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  1. Ummm..... Don't mean to challenge you but was advised that it would give one peace of mind and speed up marriage. Once again many thanks, it was really kind of you to reply. Looking to buy the 13 mukhi rudraksha and shani locket, they are hard to find in New York.
  2. Dear Nikhilkumarvarma, Thank you so much for replying, it is greatly appreciated and very kind of you. From a western culture this is all very new to me. A pooja has been done. I have read a lot on yellow sapphire and apparently out of all the stones it is the least damaging. If jupiter is debilitated would this not help a bit? It is 3.3 carats. It was expensive and in the last month that i have worn it my dreams seem to be very vivid and slightly sorrowful but on the whole there have been less accidents and feel okay. In your opinion, if I carry on wearing it can it be harmful? Gems are quite expensive on the whole... Have a gold Ganesh but will look into Garuda and the silver elephant Once again, I really appreciate your time and kindness in giving me your advice.
  3. Really desperate for some help and so not my style to beg but please could someone help me. I would really appreciate someone's knowledge on this. (I wear a yellow sapphire on my index finger as we are in the thorax of Jupiter until the end of Jan 2009 I think. Will then hopefully switch to a blue sapphire.)
  4. Classic, Could you help me too please .. You do sound very pro. Could you tell me when I will get married. In my 30's and still single. DOB:9 July 1973 time: 3:00am place:Nairobi, Kenya (live in New York now)
  5. Please could someone advise on whether my career will improve in the future? It's a bit stagnant at the moment. DOB: 9 July 1973, Female Time: 3:00am Place: Nairobi, Kenya Many thanks,
  6. Please could someone advise me whether wearing a yellow sapphire this Thursday would be okay to do so. Apparently, Jupiter is in Saggitarius. Birth details: 9 July 1973, 3:00am Nairobi Kenya (female) Taurus Ascendent but from what I know Jupiter is not in a destructive house..... Would really appreciate it. Many thanks
  7. Can anyone refer me to a good jemstone astrologer who is not extremely pricey and can prescribe the right stone and explain why. Many thanks
  8. Namaste, Would really like some advice. Nairobi, Kenya, 9 July 1973 Female, NYC Administration Single Can I wear a yellow sapphire stone or will it harm me. I don't understand the houses to well and Jupiter is in the 10 house, i think. Will this be useful in settling family disputes and encouraging marriage? If you could answer this I would be most grateful and thankful to you.
  9. Please can I get some advice from you. I have been advised to get a yellow sapphire but before spending a small fortune would greatly appreciate a second opinion Female, 9 July 1973, 3:00am, Nairobi, Kenya
  10. I have been advised to get a yellow sapphire but before spending a small fortune would greatly appreciate a second opinion, so thought to ask a kind soul on this forum. Apparently if you wear the wrong stone more damage can be done than one already has....() Female, 9 July 1973, 3:00am, Nairobi, Kenya
  11. If someone could give me some advice on when to wear the yellow sapphire stone, I would appreciate it immensely and thanks so much for reading this. Apparently it looks quite good at the moment from what I have read. A novice at all this so trying to figure it out... If all goes planned my stone arrives at the end of the week. Which Thursday would be best to wear it: 25 Sept, 2 Oct or the 9 Oct? My birth details are 9 July 1973, 3:00am - Nairobi, Kenya. Apparently an hour before sunrise is the best time to wear it. Also, for women, should I wear it on the index finger of the right hand, yes?
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