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  1. Friends, Please help me. My daughter is suffering from Cerebral palsy and is in critical situation. She is 3+ yrs old and doesn't have neck control, and is not able to sit, stand or speak. We are trying everykind of medicines & physiotherapies but not getting any results. I need help to find the astrological reason so that I can do homa or pray to the deity causing this situation. Her DOB details are as below. Any help to cure her is much appreciated. Name: Disha Santosh DOB: 09-Feb-2008 9.28am
  2. Guruji, Below are my daughter's details TIME OF BIRTH : 9.10 DATE OF BIRTH : 09/Feb/2008 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY: Bangalore, Karnataka, India SEX : Female Question: She is a premature baby and is not feeling well. Her neck & spine are not erect as yet and she does not recognize anybody. She is 1yr old. I am concerned how her future would be. Doctors are trying thier best but we are really worried about her. Please let me know based on her birth date & time will she be alright in future? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Sasisekaran, I would be calm and patient till July 2009. mylilangel & Coolgimmy has adviced my wife to get seperated by me. That is what I also want and if that happens it would be good riddance. It is our culture for the father-in-law to discuss with my parents & me to convince us on why she needs to stay in their house instead they have not even bothered to call me or my parents from the day we got seperated about 6 months back. This shows the ego & pride they have towards us. The issues are very complex to explain than what I have entered while starting the thread. Anyways, I wanted to know the star positions and the effect due to their movement on my married life which Mr. Sasisekaran has provided. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Guruji, I was born on 20th Nov 1974 1.08am in Bangalore. I gor married on Feb 27 2007 with a girl who was born on 23rd May 1975 not sure of time but born in Bangalore. From the day of marriage I am fed up with the attitude of my in-laws including my wife's. My wife does not have any sort of respect to me or my parents. She does not listen to what I say. She gives more importance to her family and their family members does not want to let her go. My wife conceived in 2006 and we lost the baby in Jan 2007 due to her ill health. She put on weight and did not want to exercise. I had warned her couple of times and she continued to be lazy. After couple of months she conceived again and a baby girl was born prematurely with health problems. Even after 1 yr my baby's neck is not erect and she does not recognize any one. I supported her emotionally but she does not care about me. After 7 months of stay in her parents house, I had asked her to either come to US or stay in my parents house as they live alone and are old. She wants to continue staying in her Parents house even after warning her that I would divorce. I'm fed up of all these issues and have decided to divorce her. I'm a software engineer working in USA for a reputed firm and I'm tall & handsome too. She is obese and ugly but still she shows attitude towards me. I do not understand whats wrong with her. Her parents also support her and not sending her to my home. They are planning to file a dowry case against me if I divorce her. This is my short story and I would like to know what would happen to my married life. I really want a good wife who would take care of me and my parents and I will give all my love to her. Please suggest me what I should be doing in such a situation. Eagerly waiting for you response.
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