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  1. marriage is very likely to be solemnized during Sun/Jupiter (12 Feb 2009 to 13 Dec 2009). Marriage and profession are two different areas; therefore, no direct relation is there between these. Though, the chart of wife is capable of influencing the professional and financial rise of her husband but that can not be concluded without having birth details of wife.
  2. kalatra means wife; therefore, kalatra shapa can be understood as a bad yoga for marriage and related aspects. Bhawro or bahwra; I can not explain; never actually heard about it. May be something related to marrired life in local language. There is a term called, 'bhanwra' which means a person who is frequently changing his girl-friends. I dunno whether this was the meaning because I have not yet seen the chart of the person under consideration.
  3. well, to me it seems to have destroyed happiness through family. That is you might have faced unhappy incidents related to parents and spouse. The Mahadasa of Venus i.e. 17 March 1960 to 17 March 1980 might have caused severe troubles in family specially father.
  4. NOTE ON LMT: You can check the “Use LMT” checkbox if the birthdata you entered was noted using LMT (local mean time). As most of the clocks and watches are calibrated for the standard time rather than the local mean time, this box should mostly be unchecked unless you are sure that the time given is in LMT. There are two times i.e. Standard time and Local Mean time. If the birthdata you are filling in, has birth time in LMT then only LMT is to be selected. But for almost all cases, we use Standard Time (IST-Indian Standard Time), therefore, LMT should not be used.
  5. Do not click on LMT and use the auto filled time zone, lattitude and longitude. For more information regarding LMT, you can use help manual. Personally, I do not use LMT calculations.
  6. very good question but without the aid of birth details, I think no one will be able to help you.
  7. 1. What effect Rahu - in 2nd house in Kanya rashi - has on finacial position? The effects will differ as per opreation of antardasas of different planets. Overall, placement of Rahu in 2nd house is not welcomed especially when it is under aspect of Saturn. Such Rahu is found to operate as Strong Marakesh and is capable of giving all sorts of trouble during its Mahadasa. The financial gains during Rahu Mahadasa are very likely to face destruction. In your case, the role of rahu is likely to be very negative regarding matters related with Health, disputes, debts and marriage (married life). Though, Rahu will be able to provide moderate support in the matters of Luck and profession that is there will always be hope for betterment and professional matters will develop even under worst circumstances, though the financial gains may not be appropriate. 2. Is it advisable to wear Ruby (ascendant lord is Sun). Pukhraj (5th house lord) or Red Coral (Mars is 9th house lord) ? Or should Gomed be worn ? On general basis wearing of Ruby, Pukhraj and Red Coral are likely to be suitable. 3. What effect the planetary transitions - saturn in lagna (sani sadhe sati), Jupiter in sagittarius and Rahu will have on the native now in near future The effect of transit is limited and subject to the operation of Mahadasa and Antardasa at the time. As in your case, the Operation of Mercury antardasa in the Mahadasa of Rahu is not good. Mercury antardasa started from 7 Dec 2006 and will operate till 24 June 2009. This period is likely to cause trouble on following fronts: 1. Problem to/from Parents and elders in the family causing loss of finance. 2. Obstacles in business/profession resulting in frequent and unexpected changes. 3. specific problems in marriage such as trouble to/from wife/children due to health and/or dispute. 4. loss of finance due to dispute, debts and health problems. The transit of Saturn causing Sade-Sati is troublesome while the transit of Jupiter is providing some relief, Jupiter being a benefic planet for your nativity. - Moon is in 1st house both in lagna chart as well as navansa chart - Vargottam ? Venus (10th lord) in lagna alongwith moon Yes, but Lagna lord Sun is in Neecha rashi. Venus in the sign of Sun is not welcomed. - Rahu in 2nd house (bank?) in Kanya - mitra (Budh's) rashi Rahu is aspected by Saturn. Placement of Rahu in 2nd house is capable of making it work as a Maraka planet. - Sun debilitated in Tula (3rd house) along with Mars (combust) The conjunction of Sun and Mars is good and is capable of providing suitable relief through the favor of luck during unfavorable circumstances. - Exchange of house between Sun and Venus This is actually a bad Yoga known as Denya Yoga. Exchange of 1st and 3rd lords can only work in favor when both the planets are strong and having aspect of benefic planets. - Gaj-Kesari Yog ? Jupiter in 4th house but along with Budh. Gaj-Kesari Yoga is related to Jupiter's position to Moon and/or Lagna. Further, Jupiter has to be placed in strong sign. Here, the dispositor of Jupiter (i.e. lord of the sign occupied by Jupiter) is Mars which is combust. - Shani in 5th house aspecting Rahu (2nd house), 7th house (own) and 11th. Saturn's aspect over 7th and 11th house is good but on the 2nd house it will cause problems related to 2nd house i.e. family, wealth and status. - Ketu in 8th aspected by Jupiter This is good, as it will give inclination towards spirituality and religion. - Mars gets exalted (in Capricorn) in Nabamsa chart This is also good as it provides moderate strength to the Yogakaraka Mars which is otherwise combust in your natal chart.
  8. provide your birth details
  9. ok, you can try downloading it from here http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jh/ in the subject line, "how to get it", the download link is given. One can depend on softwares for calculation purpose only
  10. the chart is sufficiently strong in regard to professional matters while the dasas are not much favorable. In long term, say 10-15 years, you can count on your chart to have a promising carreer. The Mahadasa of Moon (10 years from 25 August 2012) is likely to be much favorable for professional and financial matters.
  11. can you post your birth chart casted by your learned Grand-Father?
  12. As per my understanding of astrology, there are three ways to know whereabouts of a missing person: 1. Birth details of missing persons so that birth chart of missing person can be checked out to find out the reason and possibility of his return. 2. Birth chart of blood relations, especially son. Even the birth chart of spouce can help but the birth chart of son or daughter can give some strong clues about it. 3. horary chart or prasanna lagna generated by blood relations of the missing person. What we can know with the aid of these chart, will depend upon the knowledge and understanding of the astrologer using them. A good astrologer can work wonders
  13. you can try Jagannath Hora software, I found it quite accurate and good. The difference in natal charts can also be due to selection of different Ayanamsha. Regarding detailed information of ayanamsha you can search in google. For downloading free Jagannath Hora Software you can try following link. In the menu bar, you can select different ayanamsha in preferences/calculations. http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jhup/index.htm
  14. well, I could not see any thing like divorce or such severe problems related to marriage in your chart. what is the source of your time of birth.? Or you can wait for analysis by other learned members especially USR. I am getting Leo Lagna at 1.45 AM dated 4 Nov 1974
  15. Professional matters between 14th May to 9th July 2008 (Sun Mahadasa, Rahu antardasa and Venus Pratyantar dasa); there are likely to be some very good professional opportunities. Prior to that between 24 April to 13 May 2008; things may become extremely difficult. Avoid taking important decisions between 24 April to 13 May 2008.
  16. Mr. Mehrotra presence of Moon in the sign of Saturn i.e. Aquarius and combination of Sun + Rahu in the fourth house of your chart denotes similar problems. Offer whole wheat (gehu) equal to your weight in Shiva Temple on Sunday. Wear a good quality Emerald in right hand little finger in silver ring on Wednesday morning. Things will cool down upto 80 percent within 6-10 months.
  17. There are great chances that you may conceive before 9 August 2009. Continue your medical treatment till that time.
  18. doing sankat mochan is good. he is very likely to get foreign assignment between 18 May to 27 Nov 2008;
  19. Marriage is likely to take place between 4 Nov 2008 to 12 Dec 2009.
  20. time of birth given by you is 8.00 AM while in the attached file it has been shown as 08.02 AM. which one is correct and whether your time of birth can be 07.55 AM.?
  21. your husband chart is denoting positive indications in regard to birth of child. Did you ever had mis-carriage or abortion?
  22. Chart denotes problems on account of accidents, diseases, trouble to/from parents and financial problems during the antardasa of Mercury in Rahu Mahadasa which started from 24 Feb 2006 to 13 Sept 2008.
  23. are you male or female.? If you are female, provide birth details of your husband.?
  24. Yes, there are strong chances of yourself settling at a distant place from your place of birth which may also be overseas. Period from 26 July 2009 to 13 May 2010 is very likely to bless you with good professional results; while yoga for going abroad is still operational in your chart since Dec 2006. Strengthen your Lagna Lord Sun which is placed in 8th house i.e. bad house; you need to wear good quality Ruby, weight 5 carats in right hand ring finger. Wearing of yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj) is not bad but it may not give results in professional matters. Your married life is likely to be troublesome; therefore, do consult some astrologer for matching of horoscope.
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