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  1. Dear Delusr You have already been given an excellent advise by Dear Pablo. Inviting further analysis of other learned astrologers may confuse you. Just follow the suggestions and you are most likely to be benefitted. As regard to your marriage, period from June 2009 to June 2010 is most likely to give marriage.
  2. There are strong chances of conceiving between Feb - July 2009. As a remedial measure, donate Milk in Shiva Temple on Mondays.
  3. Period from Jan 2011-Dec 2012 appears to be very fruitful in this regard. There are also some good chances of conceiving between April 2009 to August 2009; but if possible try to avoid the period as such the period from Sept 2009 onwards to Dec 2010 is not much favorable for progenic happiness. Avoid use of Gems as much as possible. Practice Surya Namaskar for favorable results
  4. Hope Rambabu provide the feedback.
  5. Period from 13.10.2008 to 28.01.2009 may solemnize/fix marriage.
  6. provide some past incidents of your life including education, marriage, marital life, health problems (past/recent) and physical structure (like height, face (oval or round), body (slim/athletic/stout). Since when you are facing problem in job and when it first happened. All info required to match the time of birth.
  7. well, there are likely to be some grave problems in pre-marital as well post-marital life. Therefore, do not try to materialize marriage at your own; let it take time. Though period from Jan 2011 to Dec 2013 is likely to bless you with marriage but the appropriate time for entering into marriage is 34 years at least. Try to get horoscope checked and matched before deciding for marriage.
  8. Would you mind sharing some of your past life incidents? Apparently, the chart denotes severe problems on parental front. (especially between 10-20 years of age) Are you having Or ever had any health problems related with eyes, teeth, joints, skin, nervous system and chest? Are you tall (around 5.10) and plumpish body? Is your face round, oval or long?
  9. well, you can go for the position. Job in overseas will be sufficiently suitable for financial prospects though there can be some frequen and minor problems in working and living. Period from April 2010 to April 2011 denotes promotion in job and improved standard of living.
  10. Dear Vasailakshi I have given what I can understood of your chart in total. Regarding explaining the 'why' factor, I do not feel like explaining. It is just upto you, whether to accept it or go for second/third/fourth opinion from other learned members on the forum till you feel satisfied with your quench for knowledge and understanding.
  11. Dear Dr Clone, Every 'why' can not be answered. I have posted what I understood of the chart of your daughter on astrological basis. If you are not satisfied, you can ask other learned members of the forum to provide you detailed analysis. Yes, very likely; the chart is moderately good and strong in professional and financial matters.
  12. Marriage is very likely to take place between Mid Nov 2008 to June 2010. No major problems in marriage; however there may be some minor health problems which are not likely to cause any serious trouble. As a remedy, give Water to Tulsi Plant daily except on Sundays.
  13. The marriage may get delayed and likely to be solemnized between mid June 2011 to Feb 2014. However, there are mild chances of some improvement in this regard during May - July 2009. As a remedial measure, Aquamarine can be worn in silver Necklace on Saturday.
  14. Yes, there are some good chances in this regard between first half of 2010.
  15. March 2009 to March 2011 - this period is quite strong for marital prospects
  16. There are some minor chances of fixing of marriage between August 2008 to Dec 2008.
  17. Though the chart indicates love marriage, yet I will suggest you not to enter into Love Marriage. Things are likely to remain difficult in your marital aspects. Regarding time of marriage - Very likely to get married within next 2 years and period from Sept 2008 to mid Jan 2009 may instigate you for Love marriage.
  18. You are very likely to pursue your education as per your desire. There are expected some positive results in this regard within next couple of months. Donate Bel Fruit (quantity as per your affordability - 2/3 kg will be sufficient) in Shiva Temple on Monday - one time.
  19. Period from Oct 2009 to Feb 2012 is likely to provide good amount of relief in professional and financial matters.
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