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  1. hallow, could any bady tell me.how to do thrusday fast.
  2. Thank you sir.iam not judging him astrologically.But i belive in astrology.Reson fr asking my query is to t conferm that will our married will succed. Sir i want to tell u one more thing,"love means not always staying with some bady phisically,it's being with them mentally" .sir one more thing now days he is strugling in setting his carrier,when he will be settle down in carrier.he is an software engineering student .will he succed in his field ? or he will change his field ?plz! replie sir...
  3. hi, could any bady tell me what are the effects when shani and ketu are in 8th house of mesha lagna.(male)
  4. anybady plz replie me iam in confusion.
  5. hi, iam sruti.iam in love with a guy named rohan.shall i marry him(love marriage).details r given bellow. rohan:date of birth:20\01\1985 place:hubli time:12:30pm state:karnataka country:india sruti:16\06\1988 place:hubli time:1:30pm state:karnataka country:india
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