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  1. Just to confirm your time of birth. Did you get married between April 2005 to April 2006?
  2. Your Lagna lord Moon is conjunct with Rahu and the Sun is debilitated. Regarding your querry about property: You can keep it. There may be some problems till Sept 2008 but thereafter, there are likely to be the good results. And, in case, you are feeling to sell off the property, then also you should wait till Sept 2008 for taking any decision in this regard.
  3. Your chart denotes lack of happiness from parents also. Would you confirm..? Was there some specific and grave trouble/problem related to happiness to/from parents between Jan 1987 to march 1988?
  4. I am sorry, I do not find it appropriate to comment on other learned astrologers. I have submitted which I find appropriate as per my limited understanding of astrology.
  5. Dear Shri USR, May this finds you in best of health and spirits. Please do post your comments over the board and I can assure you that I will not be distracted. I believe more in , "To Err is Human" and am well aware of the fact that I am still learning. For your convenience, my response to Mrs. Deepa Bhandari through PM is reproduced below: The irrelevant parts of the message are deleted. regards
  6. Jupiter is not a malefic planet. It is placed in good houses in Navamsha and Dasamsha charts. Married life is likely to be good with very minor issues; which can be ignored in view of benefic aspect of the Sun over 7th house.
  7. Leo rises in the lagna and is occupied by Saturn and Mars which is a good combination for marital prospects. Jupiter's aspect over 7th house causes some obstruction as such Jupiter rules 8th house also. Your marriage is likely to take place during Jupiter/Ketu (i.e. between 19 Jul 2008 to 25 June 2009) because placement of Ketu in third house of Navamsha chart is good.
  8. Presently, you are running under Mars/Saturn which will be followed by Mars/mercury (16 June 2008 to 13 June 2009). As such, Mercury is debilitated in Navamsha chart, you are likely to face obstructions in your initiatives during earlier phase of its dasa; while there are some good chances of success in abroad during middle/later part of the dasa. However, you can try following remedies Wear Red Coral weight 6 carats at-least. Donate Tulsi Plant in Temple on Friday or Wednesday.
  9. he should recite Durga Chalisa daily in the morning. Offer water to Tulsi Plant Daily. Wear Pearl in left hand ring finger. There are good chances of getting a suitable job within one year of performing the remedies.
  10. 5 Aug 2008 to 15 Dec 2008. This period is very likely to provide good professional opportunities.
  11. Well, I am getting Scorpio Lagna wherein Saturn and Ketu are placed. No doubt, this is not a very positive placement; but I do not find any serious trouble in your professional matters. Combustion of Moon and Jupiter, though dilute the strength of luck. Any way, rest assured; you are very likely to get a suitable job 12 June 2008 to 11 Sept 2008. And there are very strong chances that the new job will be much better than the previous one.
  12. Well, Rahu's is very well placed in your chart and its dasa is likely to be good in regard to financial, professional and social progress. The only trouble it may cause is either due to illness/disease or physical injury. At present you are running under Mahadasa of Mars and antardasa of Sun which will be followed by antardasa of Moon (29 July 2008 to 27 feb 2009). You need to be very careful during Mars/Moon as this there are some chances of having troubles in family, wealth, profession and finance. Prayers to Lord Shiva are likely to be helpful.
  13. You can contact me off the board for getting appropriate time of wearing the Emerald. Regarding the Mantra, I am not capable of offering/sharing Mantra. You can request Shri Sasisekaran for the same.
  14. Yes, the chart denotes such problems like inability to communicate and respond appropriately when under pressure, lack of confidence, unsatisfactory and may be troubled education, lack of happiness to/from parents and occasional health problems connected with skin, nervous system, stomach disorders and respiratory system. Period from May 2001 to Dec 2004 would have been quite troublesome in regard to matters related with education, learning, personal and emotional relations and parents. For mitigation of evil impact over the nativity you should donate food and clothes at Old Age Homes and Religious Places on Thursdays. donate milk at orphanage on Mondays. Wear an Emerald in silver necklace on Wednesday.
  15. Rahu is under aspect of Mercury and its dispositor i.e. Venus is exalted. Therefore, the position of Rahu is good for materialistic gains though it may cause some hurdles in routine professional matters. You lagna lord is ill placed in sixth house; while the lagna is occupied by Mars and aspected by Moon. Not a very comfortale situation. At present you are running under mahadasa of Mars till 4 Dec 2011. Therefore, you should do appeasement of Mars like reciting Hanuman Chalisa, Keeping fast on Tuesdays etc.
  16. you can check your personal message through which I have posted some remedies.
  17. Dear Mrs. Deepa Bhandari, May this finds you in best of health and spirits. Not only you, but any one is free to submit his/her understanding. I do not think, I have any right to restrain others to explain their understanding. Moreover, the analysis done by you is quite good and too the point. best wishes.
  18. Keep patience till the current antardasa of Sun ends on 14 Oct 2008. The next antardasa of Moon in Jupiter's Mahadasa is very likely to provide good professional opportunities besides foreign assignment which will remain effective from 14 Oct 2008 to 13 Feb 2010. Even, the next antardasa of Mars will be very good for professional and financial matters and you may enjoy specific social recognition. If possible, donate wheat Equal to your Weight (Tula Daan) in Shiva Temple on Sunday (One time), it is very likely to reduce troubles from enemies and disease problem.
  19. can his mother perform some remedies?
  20. mention your place of birth too.
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