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  1. Thanks astro_tech. What would be the impact of GajaKesari yoga during a Jupiter period? I was told that it is a common yoga and would show its impact only during Moon or Jupiter mahadasas. Is that true? Thanks once again for your reply
  2. I am planning to change my job and wondering if it is the right time to do it. My birth details are as below Jan 18, 1969 2:15 AM Rajahmundry India I will be entering into Jupiter Mahadasa in the next couple of months and Jupiter is located in 11th house (virgo) along with ketu in my horoscope. I also have GajaKesari Yoga with Moon located in 2nd house (Saggitarius). I am wondering what would be this yoga's impact during Jupiter Mahadasa. Any guidance is very much appreciated. thanks in advance.
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