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  1. I would appreciate your wise expertise and advice.
  2. I appreciate your help. I recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday (have been doing it for years) and do puja. Also, I used JHora program v.7.2 and when inputing time to 10:02 am it comes out as Aquarius. But, as others have said I am Pisces Ascendant, which makes sense to me! During my Mars dasa period (up to 2004) I really enjoyed life and university studies. I've never worn coral though. I've been wearing topaz (light yellow) for years now. Additionally, I've been wearing emerald for years now (as soon as I put it on I found out I got a high post in an organization for a year). During my Rahu-Rahu dasa, I traveled A LOT (up to 2x a week) by flights. It was a hectic time with problems in good exam scores (due to blanking out material even though I knew it right before the exam, at times). Also, why is Saturn ill-placed? Although Saturn is in 8th house, it is exalted and causing Vipareeta Raja Yoga, right? Hope this information helps you to help me come up with a more tailored solution. Any other advice for my dilemma would be highly appreciated. Thank you astrotech for your kind help and response. As for cat's eye, how should it be worn for maximum good effects?
  3. Hi astro_tech and others who can help, Following your advice I kept the chrysoberyl cat's eye with me for close to 2 weeks now. Up to now it has been so-so, with no mishaps. But now I have had a serious complaint from my boss to the supervisor regarding my professionalism. It is an UNFAIR complaint, as I work harder than others and have even helped my co-workers out at times, and still they say I am "complaining" and "not working as hard." Please help me! What can I do astrologically? Currently, I am wearing topaz (10+ years) and yellow sapphire (for close to 2 years), emerald (5+ years) and now keeping the cat's eye. PLEASE HELP!
  4. I am basing this off of the Varahamihira Blog: STRENGTH OF PLANETS Scoprio and Aquarius are lorded by two planets each. Scorpio is lorded by Mars and Ketu, whereas Aquarius is lorded by Saturn and Rahu. To determine the dasa period of Scorpio and Aquarius, one need to ascertain, which lord to be used. Hence, we must know the stronger of the two lords of these two signs. so can the corollary be true, where rahu/ketu can rule other houses as well?
  5. If Rahu owns Aquarius per literature, and if Aquarius happens to be 9th house, does that make Rahu - indicator/lord of 9th? That is can you consider Rahu to give results of 9th? Aussie
  6. Great! Thanks very much for the knowledge. It is good to learn about astrology! Cheers, Aussie
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. Previously, I was thinking from a scientific perspective. For example if the cusp of ascendant (Leo) is at 1 degree, and Jupiter is in Cancer at 29 degrees and Moon is in Aquarius at 1 degree. By traditional methods of astrology, most would not call this as Gaj Kesari Yoga since there is no oppositional connection between Moon and Jupiter in the Rashi chart. But, if seen astronomically - Jupiter and Moon are virtually in perfect opposition - which may be visualized from chalit chart, right?
  8. Can someone please give me some insight on chalit? It makes sense to use this system to find starting and ending of houses. But then why don't we use this system for the formation of yogas? Since most define yogas based on houses and not signs, is it justified to use chalit chart to find yogas? Thanks, Aussie
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