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  1. Sir, my sincere thanks to you for clarifying on my doubts and suggesting remedies. i will do the neccessary prayers and remedies as suggested by you. thanks and regards.
  2. Sir, I have been time and again told that my mercury AD which is going to start in a month from now is going to bring a new good life for me after my hell Shani MD-Shani AD from July 2006.. No one could tell me why Shani Yogakaraka did hell to me during this period. I am premature aeging from that time.. i look like a 40 yer old person now...no job..no marriage.. in rags... but the shock for me came when i read other post of urs that astama shani cant do any good even if yogakaraka... now virgo is my 8th from moon ..and shani is transiting virgo soon... just confirm that i will have more hell .. i think that is enough for me to .... i want to prepare for even more worst... i am wearing pearl after ur suggestion in email.. birth details 5th july 1977 3.50 am hyderabad regards,
  3. hi guys i know i am a controversial figure in this forum.. i am asking you to analyse my 3rd house of courage/bravery... i am not asking for remedies nor predictions but for analysis astrologically as i want to learn.. birth details 5th july 1977 3.50 am hyderabad Astrological Observations----- 3rd house aflicted by saturn(so called yogakaraka) in neecha sign of moon in parivarthana from moon in 6-8 relationship... saturn is lord of gulika and mandi ... saturn is aspected by mars from 12th and vice versa Mars is my AK Facts --- i am a very Mars kind of a guy but fail when it comes to revolt or retaliation or point blank communication .fail to retaliate with any guys inspite of injustice all the time.. actually a timid and dead guy.. but seem to be a guy who manages to manage things in a manageable way(may be because of arudha of the house(not sure) ) also is combust mercury a cause? I request you guys to analyse and interpret my 3rd house in terms of 3rd house and its arudha so that i can understand and find ways to overcome my predicament.. please do participate and reply so that i may learn, regards,
  4. SPOT ON u indicated the exact... what u said about rahu's aspects is according to BPHS... there are no contradictory thoughts.. thats so obvious... ketu doesnt have a head/eyes..... rahu does .... hope rishi rahul ji answered ur other question.... goodluck....
  5. dear angel, thanks for raising doubts and letting us learn.. i am giving my thoughts in bold under your comments. although some may differ, i dont think its the end of it. we can learn further
  6. dear Maria, i am very thankful to You and delighted by your care for me. thanks for the mantram. i seem to be entering a good phase in life as i am getting unexpected help from many, in here. this is definitely a sign. could you tell me what is the source of this mantram ? i dont have a clue.. On Youtube, did you mean Dattatreya Siva Baba? goodluck and regards,
  7. thank you veno... at least that is in my hands, to worship.. so i keep doing
  8. hi veno, its really kind of u to guide me like this. i have noted down the points that u have given me in the other thread. now, here once again u have impressed upon the points in my mind. i never knew about the saturn's maturing after 36 until u mentioned.. anyways now i got acclimatized to the ways of saturn. initailly i got hurt and affected . whatever i lost, i lost. but i started to live with that. i will do the worship for Devi on mondays and will wear the Emerald too in Mer AD Yes i like doing mantras and sthotras , a lot of them. once again thanks for the guidance.. and goodluck with taking care of ur work... may god be with you regards,
  9. watchthisfree ji, your analysis is good , i am thankful to u. i will give my feeback below, please note 1) saturn being a benefic planet for taurus ascendant is a very generalised version.. please observe that saturn is housing gulika in my 9th house ( i saw that u asked about gulika in one thread, please search this forum for the same, u will find info) . thus even if it is benefic , there is not much use. and saturn is very weak in my chart. saturn cant do much... 2) jupiter is malefic as u said but on the contrary, if i had any life , it was in jupiter MD. all the good times and accomplishments were in Jupiter MD. and in that Rahu AD(from march 2004 till august 2006) , i had the best rajasic time of my life... that sounds really weird , isnt it? 3) i have only one sibling and is settled in india.. yes there are problems as u said. good analysis 4) yes i am emotionally the most unstable fellow u will find on earth... and good to know about the blood cancer part of the exchange of 10th and 3rd. and as it is the lord of diseases 6th venus and lord of death 8th jupiter are sitting comfortably in my lagna... and luckily i am not at all scared of knowing about it..u see MARS is my atmakaraka:) 5) yes lonely moon is not aspected by any planet. this causes partial kemadruma yoga which is bad for me. yes it is making me directionless 6) gems- i am not wearing any gems now. the ones i used to wear also, i wore them from time to time. i didnt wear them simultaneously. i am praying and chanting. meditation is wonderful but unfortunately my mind wont let me do that for more than 1 minute. i have tried for many years but no use. 7) yes i am expecting good chance once mercury antardasa starts... it is good to know that u are casting details manually. few people do that these days and it requires skill... i will find that dates of the pratyantar dasas u mentioned below... Ketu Venus Moon Mars Jupiter It is better that u download some software like jhora. it will save time for construction and give u more time for analysis.. some info regarding dasas... u already know that MD AD and PD are some dasas. if u further disect the pratyantar dasa, more dasas are found as below in descending order... Mahadasa Antardasa in mahadasa Pratyantardasa in antardasa Sookshma-Antardasa in pratyantardasa Praana Antardasa in Sookshma antardasa Deha Antardasa in Praana Antardasa what u have offered is more than expected and i thank you for ur efforts and time..... may u come out of ur predicament asap.. god bless u
  10. Sanjeeva Rao sir, great to see ur participation. please dont call me ji... yes sir, i have observed ur indicated placements. venus -jupiter conjunction is bad is suppose as they are enemies...and placement in 9th house , does that give any problems regarding married life? also he has kuja dosha as u said..i think that will result in late marriage.. Mr shanmugam has all his planets between ketu and rahu. does he have a kala-amrita yoga? hope he will get more help from you and others too as u said... regards,
  11. Dear watchthisfree ji, great attitude u got there... good for u.. and thanks for ur good intentions... definitely u can analyse and learn from my chart.. its one hell of a chart ...
  12. that was enlightening u r good... i shall learn, at the said pace of saturn. i will. kudos to u.... god bless....
  13. chumki, its really unbelievable to know this.. u are just 9 months old and acheived so much... please mentioned ur correct year of birth so that members can help here. i am no astrologer.. goodluck
  14. veno, thanks for the clarification.. yes it seems that saturn and moon seems to be the main planets as per the details. 9th 10th lord, rohini is my lagna nakshatra lorded by moon and moon in aquarius lorded by saturn. moon being navamsa lagna lord.. i never oberved this close.. thanks for making me realize.. yes and saturn i think i have to just endure and accept.. as u said next transit into virgo again, i have to cross my fingers... and one thing u said is too true.. " one gets shelter in the family" exactly. but for my home, i would have disintegrated by now... thanks for ur time
  15. Saturn and jupiter are not enemies. in natural relationship they are neutrals. As per this chart, in temporary and compound relationships also they are friends.
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