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  1. Dear Chitransh Well, your concern over the matter is correct but prior to that one need to understand the basic purpose of astrology. For me, it is a science of probability and nothing can be predicted with hundred percent guarantee. Those who predict with hundred percent guarantee are nothing but poor and ignorant persons trying to invite unjustified attention for their selfish purpose. Before approaching for astrological advise; one must understand the importance of Karma (Deeds). If everything could be predicted or decided mere on the basis of astrology or some other science/art; the very purpose of life is defeated. What astrology can offer: An example overhere will suffice to clear the situation. Suppose you own a car and need to travel. Astrology can provide you some insights in connection with the condition of the roads, the visibility, expected traffic situation, expected behavior of the other road users, info. regarding accident prone spots etc. Astrology can also provide you some information regarding the condition of the vehicle you may be using. But, you are the ultimate Driver of the vehicle; and if you have got proper understanding of driving skills or you so decide to learn the art of driving properly; you will always be able to use the provided information for your betterment. That is, you will drive slow and very carefully over the accident prone spots, you will pay attention to the road signs, follow the traffic rules, drive more attentively at conjusted strechs and avoid driving during uncomfortable or unfavorable situations like lack of visibility or bad weather etc. Therefore, the basic purpose of astrology is served when the one is informed about future insights regarding expected environmental conditions in specific areas of life. And until and unless, one is capable of understanding and digesting the information there can be no use of astrological advise; no matter what stone you use or what mantra you recite or what remedy you perform. There are many ways of performing remedial measures and use of gem stones is one of them. Why it is so popular; because it allows one to have astrological benefit without much bothering. No doubt, the Mantras and vedic Rituals are the most effective among all remedial measures; but in todays life it becomes slightly difficult for one to follow the rituals appropriately. Further, Mantras need to be activated by both (i.e. the one who is giving the Mantra and the one who is receiving it) with proper rituals and mere reciting of a Mantra (without following the proper ritual) is of no use (Except Shabar Mantras). If one is unable to afford the gem stones; the substitute remedies have also been provided. But, one needs to be consistent with his approach for receiving help. Like medicinal line, more doctors one approaches for a specific problem; the more confusion one may have. You can post your birth details and problems for further information on your chart. Problems are a part of human life which helps him in development and achieving the ultimate goal of his life.
  2. well, I am getting following lattitudes and longitudes in my software atlas 48n57, 55w40 may be you would like to provide the lattitude and longitude details
  3. would like to confirm if it is following birth place. Windsor, NB (CAN): 48n57, 55w40, New Brunswick (CAN)
  4. Rahu's impact is likely to be more significant during its own Mahadasa.
  5. is it represents 5th October or 10th May
  6. Dear Astroseeker You may like to read my response again; nowhere did I mention that Jupiter antar will be bad for him. The observation was regarding the overall results during Rahu's Mahadasa
  7. i am nalin mehra here are my details: Name : Nalin Mehra Date of Birth: 22-october-1985 Place of Birth: Bikaner (Rajasthan) Time of Birth: 12:05 (in night) Date of Birth: 21-october-1985 at 12:30 in night, so some people treat it as 21 and some people treat it as 22, my horoscope says 21-22. You need to clarify again. I have just deleted my analysis based upon 12.05 because you have written it as 12.30 in your suplementary post. Problems like this can be easily avoided with use of proper format i.e. AM or PM.
  8. Rahu's Mahadasa has already started from 2 Dec 2007 onwards and presently you are in antardasa of Rahu in Rahu's mahadasa till 13 August 2010; and during this antardasa there may be some problems in professional and domestic matters. The antardasa of Jupiter is likely to be favorable in domestic and financial matters but may cause some troubles in professional matters like unwarranted change of place, losses and expenses. You may expect some significant professional and financial rise during Rahu/Mercury i.e. between Nov. 2015 to May 2018.
  9. Overall, things are likely to remain challenging and troublesome till 2013. Thereafter, duirng the year 2014 there are some good chances of having professional and financial stability. Presently you are in Rahu Mahadasa and Jupiter's antardasa till 5 July 2008; and afterwards the antardasa of Saturn will operate from 6 July 2008 to 12 May 2011. The antardasa of Saturn is likely to be averagely good in professional matters while educational matters may not be as good. Prayers to Goddess Durga are likely to help in educational and professional matters.
  10. you need to mention your place of birth.
  11. Bhanvi Your post has been increased to the level of 30 and you can make PM now. But this is not a good way of increasing your posts
  12. okay, the match a average with Gana Dosha. There can be some minor health problems in post marital life.
  13. how much are you sure about your time of birth being 02.02 am? can it be around 2.25 am
  14. Coolgimmy Your observation regarding JHORA Software is correct; the software produces wrong charts sometimes and in routine it becomes difficult to spot resulting in wrong analysis and judgement. Earlier I was using Bhavishya Darpan and Parashara which expired in Early January 2008 and I started using the free software. And within three months; I found that around 20% of the charts I analysed were actually wrong in calculation. Ultimately, I have to spend some money to get Parashara. If you are seriously pursuing astrology and have good collection of charts; I will suggest you to get some authentic software. best wishes
  15. how was the education of the girl between June 1998 to Dec 2000 and Jan 2001 to March 2003 and April 2003 to Feb 2004?
  16. Offering prayers to Goddess Durga daily and lighting Diya on Tulsi Plant on every Wednesday. Donate Whole Almond (Sabut Badam) and Sabut Urad in Temple on every Saturday - 7 Times
  17. There are some strong chances of enjoying progenic happiness between Nov 2009 to July 2012.
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