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  1. Weyogiji, First of all many thanks fo taking out time to analyse our charts. Thank you so much! I have a few questions, if 5th lord with 9th lord does it means the bhagya will improve after having a child? Since both are in 12th, what effect will that have on the child? Since12th is 8th from 5th does it mean the child will face an early death? Regards Shruti
  2. Hello, I posted a similar issue about having children. I have been trying to conceive for more than a year now. What is interesting is that mine and your horoscopes are perfectly identical. All the planets are in exactly same houses. I was born on September 10th 1982 9:47 AM in Bangalore. The title of my post is "Do I have posyaputra yoga"
  3. Sandhuji, I am just a beginner in learning astrology and I find this site absolutely fascinating. I have a question on the combustion of planets. I read that moon is actually never combust since it does not have any light of its own but reflects light off the Sun. Is this true? My sister has Moon combust within 3 degrees of Sun but in Taurus and exalted. What would this mean? Is there a typical behaviour shown by people born on Amavasya day? Regards Shruthi
  4. Rajshekharji, Sir,I do not want to sound greedy here, but just out of curiosity, as per my horoscope,will I have the first baby as a boy or a girl? Best Regards, Shruthi
  5. Thank you Rajshekharji, I am relieved now..Thank you so so much!
  6. Thank you sir, since for the past 1 year we have been trying and I have not conceived , although the reports are normal. I got worried. I know that understanding astrology requires dedication and expertise, probably it is not a good idea for me to read up on astrology and come to conclusions. Since I live in US and also my husband does not have faith in astrology, there is no way I can consult an expert here. So I felt helpless and had no other way.
  7. Thank you Rajshekharji....Thank you so much... We did go to doctors and were told everything is normal. Since I read that presence of Saturn in 5th house or fifth lord in mercurial signs along with mercury and Mandi poses problems in child birth I was worried. So do you think I will not have any issues in having a child?
  8. Namshkaar gurujis:pray: We have been trying to have children for the past 1 year and it has not worked. I have been reading up on astrology and saw that I have posyaputra yoga. From both Moon and Lagna, 5th house/5th lord is in mercurial sign with both saturn and mercury. I am too worried now. Does this mean the first child has to be adopted or I will never have my own children? Since for Libra lagna, saturn is a yogakaraka and mercury is exalted does it help? My birth details are as follows. September 10th 1982 TOB: 09:47 AM Place:bangalore,India. My husband's correct birth details are not available unfortunately Gurujis pls help me! Yours sincerely, Shruthi.
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