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  1. Thanks for your reply, the different astrology sites I used, they used daylight saving. Different astrologers have said that after the venus mahadasha my speech problem will vanish, is this true?
  2. Thanks again for yor reply and remedy, I very much respect your analysis. I've got a few things to state to really find out my acs. I'm not disagreeing with you, I just want to really find out what's my right rising sign. About the athletic part, I meant to say I was not athletic when I was a child, I was very thin. Now I'm very athletic and extremly fit, healthy person. If I am a leo, that would mean ketu would be in my acs, I've looked at some websites and it said ketu in the 1st make person weak and ugly, I'm not weak, but I don't know If I'm ugly or not, but I've been liked by girls just by my looks, I do look younger than my age, and I've got light skin. I could send you a pick of me, if you want me to. I'm also very optimistic, mentally tough, broad minded and a very independent person. I'm not all weak person. I was weak once when I was a child, timid, shy, lacking mental strength. Again I retaliate, I'm not a timid, shy, reserved person anymore and I have got ambition. The only misfortunes I've had in my life was my mothers death and speech problem. I don't think I've had much misfortune in my life. Their other misfortune, if you can call it like that, is that I was genrally picked on at school by some people, this was because of my speech problem, and I was also shy, timid person, but this was when I was young. Also I had bad freinds when I was young, but I think it was me for picking them. I've got good freinds now. I don't think I've had much misfortune in my life. The hardest time in my my life was in my teenage years, age 14 till 17. I was picked on at school by some people, I was shy, reserved and timid, because of my speech problem. I did have bad grades in school but it was my mind, I was not really intrested in school. But now I've changed, evreything from my personality, to my studies, I am getting good grades at college. You see my mind was not up to it, if only I was a bit stronger in my mind when I was younger, maybe none of the above might not have happened, exepct for my mothers death. If I am a leo acs, Ketu would be in my lagna and rahu in the 7th. It it said that ketu in acs gives short life, is this true? Can you elabrate again a bit more on your last sentence? Thanks again and very appreciated, Amit
  3. Thanks for your analysis and remedy Pablo. I believe you. However, I've still got a doubt on the acs. I've used other vedic websites to draw up my lagna, and it states that it is virgo. Are you positive my lagna is leo? I'm medium height, a bit reserved, slim, not at all athletic, very clean, a bit timid and too critical of myself. I just don't think my lagna is leo! However their is one important thing that can find my acsendent, my mother died during my childhood, so therefore moon must be in the 8th house. I've read a lot about it and they state that moon is mostly in the 8th house. For the moon to be in the 8th, the acs is virgo. Amit
  4. Pablo, my birth details are correct. I was born on 28 June 1989 at 11.28am in Birmingham, England. I used other vedic astrology websites to draw up my lagna chart, and the lagna is virgo on their system, all of them. Other astrologers have also noted that my lagna is virgo, I'm postive. According to western astrology, my lagna is virgo at 17 degrees, so under the vedic astrology system, my lagna could be under the 10 degrees in virgo, or be late leo. When I was a child, I was to very shy, but not anymore. I'm still a bit reserved, only a bit. As I stated before my speech problems ruined my confidence greatly. Regarding my speech problem, it is speech delay, but its improving all the time. Speech delay is late in speaking, like when I try to say my name it comes out later than expected, i.e 3 seconds later than I want to. But like I stated speech delay happens rarly now, its almost gone, but still their, sometimes. My other problem is the weird tone of my voice, when I try to speak my native language its hard to understand. Its very strange, for example, yesterday I was at my cousins house talking to my cousin, their was one occasion were I tried to speak out a sentence but my speech delay problem denied it, but on the other occasions I spoke out clearly, without any trouble. I gave a presentation in college, I spoke very clearly, and I mean very clearly. I was voted number 1 for the presentation I gave, but other times, I sometimes get a bit of delayed speech. I hope you understand, on some occasions it happens, on some occasions I speak clearly. It could be a psychological problem, even a conficence issue. Before I know I'm speaking I get all nervous and think what if I mess it up? This happens when I'm told to talk it college. I speak ok on my own, but in front people, I am short of confidence. I do speak quietly, and I speak a bit fast. I did have speech problems before, and it was quite bad, from speech stammering to speech delay. I don't stammer anymore, just a bit of delayed speech, and my voice is deep, almost like a robot! I'm quite postive I'm virgo acs. The second house rules speech, the second house is libra, its lord venus is conjuct weak mars, so maybe that's the problem? Then again mars is in a mutual exchange with moon (11 and 8 house), and venus with jupiter (11 and 9 house). All my birth details are correct. Thanks and greatly appreciate it, Amit
  5. Pablo, thanks for your analysis. Their is one problem, my lagna is not leo, it is virgo, in the early degrees or could it be late leo? Other astrologers have stated that my acs is virgo and acs lord mercury is in the 9th house. I do symbolize a virgo: reserved, clean, well mannared, etc. I do have problems with conifidence-my speech problems have taken a battering in my confidence. I would like to retliate on my last post. I'm sure my acs is virgo, its lord is in the 9th with jupiter, a good house and a with a benefic planet, does mercury improve? My second lord venus is with weak mars, so maybe hence my speech problem, and may be the result on my self-esteem and confidence. After venus dasa ends, does my speech problem end? Thanks in advance, Amit
  6. Dear U. Sanjeeva Rao and Sasisekaran, thanks for all your help. Just a few questions, To U. Sanjeeva Rao, Did you use surya kundi to make your analysis? You stated that my acs is gemini? My birth time is 11.28 am and my acs from that time falls under virgo, so I am assuming that you are using surya kundli. Gemini is my sun sign and mercury is 12th from sun, mercury rules gemini. One thing I do not understand is mercury always stays with or moves one rasi backward or forward from sun. Can we say that half of the people born under gemini sun will have speech problems? Mercury is 12th from sun, so it forms a vesi or vosi yoga. Does mercury improve by the conjunction of jupiter, the great benefit? It is also in the 9th house. To Sasisekaran, Is my speech problems fixed througout my life, or can you see in my birth chart that it will end sometime? I forgot to state in my opening post that my 2nd lord venus is with weak mars, therefore causing a speech problem, I always thought that my speech problem would end during my venus dasa? Am I wrong? Thanks in advance, Amit
  7. Dear astrologer, I need some help on the career front. I'm currently studying first year A levels (Maths, Economics and Computing) and need some help on what career would be the best for me according to my chart. Here are the professions I am intrested in: Computer science (software, networking, analyst, developer) Economics Business (finance, managerial) Geology However, a lot of jobs require good communication skills, which I unfortunatly lack. But I'm sure my speech will get better as evrey day passes. If theirs anything affecting my career, can you please give me a remedy? Birth details: DOB: 28/06/1989 Time: 11.28am Place: Birmingham, England Thanks, very much appreciated and may god bless your soul, Amit
  8. Thanks. Yes I looked at the lagna. Can you kindly state when my Sun dasa starts and ends? and what effects it might have on my speech since its in Gemini? Sun is 10th from Lagna, with Leo in 12th house. From moon its in 3rd house with Leo in 5th house. I am also having Saturn return later this year. Many thanks and greatly appreciated, Amit
  9. I don't think its bad for marriage. Venus is a benefic planet and its benefic no matter what sign its in.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Did you use the correct birth details? DAY-28 JUNE 1989 TIME: 11.28 AM (Daytime) Place: Birmingham, United Kingdom (England) Time zone is GMT. 52.29N 01-52W I started stammering from 1994 untill 1996, in 1994 and 1995 it was very bad. It stopped after that and speech went normal. For about the next 18 months I had no speech trouble what so ever. End of 1997 and whole of 1998 was a very positive year for me. From about 2000-2002 I had speech delay, in other words, the word I tried to speak would come out late. 2003 to 2005 it went better. 2004 was a troublesome year for me. 2005 and 2006 I still suffered a bit from speech delay. 2007/08 speech has gone better, but I still suffer a bit of delayed speech at present and because I'v got a deep, crooked voice its hard to understand for others. I'v lost confidence to speak in front of others, so I am a quite person. I often worry what other people think of me, I was picked on at school becuase of this problem. I understand that I'v got a certain karmic infuence, but I want to put it right, I am a kind, polite, humble person who respect others, I help people and would like to do something for the world.
  11. Thanks for your post, it's given me hope. As you stated it could be temporary, I started stammering for 3 years, then it stopped, it went normal for about 18 months then delayed in speech came, I had trouble speaking but it soon got better. I still have delayed speech but with a deep voice, its hard to understand. I'm a positive person and I totally respect others, I'v done a lot of good deeds and hopefully I can overcome it.
  12. I understand, thanks. As per my horoscope, does it show my speech will get better in the future? it will effect my career, relentionships with other sex, freinds, etc....I need this to heal, I will pray to lord Vishnu.
  13. Thanks for your reply and don't be sorry for butting in. My Birth details: DAY-28 JUNE 1989 TIME: 11.28 AM (Daytime) Place: Birmingham, United Kingdom (England) I think the time zone is GMT. 52.29N 01-52W
  14. Thanks, I'm unsure how you get Gemini as ACS, are you using the sun chart? meaning the sun is the 1st house. My birth details: Day-28 JUNE 1989 Time-11.28AM (daytime) Place-Birmingham, United Kingdom (England) Birth Star-Ashwini My Lagna horoscope ACS Virgo 2nd House Libra-Pluto 3rd House Scorpio 4th House Saggitaurus-Saturn, Neptune, Uranus 5th House-Capricorn 6th House-Aqua-Rahu 7th House-Picses 8th House-Aries-Moon 9th House-Taurus-mercury, jupiter 10th House-Gemini-Sun 11th House-Cancer-Venus, Mars 12th House-Leo From Moon ACS-Aries 2nd House-Taurus-Mercury, Jupiter 3rd House-Gemini-Sun 4th House-Cancer-Venus, Mars 5th House-Leo-Ketu 6th House-Virgo 7th House-Libra-Pluto 8th House-Scorpio 9th House-Saggitaurus-Saturn, Neptune, Uranus 10th House-Capricorn 11th House-Aqua-Rahu 12th House-Picses Navamsa ACS-Aqua 2nd House-Pisces 3rd House-Aries 4th House-Taurus-Ketu 5th House-Gemini 6th House-Cancer-Moon, Mercury 7th House-Leo-venus 8th House-Virgo-Saturn, jupiter 9th House-Libra 10th House-Scorpio-Mars, Rahu 11th House-Saggitaurus 12th House-Capricorn-Sun
  15. Hi, Thanks for your kind reply. Not to be rude, but how is mercury 12th to Lagna? my acs is Virgo and Merc is in Taurus conjuct Jup in 9th from Lagna, also 2nd from moon. For Mercury to be in 12th, my Lagna would have to be in Gemini.
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