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  1. marriage is very likely to be solemnized before mid Feb 2010. Period between mid Nov 2008 to August 2009 is specifically favorable for marriage celebrations.
  2. Things are likely to start improving from Sept 2008 onwards and you may experience start of a new era in your life. Period from mid Oct 2010 to April 2013 is very likely to bless you with reasonable resources and good health. Offer prayers to Goddess Durga. Offer water to Tulsi Plant daily except on Sundays. Donate 11 Tulsi Plant at various religious places on Wednesday - one time.
  3. Period from 5 Oct 2008 to mid Sept 2009 is very likely to bless you with suitable relationship. Period from mid Sept 2009 onwards to mid July 2010 is likely to be testing period for you in connection with relationships and Health; and this period may cause certain problems. Success of second marriage also depends upon matching of the charts; though you can safely expect a good time ahead after mid July 2010.
  4. There are strong chances of your getting through this time. As a remedial measure: Offer prayers to Goddess Durga. Distribute sweets in School (one time) Wear pearl in right hand ring finger.
  5. i am a girl requesting for my horoscope analysis on career ,marriage .Recently i have made a career change.will i be sucessful in that career???? Carreer-wise things are likely to remain a bit troublesome for you. There are likely to be frequent changes/gaps in job or place of job till June 2010. Thereafter, you may enjoy moderate professional life for couple of years. any gud things will happen in my life?or always i will be stressed??. Your married life is very likely to be quite satisfactory with all ambitions and deisres coming true. Plz advice me how can i progress well in my life both in career and family life with my husband. Give priority to personal relations over your professional matters. my fiancee's details(boy) date of birth-11/07/1983 time-04.45 pm(afternoon) place-jajpur,orissa our birth dates are same. when is the best time for us(me and my fiancee) to get married ??? Your marriage is very likely to take place before July 2009 and this is also the best time to get married.
  6. Dear Unanth Can you provide his physical attributes like height, physique, face (oval or round)? And also, what is the source of birth details (especially the time of birth)? Can there be some difference of 5-10 minutes on either side or it is fairly accurate?
  7. provide some past events of your life to match with the time of birth. Also give info regarding your education, health and physical attributes (height, built and face -oval, round etc.)
  8. 1. Learn to listen/understand her problems and emotions. 2. Avoid being too much judgemental. 3. Avoid dominating as much as possible. 4. Learn to show your dis-agreement in an amicable way. 5. Place/establish a copper utensil filled with whole wheat at your roof on Sunday. 6. Donate mustard oil and black Urad (whole) at some religious place/temple on Saturdays (at least 6 Saturdays). (Quantity has no issue - what ever you can afford easily). 7. Things are likely to remain difficult for next couple of years. Hope above remedies/solutions help.
  9. Dear All It is very strange that most of the posts that I attended recently, and some other posts too, are found to be carrying incorrect birth details. For me, it really takes a lot of time and effort on my part to study and post free analysis even on the risk of being taken granted. And, I think that even other learned astrologers may have similar opinion. Dear Mr. AKJ Please excuse me, I may not be able to give any comments.
  10. There are some moderate chances of getting a job after 20 Sept 2008. And, there are very strong possibilities, in this regard, between mid Oct to mid Dec 2008. In the mean time, wear a good quality Emerald (weight 5 carats) in right hand ring finger to enhance the positivity of the good times ahead. And, even if you do not perform any remedy or wear any Gem; the chance of getting a job still be there.
  11. Marriage seems possible between mid April 2010 to March 2011.
  12. Although the chances may be quite strong during the specified period i.e. between Feb - July 2009; Yet, you should always be trying at your own part.
  13. you can safely visit India. No harm is seen from arguments, disputes and legal matters.
  14. Very likely to be married with girl of your own choice.
  15. Marriage seems possible between mid Feb 2009 to mid June 2010.
  16. Even then There are strong chances of conceiving between Feb - July 2009. As a remedial measure, donate Milk in Shiva Temple on Mondays
  17. The remedy has already been suggested in my first response.
  18. For present problems - Things are likely to improve considerably between Jan 2009 to July 2010. Carreer-wise things are likely to remain average with obstructions till the age of 28. It is after the age of 28 that you may be able to enjoy stability and success in your professional and financial matters.
  19. My family is thinking for my marriage.. what would be the correct period... After Jan 2009
  20. Things are likely to remain disturbed/troublesome till Jan 2009 and from Sept 2008 onwards things can even aggravate spontaneously. Take specific care of your professional/social relations and try to avoid argument as much as possible between Sept 2008 to Jan 2009. Thereafter, during Sat/Mer (Feb 2009 to Sept 2011); you can expect a reasonable rise in your professional matters including foreign visits and financial gains. As a remedial measure for your present psychological problems - Donate whole wheat equal to your weight at some religious/spiritual place on Sunday morning (One time only)
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