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  1. Red Coral weight 6 carats Original Pearl (not the cultured one) weight 6 carats wear both these stones studded in silver necklace in Red thread
  2. 1.how will be the career and probably when he will get first break Career is very likely to be good and financially rewarding. He can expect some opportunities during Venus/Saturn (31 Jan 2009 to March 2012). The next antardasa of Mercury (April 2012 to Jan 2015) is likely to provide some very good financial and professional achievements. 2.what will be the effect in his life throught due to the aspect of saturn and mars. It may cause problems due to expenses, health, arguments, confusion in communications, painful foreign visits and troubles in marital significations.
  3. would you mind giving specific answers? I mean to ask, if the education was completed without any problem? (Yes or No) And how do you rank the education, excellent or average?
  4. I mean to ask, if the education was completed without any problem? And how do you rank the education, excellent or average?
  5. Okay, in the light of events provided by you, the time of birth appears to be correct i.e. 2.10 AM. now coming to your querries, my response is appended in between: Dear Gurujan, pls, advise me if it is worth putting effort to get mba and how beneficial will it be to have a career in finance related job. The mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus (placed in angles) and placement of 10th lord Moon in 11th house does indicate favorable results in Business Management and Finance related job/profession. Will I be successful in my current sade sati. Yes, there are some good chances. The problem, due to which, you could not make up earlier, appears to be operation of antardasa of Combust Mars (August 2006 to Feb 2007) followed by antardasa of Cruel Rahu (March 2007 to August 2008). Therefore, from the onstart of Jupiter's antardasa from Sept 2008 onwards, you can have some average results. While, the significant positive results in respect of professional matters are more likely to take place during Moon/Saturn (January 2010 to July 2011)
  6. you may need to wait for some more time. I am still analysing your chart in view of provided events.
  7. there is no need of raising eyebrows on my suggestion. The placement of Sun in fifth house is good. And if you think you have got more knowledge of astrology, then it is okay.
  8. okay, can you provide some important events so as to identify the lagna.
  9. well, change of 6-7 minutes makes changes in Navamsha lagna and now Saturn + Moon + Jupiter shifts to second house in your Navamsha chart. Lagna is also become Vargotamma in Navamsha, adding a little bit more strength. In lagna chart, the conjunction of Saturn and Moon is not welcomed; though, the aspect of Sun (Lagna Lord) is somewhat a good saving factor for significations related to Lagna. The aspect of Exalted and Yogakaraka Mars is the real saving factor in your chart and the mutual aspectual relationship between Jupiter and Mars is also good for significations related with health, luck, education, emotions and intelligence. Presently, you are running under Mahadasa of Yogakaraka Mars from August 2007 to July 2014; therefore you can have rest assured that there is no likelihood of any such diseases in your chart during Mahadasa of Mars. The Mahadasa of Rahu (Aug 2014 to July 2032) may cause some problems; but the severity is not likely to be much. Wearing of Ruby is likely to help a lot.
  10. Food, entertainment, jewellery, media, communication and publication are the suitable sectors for you in decreasing order
  11. well, you did not mention source of time of birth. How accurate you is it, I mean is it birth time of hospital or approximate? Further, did your parents had some serious troubles or you lacked parental happiness for any reason.
  12. mention place of birth as city, country for both of you. Also mention source of your time of birth so as to ascertain its accuracy.
  13. Exact profession will depend more upon your education i.e. BE. While the media, art and law sectors are likely to be more favorable and suitable for you.
  14. and your birth time is around 10.45 pm. Are you male or female?
  15. and you get married in May 2005? may like to confirm as well clear?
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