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  1. ' Dear Rishiji, Thanks for reply. I am really Sorry.I dint get you. -Sachin
  2. Thanks Sir.... I am wearing Pukhraj Since last 10 years... As suggested in this thread ..No other Gem stone for me....So i wont be trying for any other gem stone ... -Sachin
  3. Dear Dhruv, Many many thanks for replying.. 1) Yes Sometimes i think in the same way as the other guy used to think whom u know... I will pray to Lord Krishna as suggested... 2)I will print out the photo of chintpurni and will keep in my wallet. 4) I will read aditya hridya stotram every day from now onwards. 6) Generally i avoid having food outside..Specially cold drinks & Waffers. I will keep continuing this... Any remedy for concentration?..i have lost it completly... what all preacution i need to take on 22nd July for Surya grahan? Can u please suggest i will follow... Does it mean i should start looking change in job after Nov...Or i keep trying for it ? Sachin
  4. Ok Riaz sir... I would not wear it ...until n unless i would clean myself internally... Many Many Thanks
  5. Ok sir Thanks sir... Some one told me..If u wear rudraksha ..All bad habbits of urs will go by itself... M aksing too many questions My appologies for it
  6. Bro, Where is this Complex? Can u guide me i ll go tomorrow only n buy one for me... Which day i need to wear... Sir u asked me to do Navgrah Pooja for four weeks... I have been reading navgrah Stotra every sunday...is this u mean to say by doing Navgrah poojs? Thanks a lot Sir... U made my day by replying my queries :-)
  7. many many Thanks sir.... Do i need to wear Rudraksha or not?
  8. M wearing Pukhraj only ... N one pendant of Om..nothing else... Sir one question...my life is stucked...its not progressing at all.... when would i start getting success...can i start looking for job... I have lost my concentration also i dont like to study....any remedy for it have been following all the remedies given by you.. u asked to wear 5 mukhi rudraksha...Its difficult to find out in Hyderabad... may be because i hardly know any 1 here..i ll wear once i ll go my home town... Thanks, Sachin
  9. Sir I dint get this statement "9th house shows father and the SUN.. 10th house dont tell about father." Venus and sun are together in the same house, it is malefic Yoga, there will be some or the other tension in the married life. What kind of tension it could be ? Please elaborate
  10. Dear Riaz Sir, have been wearing Pukhraj since last 10years .... U only suggested me in one of the post ...No other stone than Pukhraj is for u Should I continuew wearing it or remove it... Thanks a lot for ur replies Thanks , Sachin
  11. Sir , Thanks a lot for ur reply... I do respect my father and elders ..... Please let me know me the remedies for Mars, Venus & Saturn Many Thanks, Sachin
  12. Dear Dhruvji, Thanks a lot for ur reply.I m really thankful to you. Still i dint understand..Does my planetry postion say I am not sharing good relations with my Father? 1) Yes i used to argue with my Father a lot because we both have different oppinions on the same things..now its being long i have any aregue with my dad. But yeah thats alos true i respect him a lot and love him. 2) I would be highly obliged if you can explain mr about planetry war... I tried to find the mythological story about this planetry war between Shani & guru.. I am unable to find it..Please let me know any link .. I think i missed episode of that Shani series on NDTV Imagine... Please let me know in which regards i should understand it.... 3)Pray to mata chinnmastika would be possible for me at the moment because i am in Hyderabad nowdays...will it be helpful for Mool nakshtras? Pleas let me know how many times or which day or every day i should do... 4) Here i am living in appartments..I dont think i would be able to offer water to Surya without coming in anyone's feet... Please let me know aht else can i do on the same...Usually i try to stay under sun for a minute every day after taking bath and do Namaskaar to Surya .... 5) As suggested by some one in This Forum... I pray to Shiva on Sunday & Monday ...Pray to Hanumang on Tuesday & Saturdays To Lakshimig on Friday & Wednesday and Thruday to Vishnu Bhagwaan... some one asked me to wear Garnet & Green Tourmalin... An d to wear 5 or 12 mooh rudraksha... Please suggest.. Last year also some on suggested me to wear Hessonite Garnet(Gomedh) & amethyst... i wore those for couple of months..But i removed those rings few months back.... I have been wearing Pukhraj since last 10 years now.... My problem is i have lost my concentration I think negative... My career is not progressing...not getting satisfactory response on career regrads..seems i m there where i was 2-3 years back..Not able to change my job nor Progressing in current job... Please suggest me to start getting success in my career... even Marriage prospects also m not progressing ..have been tryin from last 2 years ..not getting any responses there also... Some times i feel i am still here where i was 2 -3 years back nothing progressed ... also i think a lot ..that too wrong things...became more negative ..dont trust anyone...always in bad mood...Mental tesions are more that too irrelevant.... Please help... Please do reply sir... Thanks a lot Sir for ur reply ...
  13. Dear Riaz, Can u please help me... A request to u.... Thanks, Sachin
  14. Dear Umashankar ji, Please you suggest. .now m confused... should i wear it or not? Please help ...I m having hard time...
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