I think the issue is still very complex. For eg, you see hundreds of people here deperately seeking answers to career, health, marriage problems, and so many others. How many people do you think get any real help? Yes, faith in God is important even in times of great difficulty and no loving God will enjoy seeing his children suffer, or go through all the terrible things some of us go through. Yet, whether its prarabdha karma or karma from this life, it seems almost impossible to fix the problem, and find a way out. Vedic Astrology is based on planetary positions and ill-effects of some planets. Why then, two people born on the same day, and both sharing the rashis and nakshatra go through different experiences from the same planet? If it's karma from past life, then planets should have no role. If it's mainly planets, then they both should either enjoy the good time or the bad time the planet is sending them. Even though the whole topic of we can change our destinities by our will and hard work is very interesting, I think somewhere, somehow our fate is sealed by some force (again I doubt it's God, because he cannot enjoy to see his children suffer). And then we just go through this suffering for years and years and some meet with very unfortunate, untimely ends. Om Namah Shivaya!
  5. gga, Depression, panic attacks and a lot of similar problems are all products of this very very active and negative mind. All fears arise out of the mind and make our life living hell. All I can suggest to you is to get a grip on your mind, tell your mind to STOP thinking negatively, and try to dwell on good, positive thoughts. The worst that could happen in this job is you could lose the job. That may seem hard but it's not the end of the world. It's just a job. Millions of people lose or quit on their own in this world every day. More important is that you stay calm, and take some sort of a naam japa, whether Lord Shiva's or Divine Mother's and silently repeat it in your mind continously. When the mind runs again towards fear and stress, tell it to STOP again. I hope you feel better. There may be some indian astrologers in UK, but I've found that answers from astrology are not so quick either. Good luck!
  6. While I have some faith in vedic astrology, I had to put it as a question in the title so as to get some serious discussion going. I do not care at this time to get more kundalis made because I've done with a few renowned astrologers. One question that keeps on bothering me, is what kind of detail or specific information does VA get into? An acquaintance of mine has some serious health problems, yet his chart does not say much about that, while his doctors seem to think there's not much they can do about him. In fact, according to his chart, his bad period should have started to disappear several months ago, but he's not getting any better. Is VA more of a general nature and why can't it find or mention the serious nature of his illness? On the same note, let's say somebody with mid-stage cancer gets his chart made and the chart does not mention his ill-health or the impending danger to his life. What just happened here? Did the science fail him, or the science is too general and not specific? Any serious thoughts and discussion is welcome. Om Namah Shivaya!
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