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  1. this is with respect to your chart only. things will improve a lot between Nov. 2008 to Sept 2009; over all professional and personal settlement is expected during Jup/Saturn dasa which will start from 9 June 2014 to 21 Dec 2016. You need to perform some remedies (Upayas) for mitigating the evil impact of Jupiter and Mars over your nativity. For Upayas you can contact me off the list at rajshekhar.sharma@gmail.com
  2. it was a typo. send personal message PM for personal mail id
  3. yes, and it will be much better if you both consult with the one and same person; as in your case i think Shri USR will be able to help a lot.
  4. PM me for my personal maid id Love marriage is quite possible in your case; especially during the antardasa of Rahu in mahadasa of Jupiter which will start from 7 May 2009 to Sept 2011.
  5. had this Venus been in Kendra or Trikona Houses from the Lagna, the aspect of cancellation of debilitation would have been taken into consideration.
  6. May the Almighty Power shower Blessings upon you
  7. May the Almighty Power shower Blessings upon you
  8. thanks for such elaborative and to the point analysis. It also help learners like me.
  9. well as far as I have been able to understand from Brihat Parashar hora Shashtram, Venus is a malefic planet for Cancer Lagna.
  10. anyway, as far as I have been able to understand your chart, there are chances of average marital happiness in your chart. Propitiate malefic Sun, which is placed in debilitation sign in your lagna and; causing weakness and affliction to combust Mercury. For propitiation of Sun, donate whole wheat equal to your weight on Sunday and wear Emerald.
  11. ok. you said that your marriage failed twice. Does this mean that you married twice with different person and both marriages are failed or what.?
  12. As I have already submitted that you should try to get some professional help so that the evil impact of malefic planets over your nativity can be mitigated with the use of astrological remedies. As a general remedy, you should strengthen your lagna which is ill placed, combust and afflicted. Wearing of a good quality Emerald, weight around 5 carats, will provide good amount of relief in professional and personal matters.
  13. well, if the time of birth is 06.45; you are still having good chances for average marital life. how was the following period in regard to marital matters: May 1998 to Jan 2001 and April 2006 to Nov 2007;
  14. how much sure are you about your time of birth.? Can it be 06.55 in stead of 06.45?
  15. You are getting nervous despite the fact that you have nothing to do with the misappropriations. Astrologically, I do not see any serious harm except what you have been experiencing in your nature. 90 per cent chances are that you will come out of it unblemish by Mid July 2008. I suspect role of some female in getting you mentally tortured.
  16. Dear no need to be sorry. I just did not mean that, we are here for help.
  17. Regarding Vipareet Raj-Yoga: Well I doubt that there is any Vipareet Raj-Yoga applicable in your chart. Though, Lords of 6th and 8th are placed in 12th house; yet the presence of Kendra Lord Sun in 12th house along with these lords of 6th and 8th houses denies full application of Vipareet Raj yoga. Further, Venus should have not been in 12th. Further, the planets which would have caused Vipareet Raj Yoga are combust; therefore, even if some Vipareet Raj Yoga is present due to presence of Mars and Mercury in 12th house, it is less likely to give any strong positive impact. However, Saturn/Venus which will commence from 24 April 2008 is very likely to give good results in professional, social and financial matters. I do not see any significant problem in your professional and marital aspects; but I think that there would have been some severe problems regarding happiness from/to parents.
  18. well, actually overall the chart does not support happiness through marriage especially during the current mahadasa of Rahu. The Mahadasa of Jupiter, though, can be of some help with the aid of astrological remedies. I suggest you to take professional advise under the circumstances instead of looking for free consultations. Wearing of Blue Sapphire and Pearl are likely to help a lot in personal and marital matters.
  19. Well, in Gemini Lagna, Mars and Sun are malefic planets while Jupiter act as a Markesha. Rahu under influence of malefic planets is not likely to give strong good results in third house; rather it may cause accidents, disputes and health problems. Out of the four planets that are placed in 3rd house; mars is a strong malefic, Jupiter is Maraka, Rahu will also act as a malefic in third house and Saturn (benefic planet ruling 9th house) is highly afflicted. In addition to this, the Lagna Lord Mercury is combust and ill placed in 12th house along with malefic Sun. Only positive influences over the chart are presence of Venus in the Lagna and Moon in the second house which are saving most of the important aspects of native's life. If the birth time provided is accurate within 1-2 minutes; you must get some professional astrological guidance (even if you have to pay for it) because the next Mahadasa of the Sun which will be starting from Nov 15 2008 is likely to be more trouble some in comparision to what you might have faced till date. The chart denotes severe troubles in marital life.
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