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  1. Thanks to Atulji and Sasisekaranji for their response. Sorry if I sounded as if I was not respecting your views. I was just sharing my views in light of the knowledge I have on the subject. In response to Sasisekaranji's queries, though the individual put in his best efforts at that time, in hindsight it was not good enough. With ref to the job later in rah-sat (through a friend of the subject), it seemed that the opportunity was always available and in terms of qualification there was nothing that preventing him in getting the same in rah-jup but it was just that he hadn't contacted his friend earlier and hence unaware of this potential opportunity. Anyway, I would like your esteemed views on the Jupiter dasha that is about to start. Regards,
  2. Thanks to Atulji and Sasisekaranji for their response. My view on lagna lord mercury is that it is quite strong since it is in vargottama navamsa and also involved in a parivartana with the 9th lord. By this parivartana, Mercury and Saturn are both rendered strong and also the malefic 8th lordship of Saturn is reduced though Saturn never lets lose of it's 8th lordship and the effects of which were felt by the native for a breif period during Rahu-Sat dasha when he changed jobs. As per Gayatri Devi Vasudev, understand that the planet is termed bhadaka only if gulika / mandi is placed in any of it's sign and the if the subject planet happens to own the 22nd drekkana (or) is lord of Kharesha. Since jupiter cannot be lord of 22nd drekkana or kharesh for any of the 3 drekkans rising in gemini or virgo and since in this chart gulika / mandi is not located in sagittarius and pisces, not sure whether Jupiter can be termed as bhadaka. Regards
  3. Hi Esteemed Gurus, With your permissions, I would like to share details of how Jupiter behaves for Gemini Ascendant more from my practical experience taking a specific case. 28/03/1974, 12:58 hrs, 11N4, 76E17 Gemini - ASC, Sat Scorpio - Rahu Cap - Venus Aqu - Jup, Mer Pis - Sun Taurus - Moon, Mars ,Ketu The individual in the specified case went through Rahu-Jup between Oct 94 and Feb 97. Jupiter is well placed in the 9th and in kendra from Rahu located in the 6th. This was the time when the individual had completed his education and was looking for job opportunities. Even with his best efforts, job prospects evaded him till Mar 97 till Rah-Sat started. Jupiter through lord of 7th and 10th (Career) didnt help the individual in getting a job. The explaination that could be derived is that Since Jupiter lords only kendras (lack of kona lordship), remained inactive in his antardasha denying him the Job. Note however that Jupiter didnt act as a malefic and just remained inactive. Other aspects of his life remained good though the lack of job did create a lot of mental tension. Subsequent bhuktis of Sat, Mer, Ketu, venus in rahu generated good results. If rahu was directtly related to jupiter (though occupies satabisha), I would have expected disastrous results. Would it be fair to say that jupiter antradashas in the dashas of unrelated & related trika / trishadaya lords respectively would result in bad and disatrous results respectively since Jupiter owns only Kendra houses. I would expect jupiter antardasha to behave similarly in the dasha of all other planets except that of Mercury and Saturn. This is because Jupiter placed in a Trikona has relationship with the other trinal lords in question - mercury and saturn. Now coming to the mahadasha of Jupiter. In my view, Jupiter antradasha would remain neutral but would expect saturn, mercury antardashas (as these are trinal lords and have relationship with jupiter) to generate good results. I am still lost as to how the other antardashas would behave. I have been very curious to understand this strange behaviour of Jupiter and the above summary is a result of my curiousness. Would like the estimed gurus to share their analysis and add more dimensions to this analysis. Regards,
  4. My humble view: Agree with the above reponses totally. Moon is week in Pakshabala and aspected by retro Jupiter who is passing on the influence of rahu onto Moon. Mantras for Moon and Jupiter could help.
  5. My humble view: Sat though in inimical sign is in a friendly constellation and has a relationship with the dispositor since Sun is in the 10th and is aspected by Sat. There is a relationship between the planets in navamsa as well. Sun in the 10th has digbala and in his own constellation and hence strong. Sat is strong being vargottama. The negative part though is the aspect of enemy (12th lord) moon on Sat. The dasha of Sat may mainly give the results of the dispositor i.e Sun and probably that of Moon.
  6. My humble view. Other may correct. The dasha is that of malefic venus who is in inimical Leo with Sun (an enemy). Venus is malefic both from Ascendant and Moon. The current Ven-Jup and the next Ven-Sat may not be very beneficial because of 6/8 placement between dasha and bhukti lords and the subsequent transit of saturn into Virgo & then into Libra. Ven-Mer should be better.
  7. Respected Guruji Please analyse the chart of the person (details as below) whose Jupiter dasha is about to start? How would the Dasha generally be in terms of career? 28-03-1974 12:54 IST (24 hour format) 11N4 76E17 (Malappuram Dist, Kerala) Regards,
  8. The adverse parivartana between 10th lord (merc) and 12th lord (mars) which are mutually inimical seems to have impacted the 10th lord (whose results are being delivered by Sat). Sat also aspects Mer. Sat and Merc should be propitiated.
  9. My humble view: The dasha is that of 3rd and 6th (malefic) jupiter from 2008 Nov. Jupiter is best placed in Sagittarius for Libra ascendants but being retro and in the constellation of ketu (and 12th from moon) and aspected by Sat may be the cause of the problem (health especially). I have seen a lot of charts where Jup is placed in Sag for Libra ascendnats and has given excellent results. Retrogression could be the cause of the problem. Others may post their opinions on this?
  10. Hi My humble view = exhange between 1st (mer) and 12th lord (venus) brings the effect of ketu onto ven, mer and sat. hence the difficulties / onstacles in marriage during end of mer dasha. The dasha of lagna lord in 12th with ketu closely conjunct brings in obstacles, problems etc. Also mars (6th lord - disputes, health) afflicts 9th and being dispisitor of rahu aspects mer and hence the legal issues. well placed jup, moon and sun will help the cause. Propitiating ketu and Mer could help.
  11. Hi My humble view: Asc lord jupiter is in 6th retro and hemmed between mars and rahu (both retro) which is the general cause of problems. Significator of marriage venus and 7th lord merc are afflicted by saturn and ketu. Mer and Sat have adverse exchange of houses (7th and 12th) and the seprative influences of ketu are transferred from saturn (dispositor of ketu) onto Venus. Mars also aspects Merc and Venus and carries with it the malefic influence of Rahu. Matters are made worse due to the current transit of sat on natal mars, rahu and Jup. Pacifying Sat, Mars and Rahu should help while strengthening lagna lord Jup should also help. regards, Sriram
  12. Lagna lord Merc is afflicted by 12th lord sun (weak since in infancy and in exchange with enemy Venus). Mer hemmed between 6th lord (enemies, obstruction) Sat and 8th lord mars. Sat carries with it the obstructing influence of ketu on either sides of Mer. But on the positive side, Jupiter conjunct ascendant should help since it is strong in digbala and also in 10th from moon. Strengthening Mer asc lord should help. regards, Sriram
  13. Sun (representative of self) in a nodal constellation and affliected by Rahu and Saturn causes low self esteem and unhappiness. Saturn afflicts moon by aspect and mercury (dispositor of Mars, Rahu and Sat) aspects moon causing depression and mental unrest. In both cases, Saturn carries the effect of conjunct mars onto Sun and Moon. Propitiate Sun and Moon and doing parihara for the same could help. regards, Sriram
  14. Hi Ascendant is afflicted by sat and sun and ascendant lord (mercury) by sat (6th lord) and debilitated mars (8th lord and dispositor of rahu). Sat (representative of legs) and Mars have mutual aspects as well which explains the paralysis. Post sept, things could improve. propitiating mercury and strengthing it would help since it happens to be ascendant lord. regards, Sriram
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