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  1. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel ! Thank God and the respected Gurus for their blessings and kind help. Chitransh K
  2. Deepa ji, Thanks for the guidence. I would resort to Hanuman Chalisa and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra as suggested by you. Unfortunately, my present financial condition doesn't permit me to wear emerald. Thanks for telling me about the change thats going to happen. I have already started waiting for it. Naturally... as 'khushiyan hamaare ghar ka raasta bhool gayee theen' Do you suggest I should do something regarding Saturn-Venus sambandha later when my situations start turning normal? Your words gave me a lot of consolation and confidence. There are many more things I would like to talk to you and other Gurus about and seek guidence. As of now I am just focussing on regaining the ground under my feet. I think God only gives you and other Gurus so much energy, strength and will to take up the cause of and look into the problems of so many distressed and desperate people. Regards Chitransh K
  3. Thanks Pablo ji, that again is a wonderful piece of advice. I feel desperation sometimes leads to dependency. Your words made me rethink about the motive of my prayers. I would effort to shun any expections of material gains or absolution of my part of sufferings, if there are any somewhere at the back of my mind. Just that its unbearable at times to see your family suffer because of your inabilities of the moment. In Amrita Pritam's 'Trik Bhawanon Ki Gaatha', Pandit Krishan Ashant says we have born on earth to experience our share of sufferings of our Karma. Lack of knowledge makes me unsure about the actual discipline of reciting mantras, though I have tried my best to recite them in accordance with their respective Chakras. I still do not know what is too much. Regards Chitransh K
  4. Deepa ji, Many a thanks for such a guidence. I also wish to appreciate your awesone insight behind prayers. I took some time before responding to your golden words to think where to stop. That is really important as you mentioned. But my lack of knowledge didn't help me come to a conclusion. I realised I was praying 'out of desperation'. But desperation for what? I need to tell you that whenever I pray, I do not wish for money or other material or practical gains. What I ask for is forgiveness of my bad deeds and inner strength to face the storm. I know you would understand it when I say that I feel drained out of my inner strength rather as if it has been sucked out with a syringe, ever since my 'unfavourable' period has started. So many Japas leave me kind of exhausted but I really do not know which ones to opt out. I have decided not to wear the stone for Saturn as you have advised. Would you be kind enough to tell me when Ketu moves out of Cancer and when will my Jupiter Antardasha come to an end? I wouldn't say I have seen an enormously wealthy period but life has been really comfortable financially for me in the past. Here I would like to mention that I have never been able to save even a bit. I request you to throw some light on that aspect of my life and horoscope. Redarding authoritative period... yes, I have been feeling confident and secure because of my skills and had been respected for my talent and being a perfectionist. Does my horoscope reflect something about me being a workoholic? May God give strength and knowledge to all and me. Regards Chitransh K
  5. Maybe service is not in my bhagya - does it have an astrological reason behind it or you just posed a possibility? Regards
  6. Thanks Naxshatra ji for your valuable piece of advice. I must tell you that I have complete faith and I am performing what I have been asked to, to my utmost capability. I firmly believe that it is my faith in Him and the gurus, that has helped me sail through the troubled waters and things are beginning to look up. : ) My question was only intended to know when I would get a job so that I could plan my current period of stuggle accordingly. I am making all practical efforts too from my side, but I am sure you would agree with me that worldly wisedom at times gets faded in front of His will. Thanks and regards Chitransh K
  7. Not at the moment Deepa ji. I had been wearing a gold ring with Navratna (nine gems for nine planets studded in) which I had to pawn recently to meet the urgencies. I have been advised to wear Nili (substitute for Blue Sapphire) which I would try soon for. Regards Chitransh K
  8. 4. What should I do Recite Hanuman Ashtak twice a day. Thanks Astro-tech ji. Do I have to recite Hanuman Ashtak twice in a row or at two different times of the day? Please tell me. Regards
  9. Please guide me regarding my immediate problem. I am jobless at the moment, with no money and laden with debts. Survival is getting difficult now. My birth particulars are DOB - April 07, 1960 TOB - 12:03 PM (Noon) POB - Delhi Cantt I daily recite Gaayatri Mantra, Mahaamrityunjay Mantra, Shani Mantra 108 times and Hanumaan Chaalisa... and have started fasting on Tuesdays. I had been wearing a gold ring with Navagraha gems in the ring finger of right hand which I took out last week. No result in sight yet, though I am waiting patiently. What is in store for me in immediate future? Please guide. Regars Chitransh K
  10. Please help and guide regarding my immediate problems. regards
  11. I am almost without job, money and going through medical treatment. All my problems need to be tackled immediately so that I can take care of my family. Please help and guide. Thanks and regards
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