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  1. Dear Shri Uner Thanks for your blessings and good wishes..!!
  2. Can I expect from you to please spend your valuable time on my chart & advise me how my old life would be. I am 56 years old now. Your old life is going to be great. Till Nov 2009, there will be some concerns and tensions on regular basis. Period from Dec 2009 to Feb 2014 will be excellent in enjoying and celebrating the life. From March 2014 to Oct. 2016 - there can be some tensions and lack of interest; along with minor but frequent health problems. Period from Nov 2016 to Dec 2023 is simply Great. You will always have sufficient amount of wealth and source of income till you desire so.
  3. There are thousands of Yogas given in texts of which 80 percent never works. So, do not try to judge your chart with your unbaked knowledge leading to such short-timed but unwarranted tensions. There is no such Yoga present in your chart which may lead you to adopt a child. The appropriate way for dealing with such situation: First, go and consult a Gynaecologist so as to find out the correct medical reason behind this, if any. Perform following remedies and you are very likely to conceive before May 2009. Wear a Gomedha in right/left hand middle finger in Silver on Wednesday. Donate following items in Temple on Thursday- 11 times Jaggery (Gur) - 250 grams around. Honey - 50-100 grams. Red Sandalwood - 10 grams around (Do not use Sandalwood powder) Poppy Seeds (Khas-Khas) - 20 grams. Whole Turmeric (Sabut Haldi) - 50 grams. The appropriate way of donating is place one item at a time in the Temple and pray for favorable results in progenic matters; and then place another item and pray; and so on till you place all the five items. The items can be donated in any temple but Radha-Krishna Temple will be the best. Open the seal/cover of the items before donating.
  4. Okay, don't worry. Time is less favorable till mid Nov 2009, while afterwards you have an excellent professional fortune. Till then, perform following remedies which are very likely to bless you with fruitful initiatives before mid April 2009. Wear Red Coral weight 5 carats approx. in left/right hand ring finger. Donate leather items in educational institution/orphanage on Saturday for use by children/students. You can choose the items as per your affordability; quantity has no issue. - one time only Donate/gift some books (law, constitution, religion, spirituality) to related organizations or needy/poor persons/students on Wednesday - one time. Quantity has no issue. The remedies are designed to suit your present stay in foreign countries.And, relax. You are going to do very well in foreign too.
  5. You can wear Ruby in Silver. Well, you can donate Mustard Oil and Whole Almonds in the Temple on Every Saturday and Sunday. The remedies will also take care of health.
  6. Dear Shri Uner As per my understanding of Astrology, the time of birth is not matching with the details provided by you. Therefore, your chart needs rectification of time of birth to suit and match with the results narrated and it is likely to take a lot of time and effort on my part. I would like to have your comments over the following: Period from Dec 1970 to July 1974 - how was the period in connection with your performance in Educational matters? Had you tried any unethical approach towards educational accomplishments? Had you developed lack of interest in Education? Had you felt uncomfortable with your teachers and fellow students? Any other important information, you would like to share with regard to Educational matters only during this period. Period from Jan 1987 to June 1989 - How was the period in regard to domestic happiness including happiness to/from parents and wife; and with regard to your performance in professional matters? Period from Nov 1998 to June 1999 - How was the period in regard to your professional environment and financial matters? If you feel uncomfortable in disclosing any personal information on the board, you are most welcomed to submit your comments on my gmail id given below.
  7. That's great. Okay, wear it again in left hand ring finger on Wednesday morning and start performing the remedy suggested. There are problems in your chart but not major and with the aid of simple remedies you are very likely to get over.
  8. Wear Gomedha in left hand ring finger on Wednesday morning and there are great chances that you be blessed with progenic happiness within 18-24 months. Light camphor during your prayers on Every Sunday.
  9. What is the source of your birth details (esp. time of birth); is it based upon hospital records or based upon memory? Also Can you provide some past incidents of your life to match with the time of birth?
  10. What is the source of your birth details (esp. time of birth); is it based upon hospital records or based upon memory? Also Can you provide some past incidents of your life to match with the time of birth? Your place of birth Kumta is in Maharashtra.... correct.?
  11. can you provide some past incidents of your life to match with the time of birth.
  12. Period till mid Feb 2010 is not much fruitful for professional matters; though you can try following remedies which are very likely to fetch you a job before March 2009. Wear Ruby (weight 5 carats around) in right hand ring finger. Light camphor (Kapoor ki Jot) at Tulsi Plant on every Wednesday. Light Mustard Oil lamp (Sarso Tel ka Diya) at Peepal Tree on every Saturday.
  13. Dear Shri Umer The concept of Sade-Sati is based upon Transit influence of Saturn over a chart; And I do not consider transit influences of planets having more than 10 percent influence over the basic placements of charts and operation of Dasas. Therefore, I am not able to comment over the querry raised.
  14. Dear Uner Mohan Thanks for your kind words. Best Wishes and Happy Deepawali
  15. your marriage is likely to be fixed between March 2009 to Sept 2009. Chances of love marriage are there but only after affirmation of parents i.e. you are more likely to have love cum arranged marriage.
  16. As per my understanding of astrology, your daughter is likely to be blessed with marriage in the year 2011.
  17. things are likely to remain a bit troublesome for next couple of months; however performance of following remedies is likely to help a lot: Offer water to the Sun daily in the morning after taking bath Donate a whole ripe Pumpkin, 100 grams whole Turmeric and 200 grams of honey on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in Temple - one time. Avoid use of cosmetics as much as possible for next couple of months. Donate Curd, Rice, Camphor and Sugar in Temple on every Friday - 6 Times. Your husband's chart denotes lack of marital happiness and the above stated remedies are likely to provide sufficient amount of relief.
  18. Well, Astrology do not and can not control one's Deeds; and actually, it is the real Big Thing about life. The appropriate questions should be like, "Whether this should be taken up or otherwise?" in stead of giving up the identity like, "Whether I will be able to do that or otherwise?" As far as, capability of Human Life is concerned, it is far beyond the reach of any science including Astrology; any thing can be achieved and any deed can be performed even without looking for astrological aspect. It is the result of our Deeds, which is to be faced and because of which Astrology much be taken into consideration that whether we will be able and whether we are ready to face the consequences of our deeds.
  19. As per my understanding of astrology, your marriage seems possible during first half of year 2010. And, if possible, try to avoid love marriage as such there may be some serious troubles in relationships.
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