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  1. What is the source of your birth details (especially time of birth); is it based upon hospital records or memory? Provide some past incidents and physical attributes like height, physique, face (oval or round) to match with time of birth.
  2. There are no negative effects of Jupiter's Gem in your chart; it is just the functional effectiveness being less than Coral and Ruby. Foreign visit mean foreign visit - simple as that. You are at present in Dubai, so movement out of Dubai within the specified period is highly expected.
  3. you need to provide name of place of birth along with some past events of life for matching the birth details (esp. time of birth).
  4. All the three gems viz. Coral (for Mars), Ruby (for Sun) and yellow sapphire (for Jupiter) are suitable to you in decreasing order. Coral is specifically suitable for professional and financial development. There are some strong chances of foreign visits before mid August 2011.
  5. it will be more appropriate to ask and clarify these questions from the person/astrologer who suggested accordingly. anyway.... 1. Firstly, should Tulsi be planted in home or outside home or in balcony? it should be within boundaries of the house/home. Balcony is also a good option. 2. Secondly, can there be TWO tulsi plants in ONE home? Yes. 3. Thirdly, how to worship Tulsi & it's procedure? Take help of some local pundits in this regard as such the procedure is well understood when described in person.
  6. you did not answer my post completely. I need to be 100% sure before giving any advise.
  7. Provide some past incidents of life to match with the birth details. Also mention your professional field. Was there any problem as mentioned against each during the following periods: Jan 1989 to March 1990 - trouble to parents and education Feb 1991 to July 1991 - trouble to health and education. August 1994 to August 1995 - period not favorable for many things (troubles/tensions in connection with happiness to/from parents; lack of required initiatives in education/profession; lack of support from luck/fortune; loss/wastage of money)
  8. Period from March 2009 to June 2010 is likely to bless with suitable improvement in present health matters related to food allergies. The improvement is most likely to take place with the aid of Ayurveda as against others methods of cure like alopathic and homeopathic
  9. You are very likely to achieve success in your educational pursuits but only after first week of Dec 2010 to March 2014. Till Nov 2010 things are likely to remain obstructive and troublesome.
  10. Overall things are likely to remain tough in respect of wealth, status and finance till Mid August 2011. Period after mid August 2011 is likely to provide some good opportunities and suitable financial gains in life. Following remedies can be tried for present problems in health and profession. Wear a good quality Ruby (Manik) in left hand ring finger in gold/silver ring on Sunday. Donate Tulsi Plant at Temple (Mandir) on Tuesday and Wednesday successively. Light a lamp of Mustard Oil (Sarso Tel) at North side (Uttar Disha) of your house twice a day for one week.
  11. if you can provide some past incidents of your life like education, health etc. it will be easy for me to ascertain and match the time of birth. Sometimes, even the hospital recorded birth time is to be rectified due to normal human tendency of averaging the time. one specific question: Are you living in rented house or at your own house? Did you have any parental property?
  12. what is source of your birth details especially time of birth; whether from Hospital records or memory? provide some past incidents including your physique (height, face -oval/round, body - slim, fat or atheletic) to match with the birth details.
  13. Mention your gender (male or female); also provide what is the source of your time of birth, whether from Hospital records or based upon memory? Provide some past incidents to match with the time of birth.
  14. Light a lamp of Chameli Oil at Bargad Tree and place some honey at its root in earthen pot. The remedy has to be performed for three days starting from Tuesday; and Your marriage is very likely to be fixed between 9 Nov. 2008 to 11 March 2009.
  15. You can safely marry the girl; it will be a good match.
  16. Since when (month-year) you are facing troubles in profession/finance, health troubles to family and debt problems - respond specifically. What remedial measures and Gems you have tried and when? What gems are you wearing at present?
  17. Offer Water to Peepal Tree for 27 days (continuously without break) starting from Thursday and there are great chances that you get a job before June 2009. Do not wear any Gem while doing the remedy i.e. for 27 days.
  18. till Jan 2009 things are likely to remain difficult regarding professional matters; thereafter, during the period between Feb-May 2009 you are very likely to be blessed with suitable job. This period i.e. Feb-May 2009 also denotes favorable transit to other places.
  19. Plan your marriage after mid October. Donate Camphor in Temple on Fridays (for 3 Fridays) After some initial troubles, your marriage is very likely to be successful.
  20. provide some past events and your physique (height, built, face(oval-round) to match the time of birth.
  21. Presently you are in Rahu Mahadasa till mid June 2023; and only thereafter, the Mahadasa of Jupiter will commence. The present antardasa is of Jupiter in Mahadasa of Rahu (started from March 2008 to July 2010); the antardasa of Jupiter in Rahu's Mahadasa can cause problems in health and relationships. As a remedial measure you can water Peepal Tree on Thursday and light lamp of Desi Ghee.
  22. Your Asc. is Pisces. Wear Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye in left hand ring finger for improvement in professional matters.
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