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  1. you need to provide complete birth details viz. date of birth, time of birth (Am/Pm) and place of birth.
  2. Overall, things are likely to remain tensed and troublesome in educational matters till 2013; though thereafter, he may be having good support of planets for establishing his professional life. Following remedial measures can be tried for suitable relief: Wear Emerald (weight 5 carats around) in necklace. If possible, avoid wearing any other gem. His mother may donate raw milk to poor children (at least 10 persons) on every Amavasya. Do not pressurize him for getting good marks and try to help him in taking failure on a positive note. It is during the standard between 8th class to 12th class that a child must be nurtured keenly.
  3. AMT Krishna Educational background : Computer Science Engineering(now final year) btech-52%(upto third year still with 4 backlogs not cleared) Can you indicate the year during which you could not make up. Inter-77% Year? 10th-84% Year? Father : expired date of demise? What is the source of your time of birth? Can there be difference of 5-8 minutes on either side or it is minutely accurate to be 3.25 AM?
  4. What is the source of your time of birth given as 12.45 AM; hospital record or memory? Some aspects of your life viz marital life are not matching in the chart with your comments.
  5. divorce/legal separation is possible between Oct 2010 to June 2011.
  6. you can safety opt for changing your job.
  7. Marriage seems possible between mid Sept 2009 to Oct 2010; and there may be some troubles in married life due to health and arguments during the initial stage. Besides, your seem to be suffering from some health issues since long, could be related with stomach, intestine and skin. And your education also appears to be disturbed.
  8. Provide some past incidents of your life to match with the time of birth.
  9. Period between mid April 2009 to mid April 2012 denotes success and promotion in professional matters and you may enjoy some new opportunites and/or income through extra means; though this period may cause some health problems. I do not find any such indications of leaving the job during 2009.
  10. prt.snh Between the period from Mid Nov 2008 to Mid April 2011; your health is likely to improve significantly.
  11. From April 2010 onwards only you may get some favorable and fruitful results; till then you have to accept and adjust yourself as per the circumstances. However, you can try following simple remedies which have been observed to be providing ample amount of relief in similar cases. Establish lamp of Mustard Oil (Sarso Tel ka Diya) in the eastern Direction of your home for at least one Week starting from Saturday. The lamp should remain lightened round the clock. Light Camphor (kapoor) twice a day (morning and evening) at the same place where Mustard Oil Lamp is established for one week. Wear Ruby weight 5 carats in right hand ring finger. Avoid using any other gem along with Ruby. If possible, visit Vaishno Devi Temple at the earliest.
  12. Period from mid Jan 2012 to mid March 2017 is likely to be exceptionally favorble for professional and financial matters. For present problems following remedies are likely to help. Light a lamp (Diya) of Chameli Oil twice a day (morning and evening) at home's Puja Place. (more important) Wear Aquamarine (weight 5 carats around) in right hand middle finger on Friday. (optional)
  13. Time is less favorable (not unfavorable) till nOV 2015. Wear Emerald (weight 5 carats around) in left hand little finger in Gold. Your husband should Establish a Tulsi Plant at home and take care of it. The chart also denotes problems in marital life due to health and arguments. Watering of Peepal Tree on Thursdays will help.
  14. Payal put up specific querry and also the source of your birth details. In another message, you have given some different birth details.
  15. Period from mid May 2008 to March 2011 is not much favorable for professional and financial matters; and, therefore, resigning from Govt. Service during this period may not be suitable. This period may cause obstruction in smooth operation. Period from Oct 2013 onwards denotes positive changes in professional matters and may like to award you with some good opportunities in Private Sector.
  16. Things may start improving from mid Nov 2008. Period from mid Sept 2009 to Mid Nov 2014 is very likely to bless you with overall good things in life and give the results of good yogas present in the chart. Period from mid March 2009 to Sept 2010 is very likely to bless you with marriage.
  17. You may please take opinion of other learned astrologers.
  18. Watering Peepal Tree daily except on Sundays is likely to help.
  19. There are some fair chances of getting another job between Mid Sept 2008 to mid Oct 2008.
  20. will there be problems in my married life too ? No is it possible to find out in which month my life partner should be born ? Not possible for Me. You can ask other learned members if they can help you in this regard.
  21. First of all, personally I do not find it fair on your part for trying to judge a person on astrological basis when you say that you are in Love. If one is in true Love where remain the need to justify it. Anyway, the boy's chart is fairly good in regard to marital prospects and he is very likely to be a good and caring husband. Period between April to mid August 2009 is favorable for taking initiatives in this regard. You both are quite sensitive in nature.
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