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  1. Perform the following remedies and there are strong chances of having progenic bliss during the period between August 2009 to Sept 2010. Donate utensils of China Clay or normal earthen clay in Temple/religious place on every Amawasya and Poornamashi till Feb 2009. Quantity has no issue. Wear red coral in right hand ring finger. There may be some meek chances of conception with the aid of aforestated remedies during the period between 4 Oct 2008 to 19 Feb 2009. However, if possible, try to avoid conception till Feb 2009 as such the period from mid Feb 2009 to July 2009 may cause certain health problems which may not be much favorable for progenic health.
  2. Perform the following remedies and, there are some good chances of getting a job between 28 Oct to 29 Dec 2008; Put one Pumpkin (whole) at Peepal Tree on Thursday - one Time. Give Water to Peepal Tree daily except on Sundays. Wear Gomedha (Hassonite) in left hand middle finger.
  3. During the period mentioned above, you have a fair chance to visit India; though chances of settlement in India are quite meek. In addition to this, time till 10 Dec 2008 is not much supportive and stable for professional and other matters. Performance of suggested remedies is very likely to provide suitable relief.
  4. Dear Mr. Puru well, I do not think this way; on the Contrary such attempt on the part of both the Astrologer and the Querriest can only cause harm. Following is a part of my conversation with one querrist on the same issue; and you may like to peruse it.
  5. wear Ruby in right hand ring finger. Donate Honey, Saffron and yellow colored Cotton Cloth in Temple on Every Monday. Quantity has no issue.
  6. well, personally I have never recommended Rudrakshas; though you can wear Coral for health and other issues.
  7. For professional matters the Mahadasa will be moderately good and favorable. For marital and health issues - the dasa can cause minor but frequent problems. There are no indications of any spiritual life during this period.
  8. Marriage is likely to take place between mid Oct 2010 to Mid Sept 2011. The initial phase of married life specifically the period between mid Sept 2011 to mid March 2013 is likely to cause some troubles on relationship and health front; but thereafter, i.e. period after Mid march 2013 denotes moderately good married life.
  9. Ask him to perform the following remedy and there are some good chances of getting a job between 24 Oct 2008 to 19 Feb 2009: Light a lamp of Sesame Oil at the Southern Side of his home continuously for 8 days starting from Tuesday or Thursday. Donate Raw Banana (6 numbers) at some religious place/Temple for 6 days starting from Wednesday. If he is wearing Yellow Sapphire and/or Ruby, it should be removed for next couple of months.
  10. The gems can cast impact only when being in direct touch of the skin round the clock. Keeping a Gem is of no use.
  11. I hope, it would have been more than a month of you performing the suggested remedy. Keep doing it, there are still some fair chances of getting the job before mid Oct 2008.
  12. Red Coral weight 6-8 carats in left hand ring finger.
  13. Dear Jazz Singh Please excuse me as such I am not competent enough to give readings without complete birth details.
  14. As per my understanding of Astrology, there are no chances of going abroad for education till mid Jan 2010. However, there appear to be some meek chances of opportunities and efforts for foreign visits for professional cum educational purpose during the period between mid Jan 2010 to mid Sept 2018. Period between mid Sept 2012 to mid Nov 2015 is likely to provide you some good opportunities in professional cum financial aspects and this period can be used to build up a good future.
  15. Okay, can you tell when you made attempts for foreign visit/travel?
  16. Yes, you may experience positivity in your professional aspects from 3rd Nov. 2008 onwards.
  17. can your provide your physical attributes like height, physique (slim, fat, athletic) and face (oval, round)?
  18. Things may improve significantly from 3rd Nov 2008 onwards. Wear Red Coral weight 6-8 carats in right hand ring finger.
  19. Okay, period till Nov 2009 is not favorable for health, finance and personal matters; take specific care of health and avoid arguments/confrontation as much as possible. Wear Yellow Sapphire and perform the following remedy: Donate following items in Temple on Fridays (for 7 Fridays) for mitigating the evil impact of planets over your nativity. 1. Camphor (5-10 rupees) 2. Curd ( 100-500 grams)
  20. ok, how was the period between Sept 1994 to July 1997 in connection with parents, education and health? Were there any serious health and other problems which caused trouble in education?
  21. what is the source of your birth details, especially time of birth? Is it based upon hospital records or just memory?
  22. can you provide some past events like date of marriage, education, physique so that I could match the lagna and offer my understanding of the charts.
  23. what is the source of your birth details (especially time of birth)? I can only deal with one aspect (out of Parents' health, improvements in the present state of affairs regarding career & time and nature of marriage). ; choose and inform
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