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  1. Yes it is very important to keep name of child on the basis of NAKSHATRA. As lord brahma says that even my son will Not get full fruits of his karma if his name is not on the basis of nakshtra Logic is that name is based on position of MOON in horo and when u change the name then the position of chandra shifts to the nakshtara based on that name and depending upon other factors like how the new nakshatra is related to ur lagna and own nakshtra new results will come.......... DHRUV JYOTISH KENDRA
  2. dear kun ji, ur lagnesh in 8th house and lord of dharma.luck and proff shani is in 6th house which makes u struggle a lot also in us chturamsa shani is in 12th house so u have to pray to lord krishna. although u are very talented person but ur talent remains at home and nobody recognize ur abilities all this will come after doing remedies for shani . visit shani temples on saturdays . actually many are facing job problems in us due to obamas bad policies . also if possible go to another country.
  3. dear mehul ji, Though it is not possible to explain the whole but i am giving u some idea how this ocurrs, suppose there is something of great pleasure for u but later in spirtual lessons u learned to avoid it. now it will keep on stucking in ur mind wheteher to do it or not then if u choose path of pleasure ignoring guru's dasha effect that will be degradation of soul thus outward u know it is wrong but inside u want to experience it so thats what i meant by inward enemies and outward freinds .so not only becoming spirtual but also perfoming bhakti in time like waking up in brahmmuhurat ,praying regularly will break all debi effects of sun. (waking before sunrise will make ur face glow and remove debi effects of sun also remm not to sleep during sunset as effect will go with it .also single day or year will not effect it may take some time or even years)(acc to my sample survey u may not belive or it may be difficult for u) also remmember do not fool urself like saying to urself god only needs love what is use of me going to temple or offering flowers or doing pooja . remm love in itself includes sewa shradha etc. i am also giving u one hint how people of this world are divided on above lines- broadly there are 3 kinds of people- 1.the one who do work when they see there is immediate pleasure in it . they are considered lazy ,lethargic etc but infact they do not work for future. 2.the one who work when they see there is late pleasure for eg someone working hard and accumulating money so that he gets rich and enjoy later. 90% of people are like this. 3.who do not work for their pleasure they are further divided into 3 a.who work for happiness of his family b.who work for others eg great personalities, social reformers c.who work to please god ie bhakts initialy they are also pleasure seekers but in late satge of bhakti they do not want anything but only happiness of god and others which is the greatest stage. so slowly as ur dasha will pass if u do not leave true path u will attain highest stage and when u reach that stage all effects of debi sun will be nuliified and it will work as exalted sun and this will may happen as u have neechbhanga raj yog . u started working for it last birth and hence it came in ur horo this birth and depending upon ur devotion u may complete this . u should pray both lord shiva and krishna listening to bhajans will increase ur fortunes especially in guru's dasha . also chanting of aditya hridya stotram will increase the speed of necchbhang but be sure to be completely paviter on sunday morning also it should be chanted in open in front of lord sun . if u cant chant load it from internet and listen to it . god bless u . dhruva jyotish kendra (tirupati trimula trust)
  4. m kumar ji, i am giving u some information which may help u to derive the result u want . as ur question is invloving navamsha so it is more related with real fruits or end result or capabilites a person is born with . sun is king and libra is house of pleasure and when sun is in libra a person becomes slave to pleasure ultimately leading to weakining of soul and this is case of debi ofsun and if shukra/venus enters house of sun then there is great divertion(not normal) of this pleasure .but in ur case neechbhanga is taking place bec- the mars which is sign of exaltation of sun is with sun in navamsha exchange of planets even between enemies make them outward friends but inside they ramain as enemies so destruction will occur without ones knowledge.here sukra is chara atmakarka and sun natural atmakarka so fight can take place. so to make neechbhanga takes place - avoid doing work only for pleasures(natural remedy) work for duty itself(lord krishna's message) avoid bed dreams ,day dreaming etc. pray to lord hanuman chant bajrang ban(times music cd) do not endulge in any sexual activity on tuesdays(whole life ) as ur neechbhanga raj yog will not take place also avoid red light in bed rooms in ur house red bedsheets etc. now to please shukra fasting on fridays ,chanting laxmi narayan stotra will provide relief let me know if my interpretations are right bec i have seen very few cases like urs . good wishes dhruva jyotish kendra (tirupati tirumala trust)
  5. raj ji praying to lord hanuman and listening bajrang bang in the morning will help u also waking up in the morning will improve ur health and job as nicha surya gets power in ur case. i will also say do not give much prefernce for pleasure and always perform one's duty for others anyway u hav kaal amrit yog and when time of rahu will come there will be spirtual enlightment in ur life and u will change a lot during that period.god bless u.
  6. ur marriage time is nearby and ur wife will be baeuti and faithfull to u .
  7. dear malik ji i would suggest to take neem products and take bath with go-mutra has great healing effect in skon allergies. also u can consult one astrologer specialised in medical astrology in udupi district karnataka. as far as i know he has tradtion of knowledge from his generations. his name is dr. tanmay goswami u can search about him from net as i do not hav more info . good wishes dhruva jyotish kendra (tirupati tirulmala trust).
  8. dear raj ji i agree with swapnil ji , lord vishnu is ur ista devta and kurma avtaar has great significance for u . even vaishno devi is form of lord vishnu worpshing her gives power(durga) , knowledge(sarawati) and luck money(laxmi ji) all are at one place. one thing i want to know is acc to ur horo u may have bad realtion with ur father , how is ur career life ? any influence of ur father on u and ur family plz reply(in detail if possi) as it may led me to unreveal many significant factors which can uplift u in ur life. with due regards dhruva jyotish kendra
  9. radhe radhe , sir i am explaining what happened .sir i did gradu from manipal and became religious minded there and started studying astrology from 2000. later in 2004 i started with civil services prep but initially i was cheated by delhi coaching centres as i didnt know anything it took 2 years for me to know the truth and take right coachings . i took geo in prems and philosophy in mains (bec of my interst in religion and vedanta -madhvacharya vallabhacharya bhakti which is my pran) i creared pt and in 2007 i helped a blind from seva kunj in mukherjee nagar but when i left him his eyes were bleeding i sat on auto and may have rubbed my eyes i developed most severe viral infec next day and my mains exam just 10days left i tried to study my pants soaked with tears fully but no help.i pushed away my friends so that they dont suffer same. in 2008 mains syllubus changd and teachers of phil (dristi in delhi) did not prepare new one in time . evn then i reached interview in above(2 times) ie interview in 2008 and 2008 may-april but same person mr. paul came . he saw pukhraj in my hands and my interst in astrology and my father proff(our bio data is given to them) i answered 80% questions but he gave near 100 out of 300, 2 times! later i came to know he is christian who hates hindu mythology etc sir i know my father has relations in punjab but this is against his and mine rules. i already have shiv ji as my guru and i am never near to any tamsik product not even packeted foods or onoin. i tried to study deep my horo but forbidden by my father(his rules) i consulted many pandits but all are money minded and some are limited of knowledge . i saw the experts in this site as unselfish and full of knowledge with proper practical and minutest undertstanding in astro so i request u all to find solution. also i have ambition to open school and make small kids learn about sanskars and ancient indian sciences but not much money . my soul cries as i have never done anything good for my country or my bhagwan as i sit ideal today preparing for exam whereas my heart does not like to study more and throw books away(i will never do but it comes in mind).i am married and hav one son but no earning and no use of my knowledge. dhruv
  10. respected anusha ji i am really thankfull to u that u understood my situtation .if opssible plz put some light on atmakarka acc to some if ak is malefic than higher the spirtual development but in my list it is not so also they say ak in lagna leads but wht happens if it is asta . though my father aids me in my search but here he is unable to help. plz refer me some book which i can read if possible. bahot bahot dhnyavad dhruva
  11. dear hello ji, ur marriage life will be good as lord of 7th is in 5th house forming budha aditya yoga and also sukra which denotes wife is in uchha sthana and that too in sukh sthana . ac to me u do not need any gem stone ask experts to answer as i am not that profound in that . good wishes dhruva jyotish kendra
  12. dear sachin ji, i have very limited knowledge but with that only i will try to find solution if i am right sagii moon people are very good learner and hav good concen then why it is happen this is all bec u were depressed . when one person who is intelligent and good in almost everything does not get fruits of his efforts his concn gets lost so this is case with u plz be opitimistic donot get entangled with others bad habits of saying bad about u in back bec people will do these things to u always or even if everything happeng opposite for u.if still u cant concentrate do yoga , wake up in morning etc. so i will advise u to be optimistic as chandra in sagii is 8th from its own house which makes a person self destroying by being depressed and a person is constantly feeling sometimes good mood and next day depressed mood also sun in 2nd house will make u lose hair so this will further depress u. personaly i recommend u to visit a good dermatalogist use auyervedic(buy asha ram bapoos or baps or anyother which is pure) mild shampoos and see there is no dandrauff .if any of these problems are there mail me i can personaly guide u(this may not be case with u but belive me i hav experience of one more person with same horo and also u may think i am just pointing on very small thing and hair loss is not matter for u but plz belive me if just hair loss is controlled people with moon in sagii gets full confidence and then good things happen ) . this surya grahan is very imp for u bec i think it is happenng in makar rashi where ur surya is placed but acc to some astro it is taking place in penumbra so of no much harmfull effects but still u can observe following -sutak begins from 5:30 pm on 21st july so start praying from this time avoid heavy eating u can do ur work no restriction but no auspecios thing sould be done try to be silent as much as u can.close the doors of any temple in ur house or cover it with cloths -grhan begins at5:30 and ends at 7:30 on 22nd july so no eating drinking of water and no wok during this hour sit and chant mantra u can pray to ur isht devta (u have surya as ur atmakarka and 12th to surya in navamsha is shani sitting in 10th house thus ur ista devta is lord krishna and bhairav u can pray to both), guru (consider anybody ),ganesh ,etc since it is savan month u can chant om namah shivaya whatever u like but keep it in rythum and under rules ie 108 times etc .after 7:30 take bath by adding ganaga jal or go mutra or any auspicios jal or even tulsi (do not pluck it during grhan keep it ready before 1 day that too befor sutak). this all done together reduces effect of grhan even sometimes to negligible. acc to me u must do part time job now and keep on searching for good job keep on trying without thinking about results automatically everything good will happen to u bec u have one of the best janampatri i hav seen bec both spirtual and material benifits are there but ur planets will make u struggle before u reach a height for eg jawahar lal nehru who also had kal amrit yog like u suffered a lot during british time and now due to his horo even his predesseors are enjoying even today . so my best advise to u -keep on praying trying with full efforts and u will reach limits beyond ur own horoscope. with my all best wishes dhruva jyotish kendra
  13. dear ramesh , ur topic really adds knowledge to one of least studied topic on astrolgy. we can practically put light on this since i too have kal amrit yog and one of my collegue is having same yog as u hav he was just 6 days after u (26 sep) .even we went to trimbkeshwar but later on came to know that puja is to be performed on proper days (nakstra of rahu if ksy or ketu if kay) on mahadev's jyotirling and also one himself has to lead the puja only then the effct will be controlled . acc to other pandits and books which i read , puja can be performed at nageshwar mandir(dwarka) , takshak mandir(allahabad) , kukee( a place where highest density of naag devta is there) it is near banglore, mahakal mandir(ujjain) etc , also acc to some karm is better path in kalyug so cobra naag should be bought from saperas and freed in proper jungle will make them give u boon and hence it becomes best upaye for ksy or kay. i would like to hear ur experiences and ur life even u can mail me dhruvkhera1@rediffmail.com as ur knowledge will increase by sharing experiences.currentlr i am working under tirupati tirumala trust.
  14. respected guru ji i agree with effects of kay, but i have one intersting question to ask one my cousin who was born 30 minutes ago i e 4:15 is having sheshnaag kal sarp yog he is very rich and there seems no effect . plz tell what are effects of above and what duration ie upto what year these yogas have effect. thanking you
  15. u seems to be very good teacher(in ur chart) and whomsover u will teach will succeed avoid arguing with ur father beacuse of ur tension only u are getting uncontrolled think before u say anything. i will recommend some of the solutions which are given in lal kitab for ur good will they are - eatting food in kitchen drinking water in silver glass visiting saraswati temple during fridays in evenning keeping a glass of water in beneath ur bed when u sleep and in morning give this water to plants after just waking up.(this will control bad dreams) praying to godess dhumavati will help a lot always (till rahus dashsa) do prayer to her as she is godess of rahu and rahu always prays to her especially on dhumavati jyanti (which was on 31st may this year ) it will mitigate its effects . u have very deep knowledge thus if u teach it will pass on ur time and also u can progress in this field u can also open a school or university as per ur chart later in life consult any other jyotishi and confirm that . i hope students will come to u and one day ur talent will be recognised best wishes dhruva jyotish kendra (tirupati trimala trust)
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