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  1. Overall, the period from mid Jan 2009 onwards to July 2011 is likely to create tensions and changes in professional field; therefore, there are strong chances that he may have to return India. However, the period between mid July 2009 to Jan 2010 denotes sufficient support of luck in connection with foreign visits and assignments during which he can look for some significant improvements. Regarding marriage - presently he is running under suitable time of getting married/engaged especially before mid Jan 2009. In any case, he is very likely to get married before July 2011.
  2. Dear Shri Uner Mohan Please provide some past incidents of his life to match with time of birth; Also provide the source of birth details - whether hospital records or memory? May I know your relation with the querrist?
  3. provide some past incidents of your life to match with your birth details (esp. time of birth) Also, what is the source of your birth details; hospital records or based upon memory?
  4. Without having correct birth details of both husband and wife, it is not possible for me. Besides, I personally do not believe in such practices.
  5. you should avoid any such meeting this time.
  6. things are likely to remain a bit difficult till Sept 2012; though you can try following remdies, which are very likely to provide good relief within 3-4 months - Wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) weight 5 carats around in left hand middle finger. Establish a Tulsi Plant at some Religious Place/Temple on Thursday - once in three months. offer 500 grams. soaked chana Daal to cows/horses or any other animal on Thursday - Once in a month. Continue your medical treatment as suggested by Doctors.
  7. tell me about your education and the disease you are suffering from?
  8. Old Age health problems and minor injuries can cause trouble.
  9. though there are chances of marriage taking place before Oct 2009, but they are very meek. The period, thereafter, i.e. between Nov 2009 to Oct 2010 is very much favorable for marital and other aspects of life. My suggestion for arranged marriage is not based upon the nature and character of the guy in question. It was based upon the position of planets in your chart which indicate a lot of troubles in marital life in case you opt for love marriage. My suggestion for you to go for 100 percent arranged marriage; and if you get an option of marrying the guy of your choice - be sure that your parents are not having any hidden/open objections in this regard.
  10. I Want To Know If Marriage Is In My Chart?? Yes What Kind Of Spouse I Will Get? Average guy, most likely to be slim and tall. His Nature/goods/bads? Is He A Known Person? Average Will It Be Only Arranged Marriage? As per your chart, Love marriage is not suggested. Therefore, just follow and obey your parents for having maximum benefit in marital aspects of your life. Whats My Marriage Time Period?month/year? Your marriage is most likely to be fixed after 10 Jan 2009 to Oct 2009 and likely to be solemnized/celebrated before Oct 2010.
  11. dear shri rv Health is the the only thing which I will caution during Saturn/Venus.
  12. Dear Got your PM. You need to provide some past incidents of your life to match with time of birth. What is the source of your birth details (from hospital records or else)? Provide a brief description of your physique like built, height, shape of face etc. I can recall that a few days ago, I already placed my doubts on your birth details; And without fixing the birth details (esp. time of birth), there is no point in just throwing away the conclusions.
  13. if possible, wear it in Gold; otherwise Silver will also do. Get the help of some local pundit who will find out a good muhurata for wearing of the gem.
  14. Dear It will be better, if you just provide past incidents of your life to match with your birth details. There is no need to tense your mind by trying to understand the combination of planets; just let me put my efforts and you should avoid reaching to any conclusions based upon your understanding of astrology. also put up your querry in simple words (avoid using astrological terms)
  15. Dear I think, I have given very clear statements; and there is no need to repeat the same question again and again. I am not against learning astrology and/or any other science, methodology or technology etc. etc. But, if you just want to quench your thirst of a simple querry related to your progenic matters, I will not suggest you to try to understand astrological concepts behind it. Look, there are thousands of books and texts available on astrology; and many of which will take you nowhere and you may end up finding lot of contradictory yogas and placements of planets in your chart; and you may become vulnerable to more doubt and fear. It will be just like getting cure of normal and routine health problems from a doctor; for which no-one would like to read and understand the medical science until and unless he or she is seriously looking for becoming a doctor/surgeon/healer. There are number of charts where no Saturn or Mercury or both are placed in concerned houses, but still they are not being blessed with progenic happiness and; There are so many charts where not only Saturn/Mercury but even other so-called malefics are placed/related to 5th house while the couple is enjoying full domestic and marital happiness. Yourself not being successful for one year does not indicate any serious problem in progenic matters; Had it been 3 or more years only thereafter the condition could be taken as serious? I believe, even your doctors would have been suggesting similar. Therefore, be relax and perform the simple remedies. Your problem is not any serious for which you need to divert your attention towards learning astrology. You may also like to go through following link http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/449546-problems-career-finance-post1115545.html#post1115545
  16. Period till Feb 2013 is quite favorable for business activities and there are some good chances before mid Jan 2009 in this regard. Wear Emerald in right hand little finger for speeding up the matter. And, you can take symbolic loan from your close ones like relatives which will also help in speeding up the establishment. Symbolic Loan means you may take very nominal amount like 100 rupees or so and include the amount so collected in your business activities.
  17. Dear Pramopu you can put up your specific querry as well as some past incidents of life to match the time of birth? Also mention what is the source of your birth details (hospital records or memory)?
  18. The gems worn are surely in conflict with each other; besides Neelam(Blue Sapphire) and Panna (Emerald) are not favorable. The appropriate combination of gems should be as under: (in decreasing order of positivity) Jupiter and Mars (Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral) - The Best for personality and carreer Jupiter and Moon (Yellow Sapphire and Pearl) - Good Jupiter and Sun ( Yellow Sapphire and Ruby) - Good Rahu and Mars (Gomedha and Red Coral) - Moderately suitable
  19. There are some valid chances of foreign visits from June 2009 to June 2010; and you can make your attempts accordingly expecting favorable results.
  20. So, you see that it there are no medical problems; just your assumption on the basis your astrological understanding about placement of Saturn and Mercury. Just perform the suggested remedies and relax, I have already told that there are no such issues as has been feared by you.
  21. emerald (panna) can be worn for life time.
  22. Saturn/Venus - Professionally the period is likely to be average with occassional minor troubles. For personal and domestic matters, the period is less favorable. I do not follow Kalidasa's Astrological views, therefore no comments on Shri Kalidasa's version about venus bhukti in Shani Mahadasa. What does your analysis say about Saturn/Venus?
  23. Dear Shri Raghu Varma Raja, Yours is a suitably strong chart and Saturn is a strong Yogakaraka.
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