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  1. thanks for your reply. he is not supporting his parents in this horoscope matching thing. But his parents are not agreeing and for both our families and us, it wont be a good thing if we go against our parents. But i wanted to know what are our chances astrologically speaking, of a stable marriage. Coz if a astrologer tells anybody's parents that if you marry this girl, he might die, but naturally parents will not accept that girl, no matter if the astrologer who told them doesnt know a single thing about astrology. Can you calculate our chances on basis of the information above and tell me? Thanks in advance
  2. please someone help. I'm really in trouble. His parents are not agreeing. Are there any possibilities for ur. I'm in a very nervous state of mind over his family's disapproval. I dont want to go against family neither does he. We know each other from 3 years.
  3. Hello, I want to get married to someone. However, when we checked our horoscopes, we have nadi dosha. All other gunas are matching. Horoscope matching is important for boy's family. The details are Boy: Name: Abhishek Date of Birth: 12-01-1983 Time of Birth: 01.10am Place of Bith: Patiala girl: Name: Maninder Date of birth: 22-01-1982 Time: 11.55am Place: New Delhi can you please advise? are there any remedies? can it be neglected in our case? I would really appreciate your help
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