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  1. Can any learned person help me to know my Ishta Devata and Dharma Devata???? My Details: 06/Sept/1068 Time: 3:40 AM Place: Chennai Waiting for reply. Regards, Sunder.
  2. Hi, I have a query...There are lot of duplicate Rudrakshas available in the market....Is there any specific method by which we can distinguish a duplicate from original Rudraksha??? -Sunder.
  3. Hello, I would like some feedback regarding my horoscope...Thanks in advance. -Sunder Astrological Details Name: Sunder Rangarajan Date of Birth: 06/September/1968, Friday Time of Birth: 3.40 A.M Place of Birth: Chennai,India. Latitude: 13.5 N , Longitude: 80.18 E Local Mean Time: 03:31:12 Lagna: Cancer Lagna Lord: Moon Sun Sign: Virgo Sun Sign Lord: Mercury Moon Sign: Aquarius Moon Sign Lord: Saturn Nakshatra: Satabisha Nakshatra Lord: Rahu Current Dasa: Saturn Current Bhukti: Venus
  4. Sun does not get Neecha Bhanga but Venus gets NeechaBhanga because it is associated with exalted Mercury.
  5. I posted this query almost 2 years back and did not get any reply...Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  6. You seem to be a compulsive gambler and it is a very strong addiction/obsession...just like Alcoholism...For any addiction there is only one mantra-'The first drink does the damage'...I have been a strong alcoholic but am sober for the past three years with the help of Alcoholic's Anonymous...All because I did not pick my first drink...If you have a compulsion for gambling-ensure that you never ever gamble in your life again...This your major problem ...Once you handle this the rest will fall in place...That much I assure you.
  7. Hello Sir, In my horoscope Jupiter id in deep combustion in the second house in Leo. Is Jup being the lord of sixth house being combust good? My Jupiter dasa was very bad. Lagna:Cancer - Rasi:Kumbha. -Sunder.
  8. Please check the compatibility of the two charts: Male- D.O.B: 06/Sept./1968 Time: 03.40 AM Place: Chennai Female- D.O.B: 19/Nov./1974 Time: 02.00 PM Place: Chennai
  9. I believe Laal Sarpa Dosha applies if all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. If only Moon is out of the Rahu-Ketu axis , do the dosha still apply?? Rahu is in Pisces while Moon is in Aquarius and all the other planets are between Rahu-Ketu. Some say there is a partial doshe. Please clarify. -Sunder.
  10. Thanks Sandhuji, Thanks for your prompt reply. Now to your questions... Two questions for you. How well do you get along with your Father and at work place ? To tell the truth my relation with my father is not all that good. I do not have much respect because I also hold a resentment towards him but I have lots of sympathy for him. Right now I am unemployed and am looking out for a job. But I am quite qualified and experienced. Is your profession related to medicine & treatment ? I am a sales manager. Kindly study my chart and guide me. I need some good advices in life now. You can get all the relevant details HERE Will retrogate saturn in the tenth at three degrees give ninth house effect? You can also reply back to my email id: sunder.rangarajan@gmail.com Also do all the Naadi predictions come true? My experiences with Naadi has been bad so far. Regards, Sunder.
  11. Hello Sirs, Kindly guide me. In my horoscope Saturn is retrogate at (3 degrees - Aries), hence it is retrogate and debilitated. Saturn is also Vargottamma occupying same sign Aries in Navamsa also. Right now I am going through Saturn Dasha and Venus Bhukti. Kindly guide me as to how strongly saturn is placed. My lagna is Cancer hence Saturn is Retro in tenth house. My rashi is Kumbha. Other details: D.O.B: 06/ Sept./ 1968 Time; 3.40 AM Place: Chennai Please comment. Regards, Sunder.
  12. I am still not convinced that Nadi predictions come true. -Sunder.
  13. Good that you have not heard my story. The worst part about mankind is that he feels his own sob story is the the most tragic one. We all like to take solace in our own self-pity. But life has to go on and there is a definite purpose for everything happening. It is important that we keep the spirits and optimism high.-Sunder.
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