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  1. The placement of planets in your chart is contradictory i.e. planets are opposing each other in spite of supporting. Lagna is occupied by Jupiter which rules 3rd house (valour, courage, initiatives, communication etc.) and 6th house (which rules diseases, enemies, disputes etc.); and the Lagna lord is exalted in 6th house. The lagna is aspected by Exalted Sun placed in 7th house. These placements are enough to make a person confused, short-tempered and prone to disputes/arguments. The Yogakaraka planet Saturn is gone to 12th house and is conjunct with Mars; while the 9th and 12th lord Mercury has gone to 8th house denoting obstruction, destruction and humiliation. At present, you are running under Mahadasa of Mercury and antardasa of Saturn till 14 Nov 2008; and in view of above stated placements of planets, things are not likely to be favorable in respect of independent profession; though such placement can be good if you operate far away from your place of birth or in other words, the placement of planets denotes stay and visit in foreign countries. The antardasa of Venus in Mahadasa of Ketu i.e. between 12 April 2009 to 12 June 2010; there can be some good chances of building your own independent business. Propitiation of Jupiter and Sun is likely to provide good amount of support in your case for which you can start donating food items (preferably items made from wheat, honey and yellow color sweets) to old age homes on Thursdays and/or Sundays.
  2. Were there any hopes between August 2006 to Feb 2007 in regard to marital affairs? What is source of your birth time?
  3. well, I am getting Libra Lagna. Venus, the Lagna Lord is placed in 7th house and aspecting the Lagna. Saturn, the Yogakaraka, is also moderately well placed in 2nd house but having malefic aspects from Rahu, Jupiter and the Sun. 10th Lord Moon is placed in 11th house under aspect of Saturn. Position of Mars and Mercuy in 9th house is favorable in professional and financial matters. Overall, the chart is Okay in regard to professional matters. It is just the dasa which is causing the trouble. At present, you are running under Moon/Rahu and Rahu is having conjunction of malefic Jupiter in 6th house besides being placed in 12th house under debilitation in Navamsha Chart. The job-loss appears to be due to some enmity. Anyway, there are some good chances of getting job before mid July 2008. The next antardasa of Jupiter (19th July 2008 to 18 Nov 2009) is also likely to be struggle-ful; therefore, you need to be careful in your social relations. As you are in western country, regular remedial measures will be tough to perform, therefore, in order to propitiate Rahu, you can donate light bulbs and/or fan to Hospital or related organisations on Thursday.
  4. As per the provided birth time i.e. 12.30 PM, there appears to be some specific troubles in acquiring education? Mercury and Venus both are combust. Jupiter is debilitated. 5th house is under aspect of Saturn and lagna lord Mars is also conjuct with Saturn in 8th house, though in own sign. What is the source of birth time ? And were there any problems in regard to education and health?
  5. There seems to be some problem in the software b'cause I am getting Libra lagna while Moon is placed in 4th house i.e. Capricorn sign and not with Jupiter. The impact of Jupiter is gross because the same is placed in the house of Saturn and also having impact over the ruler of the house through its aspect. It causes conflicts and arguments in matters related with education, emotions and intelligence. The native, under such situations, is very prone to arguments and conflicts in his/her social and personal life. The weakness of Lagna Lord Venus because of being combust and conjuct with Debilitated Rahu and Sun, makes the situation more worse. Such position of Jupiter also causes problems in progenic matters and may cause health problems related to stomach, intestine, back-pain and liver.
  6. yes, the period is likely to cause severe troubles in the shape of accidents, humiliation, obstruction in profession, loss of finance, health problems and marital problems. I never believe in predicting death because, in my view, no body can. We can expect difficult or worse situations and even then, we have got our right of Karma which can save and protect us even during worst situations. Offer prayers to Lord Ganapati daily. Recite Maha_mrityunjaya Mantra daily. Offer food to stray dogs as and when possible. Recite Bajrang Ban on Tuesdays. Donate wheat equal to your weight at some religious place, preferably Shiva Temple, on Sunday - one time. Wear Emerald for stregthening of Lagna. The mutual aspect of Jupiter and Venus; and the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn over Lagna; is very likely to provide sufficient protection for saving your life during this period.
  7. Scorpio rises in the Lagna; and Mars, Mercury and the Sun are placed therein. 2nd and 5th Lord Jupiter is placed in 7th house. second house is occupied by Venus and the Moon is placed in 11th house. No doubt, the apparent position of planets seems to be quite good. But, the weakness of Lagna Lord Mars due to being Combust; placement of Saturn in 9th house; 9th Lord Moon coming under malefic aspect of Saturn and the operation of Rahu's Mahadasa during carreer building days when it is placed in 12th house, denies support of luck in overall matters of life. The rate of progress remains very slow under such situations. In addition to this, you are also under Sade-Sati. Till 28 May 2008, you will remain under antardasa of Moon in Mahadasa of Mars; and it will be followed by antardasa of Mars till 16 June 2009. The next Mahadasa will be of Jupiter which is also got debilitated in Navamsha Chart. Things are not much favorable and positive. Therefore, only with the help of astrological remedies, you can think of some improvement in overall matters of life including profession, health, finance, social and domestic life. Offer/donate mustard Oil and Sabut Urad in Shani Temple on Every Saturday. Recite Bajrang Ban on Saturdays. Offer Black Sesame (Kale Til) to Ants on Every Saturday. Wear good quality ruby (Manik) weight 5 carats.
  8. sure, I will try. Provide details regarding when you remain employed and when you are not?
  9. To me, things appear quite positive and favorable regarding Green Card specifically between Mid Nov 2008 to July 2009.
  10. your time of birth does not appear to be accurate? What is the source of your time of birth.?
  11. you mean to say that you are un-employed for the last seven years...!!
  12. I have already given my understanding about the nature of your Bhabhi. QUOTE - Under such circumstances, there may be possibility of having inferiority complex and repulsive nature. Such natives have a tendency to remain concerned and worried about their future and well-being even in good situations. The more, other person tries to convince them, more suspicious they become. Therefore, let the matter be decided by your brother and bhabhi. - QUOTE ENDS
  13. okay no problem The gems worn by you are suitable.
  14. It is difficult to pin-point the abroad location i.e. whether he will be able to visit Australia, but there can be some average chances of foreign visit during Sun/Mars and Sun/Rahu i.e. 3 Jan 2009 to 3 April 2010.
  15. first of all, please clarify whether you are priyanka or shashank. the analysis is done for Priyanka Srivastava DOB : 29 Nov .1979 time : 3:30 am place : Deoria (UP)
  16. Sir, is he going to be spiritual bcos of ketu in 12th house? The placement of Ketu in 12th house is quite capable of developing spirituality in a person. But, the position of Lagna Lord is also very important. Conjunction of Venus (significator of luxuries and ruler of 3rd and 10th house) and Mercury (significator of education, trade; and ruler of 2nd and 11th house) with the Lagna Lord Sun in the 2nd house is strong enough to drive away true spiritual thoughts generated by placement of Ketu in 12th house under aspect of exalted Mars which is a yoga-karaka for the nativity. The native will have phases of spirituality during the difficult times only while during good times there will be no such tendency. What is the effect of moon in eighth house in the case of simha lagna? (as moon lords 12th house and sits in eighth) Placement of 12th Lord Moon in 8th house is not desirable for worldly matters. The expenses often superceed the gains, thoughts of depression and anger-fits, sleeping - dream problems etc. Though, such position of moon often helps in getting devine help during difficult times. Can simha lagna people wear diamond as shukra rules their tenth and 3rd house? (as in this person's case shukra is dbltd) Debilitation of Venus is the main concern. Venus signifies luxuries, comforts and happiness from wife. Debilitation of Venus deprives the native of these siginifications. Besides, Venus also rules 3rd and 10th houses which are specifically meant for judging the professional life. Stregthening of Venus, in my opinion, is not likely to solve the problems; rather it will enhance the problems because the native will have more desire for worldly matters signified by Venus. In spite of stregthening Venus, stregthening of favorable Dasa Lord i.e. Sun and the yoga-karaka planet Mars will be more suitable.
  17. In your bhabhi's chart, the Lagna is occupied by Saturn and Mars, while the Lagna Lord Venus is placed in its own sign in 8th house but combust and conjuncted with Rahu. Under such circumstances, there may be possibility of having inferiority complex and repulsive nature. Such natives have a tendency to remain concerned and worried about their future and well-being even in good situations. The more, other person tries to convince them, more suspicious they become. Therefore, let the matter be decided by your brother and bhabhi. As such, your brother is also staying in a foreign country; things can only be settled when your brother manages to keep your bhabhi along with him.
  18. Presently, you are running under Main Period of Rahu and sub-period of Mars which will be ending on 4 Jan 2009. As such, Mars is placed in 8th house of your natal chart and also under aspect of Saturn; there are some good chances of finding partnerships during following periods: 24 April to 26 June 2008 21 August to 12 Sept 2008 From 4 Dec 2008 onwards, you will be having a good period in regard to marital significations. The lagna is occupied by Ketu and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. In addition to this you have got Mars placed in 8th house under aspect of Saturn; and your Moon is conjunct with Rahu. The Sun is also debilitated. You need to take good care of your own-self, avoid being cruel to your own-self and practice meditation. You are very vulnerable to anger and thoughts of self-destruction can easily over-power you during even minor unfavorable incidents.
  19. There are good chances of foreign trip/assignment in your chart. Presently, you are running under Mahadasa of Mercury and antardasa of Saturn from Feb 2006 to 14 Oct 2008 and this period is also likely to generate chances/opportunities of foreign assignment and/or tour. The next Mahadasa of Ketu will commence from 14 Oct 2008 for 7 years and during this mahadasa there will be several chances of foreign trip and assignments specially during antardasas of Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Are you wearing any gem?
  20. Dear Shri USR Hope to see you soon on the forum. And as Mrs. Deepa has expressed, you may like to visit the board occassionally during your tour. best wishes and good luck.
  21. there are likely to be some average chances of getting a favorable proposal between 5th May to 5th June 2008. Donate following items on Thursdays (5 Thursdays) at religious place/Temple for getting good support of luck in this regard: Sabut Haldi (Turmeric) - 200 grams. Dal Chana (gram lentil) - 1 Kg. Honey - 100 grams desi Ghee - 200 grams yellow color cotton cloth 3 meters Apple 1 Kg. Try to donate the above-mentioned items at different places, so that they can be used by the needy persons.
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