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  1. period from 26 July 2008 to 24 Jan 2010 is likely to provide some very good results in professional and financial matters. Avoid getting married during this period. Your marriage is very likely to be solemnlized between Moon/Saturn i.e. 27 May 2011 to 25 Dec 2012.
  2. well, over all marital happiness is to be seen with all the details. As a karaka for wife and happy married life; debilitated Venus with Mercury in Virgo for Cancern Lagna is likely to cause tension, unsafisfaction in marital matters, diseases to self and wife and temporary separation. If such Venus is exaltaed in Navamsha Chart; then there are great chances that such malefic infuences do not take place. And if 7th Lord is weak; when Venus is with Mercury in Virgo for Cancer Lagna; there are great chances that the native is not likely to enjoy happy marital life. There may be problems like separation, divorce, delay or denial in marriage; death of wife; severe health problems, progenic problems. Over all, under such circumstances; the native seldom enjoys marriage.
  3. yes, wearing of yellow sapphire and red coral will provide good amount of support under the cirucumstances.
  4. I think, you should only concentrate over your educational and professional matters especially in view of coming antardasa of Mars in Mahadasa of Jupiter which will be starting from 31st May 2008 to 6th May 2009. The antardasa of Mars is very likely to keep you busy and concerned over your professional matters and despite your best efforts and results, you are not likely to enjoy deserving professional outcomes. Though antardasa of Mars is likely to generate good chances for foreign travel/stay; yet it is not likely to prove good for matters related to marriage.
  5. where is gozariya..? can you provide district?
  6. Chart denotes problems in marital affairs. There are also some severe problems regarding happiness to/from parents. Profession-wise, chart is moderately strong.
  7. post your birth details such as date of birth; time of birth and place of birth
  8. Well, I also see some other problems related to domestic life. Are there any problems in your marital life related to marital harmony, progeny or health of wife? Your straight forward and determined nature is clearly shown due to presence of Mars in Lagna under aspect of Saturn; and presence of Mercury, Venus, Sun and Rahu in 5th house. No doubt, that you may not have been provided with ample opportunity to use even 50 per cent of you skills; and unfortunately I do not see any such opportunity in near future. On the basis of Jupiter's position in natal and navamsha chart, whose antardasa is going on till Dec 2009, you will have to compromise a lot in respect of your professional development or promotion. There may be some increase in salary or some financial benefit; but there are very meek chances of getting respectable promotion and regard. You are very likely to enjoy good support of luck and fortune in respect of professional, social and financial matters between Nov. 2012 to May 2015. As far as, remedies are concerned, you may wear Emerald and Gomedha so that you can deal your professional matters tactically i.e. presenting yourself in a non-offensive manner.
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