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  1. He appears to be gone towards North direction, very likely to be alive and there are chances of his news between Sept-Dec 2008. Give me some time, I will try to draw some remedial measures for his return. Do remind me about this within 3-4 days, if in case the matter slips out of my mind.
  2. no need of new thread, you can place the question here.
  3. Dear Shri Sasisekaran May this finds you in best of health and spirits. Well, I am still at a learning stage and trying to have some appropriate understanding of astrological principles. Therefore, I don't think I am capable of discussing over the issue of different predictions given by different astrologers. regards
  4. Dear Shri Sasisekaran I hope this finds you in best of health and spirits. In my view, all the positives and negatives should be clearly explained to the querist so that he can have a clear understanding about his/her life. regards
  5. Scorpio rises in the Lagna and Mars is placed therein, which is a very good position in view of placements of other planets. Even, the position of Moon and mercury are moderately favorable. The debilitation of Sun and its conjunction with Saturn and Venus is not good. There are great chances that you may leave your birth place and move at a distant place especially during Sun/Rahu which will start from 5 Sept 2008 to 31 July 2009. At present, the antardasa of Mars is running till 5 Sept 2008; which I feel is likely to provide good amount of support in troubled areas of life. You can try performing the following remedies: Donate Mustard Oil and Sabut Urad in Shani Temple on Saturdays. Offer prayers to Goddess Durga daily in the morning. Watering Tulsi Plant daily in the morning except on Sundays. Wear Pearl and Coral. Avoid dealing in Loans (either taking or lending).
  6. Not at all, rather you have provided a good solution. Due to scarcity of time, it really becomes difficult to analyse charts having uncertain birth time; therefore, I couldn't reply to this post. But the remedial measure suggested by you is good and can work in all circumstances. If some past events are given, perhaps someone of us can try fixing the lagna and deciphering the chart appropriately.
  7. Libra rises in the Lagna and Rahu is placed therein. The Lagna Lord Venus, though placed in 9th house, is combust and conjuct with enemy Sun. The 9th lord is gone to 8th house and is conjuct with Moon. The support of luck is not sufficient for smooth and trouble free progress in life, while the weakness of the Lagna Lord makes things more difficult. At present you are running under Mahadasa of Jupiter, which rules 3rd and 6th houses (Malefic) and the same is placed in 7th house having aspect over the Lagna, 11th and 3rd houses. Specific professional success and progress can only be achieved after commencement of Sun's antardasa duirng Mahadasa of Jupiter i.e. from 2 April 2010. The antardasa of Mars in Jupiter's Mahadasa is very likely to be one of the golden periods of life in professional matters (20 May 2012 to 26 April 2013). You need to stregthen your lagna and bhagya for which you can wear Diamond and Emerald respectively. Besides, propitiation of Jupiter is must for which you can offer items related with Jupiter i.e. Desi Ghee, Honey and Dal chana in Hanuman Temple on Thursdays. Quantity has no issue.
  8. Your marriage is likely to take place during Mars/Moon i.e. between 9 Sept 2008 to 11 April 2009
  9. Mars is the lagna lord and hence it will be considered a benefic planet for the nativity; therefore, there is no Manglik Dosha present. Yes, there is problem and that is why I have suggested to have proper matching of the charts. You have asked for remedies of Manglika Dosha, which is not present so no need for remedies of Manglika dosh. Further, you asked for suitable Gem, which I have already mentioned. When a question is placed in specific and limited directions, there remains no need for us to cross the boundaries.
  10. Your marriage is very likely to take place between 15 Dec 2008 to 28.08.2010. Presence of Sun + Saturn in 7th house may cause problems in fixing of marriage and you may perhaps face broken engagement. But do not worry, Strong Jupiter and Mars are likely to provide good amount of support in overall matters of life.
  11. In your chart, Scorpio rises and Mars is placed in 10th house. 7th lord Venus has gone to 8th house and is combust. Sun and Mercury are also placed in 8th house. Jupiter, natural significator for husband in a female chart, is placed in 6th house along with Ketu. Saturn is also casting its 10th aspect over Jupiter and Ketu. Moon, the 9th lord, has gone to 12th house along with Rahu. And you are presently running under mahadasa of ill placed Jupiter. Things are likely to remain extremely tough for your in over-all matters of life including marital significations. My suggestion is to avoid focussing over progeny for at-least next two years and try to safe-guard your marital bonding. Period of Jupiter/Sun (23 June 2008 to 11 April 2009) should be given specific care and attention in regard to health, marriage and relationships. There are chances of having major set-backs in life during the next 2 years. Even, in your husband's chart things are not much favorable for you, at least till Feb 2010. Following remedial measures are suggested: 1. Prayers to Lord Ganapati daily in the morning. 2. Wear yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)+Pearl (Moti)+Ruby (Manik) in a silver Locket. 3. Donate Mustard Oil and Sabut Urad in Shiva Temple on Saturdays. 4. Water Tulsi Plant daily (except Sundays) and light a diya of sesame Oil on Wednesdays.
  12. Read my comments appended in your message below:
  13. you didn't mention about the source of birth time. and provide some past incidents to match.
  14. Out of six planets placed in 8th house of your chart, three viz. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are combust. The conjunction of Saturn, Venus and Mercury is a good Raj-yoga; but the combustion has reduced the positive impact significantly. The Karaka for husband i.e. Jupiter has become a malefic planet for your nativity as such it rules 3rd and 12th houses. Its placement in 8th house denotes obstructions and problems in the significations of Jupiter. The placement of Sun in 8th house is good as the same is placed in its own sign. Moon, the 7th Lord, is placed in Lagna and is under aspect of Mars from the sixth house which appears to me the real cause for delay in marital aspects, though the other important factors, explained above, are supplement to it. Moon has gone to sixth house in Navamsha Chart and is got debilitated in Saptamansha Chart, further adding to the problem. But, even with significantly reduced strength, the conjunction of Saturn, Venus and Mercury is likely to bless you with marital bliss during the course of their dasas/antardasas/pratyantardasas. Therefore, Jupiter/Saturn (3 feb 2010 to 16 Aug 2012) is very likely to be averagely favorable in regard to professional, financial and marital aspects. Even, the current dasa i.e. Jupiter/Jupiter can provide good results in marital affairs during the pratyantardasas of Saturn, Mercury and Venus. And you entered the Pratyantardasa of Saturn (Jup/Jup/Sat) on 29 March 2008 which will remain effective till 31 July 2008 followed by Pratyantardasa of Mercury till 18 Nov 2008. Therefore, I think that even the current period is quite capable of solemnization of marriage/engagement. Stregthening of Lagna and propitiation of Jupiter+ Mars is very likely to bless you with suitable results in marriage. For which you can perform following remedies: Donate Honey and Saffron (Kesar) on Thursdays in Shiva Temple. Quantity has no issue and you can donate as per your suitability and affordability. But the remedy is to be performed for atleast 8 Thursdays. For strengthening of Lagna, blue Sapphire (Neelam) can be worn.
  15. read the message carefully - QUOTE At present, you are running under Mahadasa of Mercury and antardasa of Saturn till 14 Nov 2008; and in view of above stated placements of planets, things are not likely to be favorable in respect of independent profession; though such placement can be good if you operate far away from your place of birth or in other words, the placement of planets denotes stay and visit in foreign countries. The antardasa of Venus in Mahadasa of Ketu i.e. between 12 April 2009 to 12 June 2010; there can be some good chances of building your own independent business. Propitiation of Jupiter and Sun is likely to provide good amount of support in your case for which you can start donating food items (preferably items made from wheat, honey and yellow color sweets) to old age homes on Thursdays and/or Sundays. QUOTE ENDS
  16. yes, because Venus represents wife for a native while Jupiter represents husband for female.
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