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  1. I agree with Deepaji and USRji There is a famous story related to it.Once in a village,there was a lottery-man who used to sell lottery tickets of Re. 1/- ,and announced a cash price of Rs 1000/- .The adult population in village was approx. 2 lakh and everybody purchased the ticket and the lottery-man earned Rs. 2 lakhs. Even if somebody wins the lottery prize ,the lottery-man had to shell out only Rs 1000/- and in 2-3 years he became rich.This is how the trick works God only help those who do their hard work honestly.Astrology guides the person to live happily by doing remedies etc.It cannot make you wealthy. Dear Nlalithaji ,do not waste your money
  2. Thanks to all What is in his future? Shall he get fame and good wealth?
  3. important events in his life -Has one younger brother who was born on 2nd July 1989 - Mother died when he was just 5 years old.Brought up by his father's sister -Persued graduation in mechanical engineering from august 2002 to june 2006 -Took admission for post-graduation in 2006 which is going to complete in july2008 but he is still jobless -His mathematics is very strong
  4. This is a friend of mine and need help His details are 2nd February1985 ,2:32AM Delhi He want to know his future as he is jobless and unmarried
  5. Strength of planets Sun - 40% Moon - 50% Mars - 45% Mercury - 50% Jupiter -100% Venus -Extremely weak Saturn - 75% Rahu ,Ketu ,moon ,Mercury are malefics.Rest are benefics !0th house is strong .7th house has 40% strength
  6. The strength of planets are Sun -40% Moon-50% Mars-45% Venus-extremely weak Jupiter-100% Saturn-75% Mercury-50% Rahu,Ketu ,Moon and Mercury are malefics .Rest are benefics !0th house is strong .Strength of 7th house is 40%
  7. As his horoscope is weak ,if he strengthens his planets ,then there is no harm in going for marriage.But strengthening of horoscope is not easy .One has to do remedies regularly and may have to wear gemstone or kavach.Not only he ,you have also some weak planets but comparatively better horoscope
  8. Nakshatra based compatiability does not give good results.it is better to give complete birth details because apart from moon ,other planetary position need to be seen.You may give your details to me at free_astrovipin@.co.in in case you want to talk some serious issue
  9. I agree that his horoscope is weaker than your horoscope.i want you to give some details about him .Is he quarrelsome?
  10. Give your email-id .I will give you replies and suggestions
  11. Rahu,ketu ,mars and venus have afflicted her horoscope Rahu,s affliction to 2nd house has caused her to take drugs and drink Venus as a lord of 6th house present in 12th house is making her argumentative and love affair which will be short lived All these seeds were sown in rahu,s mahadasha .Now jupiter as 8th lord placed in 6th lord will cause obstructions
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