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  1. Hello All, If Jupiter is placed in the ascendant in pisces lagna, will the kendradhipati dosha will be more functional or jupiter will function as a yogakaraka here being the lord of kendra and trines both? I read somewhere that jupiter spoils the house that it is in but the house it aspects benefits. Secondly, jupiter in movable signs spoils the house before it. What will be the effect of jupiter in 4th house in libra for cancer ascendant being the 6th lord? Regards. Coolgimmy
  2. India may not compete US when it comes to divorce, but its way ahead of US when it comes to wife-beating. Indian woman for some reason enjoy themselves being beaten up even though they are financially independant. As Ashi2001 mentioned its better to test the relationship before marriage and even after marriage instead of becoming pregnant asap just for the sake of having a child who may father in his/her life of not. In your case, your husband is not bringing you back home when he knows you are pregnant and wants divorce reflects that he is least interested in child or you. He will marry someone else and then have children later as you are not the only option for him when it comes to children. On the otherhand working women should not choose to marry into families where the son stays with his parents and will continue to stay with them. Due to medevial age ideologies these women will always be rebuked at the drop of hat when it comes to household work. Was your mother-in-law not interested in getting her son married to you?
  3. Namaste Sandhuji, Is the shrapit yoga only effective in rashi charts or both rashi and navamsa charts as well? Regards. Coolgimmy
  4. Namaste Mr.Sandhu, I have cousin who has Guru in lagna in Meena with both Hansa and Gajakesari yoga as Moon is in Virgo. But this cousin of mine has job related problems, never got married. She has Mars in 10th house and Saturn in eleventh. Is it becoz the Guru is under curse or something? She has Mercury in the 10th house with ketu, Mars and Venus. Regards. Gayatri
  5. Namaste Shashikaranji, Does badhaka cojoining two maleifics effects the house it represents, the house it is in and the charakaraka? For eg consider a case where for pisces lagna mercury is badhaka like the above example. Now mercury is in 10th house with Mars & Ketu. Mercury is also putrakaraka. So do we have to derive conclusions like Mercury dasha/antardasha will be bad for him in terms of jobs, relationships, children and home? Regards. Coolgimmy Regards
  6. Hello All, Here is the link to a gaming cum prediction site for cricket.www.cktfantasy.com. One can apply astrological predictive capabilities and earn points. Regards. Coolgimmy
  7. Hello Kas_simi, First of all nadi dosha is not a major dosha and there are several astrologers who do not consider it when it comes to arranged marriages. The Kuta matching that u refer to doesnt match in all arranged marriages also. Kuta matching is not always effective and there is some other matching beyond that. It seems that the boy's parents are generating an excuse of not getting both of u married in the name of nadi dosha. Its surprising that he wants to stand by his family when it comes to horoscope matching which he should have done before falling in love with you. I have charts in my database who in spite of good kuta matching and no nadi dosha are in miserable condition and who with weak matching are compatible with each other. You should now be able to analyse what is the right decision for u? Regards. Coolgimmy
  8. Hi Amit, How many parents in India agree for love marriage whole heartedly. The kuta matching that you requested for have failed miserably in arranged marriages. There are more than kuta matching. If you go for matching and analysis then your love is not so strong that the stars thousand miles away and break the bond. There are couples who have not done any matching and have enjoyed a good married life inspite of low matching points and there couples who having points above 30 considered very good match have broken up. So if you believe in love go ahead and do court marriage. Best wishes Coolgimmy
  9. Namaste Sandhuji, I have a question here. What are the combinations that a chart will be effected by black magic. What are the combinations that will award off all bad effects of black magic. Regards. Coolgimmy
  10. Namaste Shashikaranji, Can you please highlight the negatives in the chart for learning purpose. Regards. Coolgimmy
  11. Namaste Sandhuji, Its not that person is interested in marriage, but somehow he/she is forced to marry some other person by his parents due to social norms when he/she likes some else . Can we know this from the chart? Because recently I had a case of a colleague of mine who was not permitted to marry a person of her choice on the threat that if she marries they will commit suicide. The boy belong to another caste. She had to eventually let that person go and now the girl's parent's are unable to find someone who is compatible with the girl and forcing her to marry any Tom, Dick or Harry. So is there some indication in ones horoscope whether the first choice was good or the second one. Because in these circumstances parent's make a wrong choice as they see from their point of view and the person from their perspective point of view and sometimes leads to a marital discord. Regards/ Coolgimmy
  12. Namaste Sandhuji, How does one know that the person is not interested in marriage and he/she is forced to marry him/her by the parents? Is there such an indication in relation to a particular upapada? How does one identify whether the upapada will result in marriage or not? Because most of the broken marriages nowadays are arranged by parents only.You can see the cases of such discords in this forum itself. Its like making friends as per the parent's wish whether u like the person or not. Regards. Coolgimmy
  13. Mr.Santosh, It seems that you have expectations of a caretaker for your old parents from your wife rather than a spouse. In that case its good she is staying with her parents, looking after the child instead of moving to your old parents. Why not appoint a caretaker for them and then ask your wife to move to your parents house. Its really ridiculous that you marry and then think that you made a wrong choice and think yourself to be handsome and decide to divorce her. In case you marry second time also you will not be happy with her, so be contented with whatever you have. Nowadays, divorce is a common affair and your threats is not going to create any impact. Even if you divorce her your second association is also subject to seperation only. Regards. Coolgimmy
  14. Hello Zealalways, Its better for you to do the remedial measures but also pursue your job in software teaching and be financially independant to face all the evens and odds of life. Regards/ Coolgimmy
  15. Hello All, Since last couple of months,I used JHora 3.0 and in that the Bhrigu bindu calculation if shown in Xhouse, then in Jhora3.3 it is shown in exactly the 7th house from X. If I take into consider the user defined special point and find out the special point between moon and rahu as the definition then its back to as JHora3.0 ie X house. Could anyone explain which should be the correct location of BB. Regards. Coolgimmy
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