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  1. Thanks for your reply and concern. The problem isn't with my husband. We gel together very well. The problem is the compatibility with my mother in law. we dont get along very well. Since the day i got married, i have been working at home as well outside. And i used to keep my salary with myself. And i had taken loan for my marriage. Because of this she used to illtreat me and used to scold me without any reason. When it became unbearable I came to my moms place. Then my husband pursuaded me and made a separate house. After about 1 month he started asking me again go to my mother in laws house. When i resisted he beat me up.. then again i left him and i came to my moms place. Now, he doesn't want to live with me in a separate house and i dont want to go to my mother in laws place. Above all, he is threateing me that he will divorce me. So, i just want to know how this can be best solved.. whether i should wait for my husband to make a separate house or shall i go and join my mother in laws place? What is on the cards? And what will be the right time for everything?
  2. Thanks Balu for your reply and concern. I did listen to the chanting in the site mentioned. Now i am running 7th month of pregnancy. Eagerly waiting for your prediction...
  3. My birth details - DOB:11th November 1982, time:9:30PM, Place- Bhadravathi, Karnataka. My husband's birth details - DOB:30th July 1979, time: 6:50AM, Place-Mysore, karnataka. Our Marriage Details- 2nd October 2008, Muhurtham- 11:40AM to 12:50PM, Bangalore, karnataka. Issues Faced after marriage - From the first month of the marriage my mother-in-law started scolding me for each and everything without any mistakes of mine. My husband used to support me initially and used to fight with her, that made her to trouble me more, as my father-in-law is no more. So her intension was to create problems between me and my husband. I became pregnant and he made a separate house and he did beat me once badly by listening to his mom's words. So I left that house and came to my mom place during 4th month of my pregnancy. Now he is telling that he will divorce me and he will not come to see me and even the baby, as I am staying in my mom place.He just listen to his mom and believes whatever crap she says about me, they did give police complaint once against me as theft case.I would like to know why there is so much of problem in my married life and when everythg will fall in place? and when my husband will understand me and will start supportting me?.
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