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  1. hey guys ....plz respond...... thanks.....
  2. JMK.... hello guys, I think Swapnil ji has actually guessed something very correct cause what he mentioned about me being Spiritual - people do think that I'm very spiritual and modestly speaking - I do try to learn to read and practice quite a few things myself. In addition, yes - i'm also interested in arts & music..... i keep my figures crossed for something good to be told me .....GOD plz!! lol
  3. Respected Rishi vatsyayan ji, i did not fall in love with anyone in 2006 or in 2007 for sure..... Respected Swapnil ji, Dhruv ji and Rishi vatsyayan ji and all ...... the only reason I wanted to clarify this from you guys was: i am a very strong believer in GOD and everything related to HINDUISM. I try to read a lot myself about HINDUISM but because I was getting scared for what all u talented people have told me about my marriage - i thought I should check if astro reading have actually matched my past....... not just with you but I have checked with other astrologers even when met personally..... i understood one thing out of this is that Astrologers nowadays can predict that the things may go wrong and i should be careful about it. GOD gave us the provision/facility to know a little about our future so that we may change our acts today so that "the written" have less impact on our lives..... if anyone comes out rigid or does not want to believe - its his/her bad luck that he was told about it but he didn't care to do anything for it.... if anyone is destined NOT to know about his future then its actual bad luck cause he/she is not suppose to know for which he/she can prepare..... so what I have understood in my knowledge is that my past karmas will bring bad effects to me no matter what BUT I can probably change it to a lot/some extent with my devotion to GOD and good deeds.... We all should be greatful to GOD that GOD is so kind that - even after us doing bad things in past life - HE is kind enough to give us one more chance to undo or nullify previous misdeeds..... Could you guys advise me on these few things according to your readings: married life career and success business if i can go for it or not? Thanks all u guys a lot......
  4. Dhruv ji.....if I'm not wrong - I have been told ALWAYS that I have Kaal Sarp Dosha for which I have already offered NAAG NAGIN to SHIVLINGAM..... never was told about KAAL AMRIT YOGA......!! also, with the info that I provided about my relationship with my father - could you clarify a little on my marriage..... your comment gave me enough satisfaction but can you put some light on what respected Swapnil ji and others have said about my married life? I have started to worship HANUMAN ji as well recently....in addition to SHREE DURGA MAA..... I was told that when my RAHU time comes, I've have good growth in my career but if there's KAAL AMRIT DOSHA/YOGA......it'll bring a lot of suffering before enlightment.... I request all you knowledgable people to advise me on these few things according to your knowledge with as much details: marriage or married life? career on the whole(money & power)? and if I can do business at all? thanks a lot in advance,
  5. Dhruv ji.... were you able to see anything more with the details I sent later? does this info change anything in ur readings too Swapnil ji? Rishivatsyayan Ji: do u have any comments you would like to add to the readings from the above learned people? I work as a consultant in IT but facing job problem at the moment..... when do u think will this be over.... and could I dare to check with you guys as to when do you think this problem started acc. to my horo.....then I can compare n see how is the reading is aligning with my life.....( definately not tryin to question your knowledge guys) Thanks....
  6. Dhruv ji, one thing you asked and I forgot to respond with the information and that is: My relation with my father -BY VAISHNO MATA'S grace- is awesome........if you are talking about arguments - we do have clashes on quite a few things like getting up early n stuff but nothing that I would call it a bad relationship... In addition, my career is somewhat not stable as I work as a consultant...so sometimes, I have work n sometimes not...... what do you think of my job/career right now? In addition, my father's influence is: he keeps the family together...very soft at heart and religous person...his health has always been a worry.....and not that good financially.... hope this clarifies more...let me know if you need more info....and you guys can only see what Swapnil ji is asking in my horo...cause I dont know how to see such details....thanks a lot.....
  7. Thanks Swapnil ji, ab12 ji and Dhruv ji, Swapnil ji - thanks for your input and I sincerely do thank you...I wans;t laughing at what you said but i was laughing at one more confusion that I now have in my mind.... yu obviously said what you have learnt all these years and I respect your knowledge with utmost sincerity. In addition, not that I'm blaming you for your input which obviously is a favour from your side - but I'm scared to know about my marriage forecast. Is there anything I can do for this inaddition to calming myself down to the situation? sometimes, I think its best not to marry at all than seeing all these troubles.... ab12 and Dhurv ji - plz you also add on with ur comments.... have you guys ever seen forecast like such getting "not coming true"?? offcourse I'm not question ur knowledge but my fear is talking now.....:-) I honestly wanna hear that may be, there is a hope of a good marriage where i could be happy with my partner rather than struggling all throughout.......Is this due to Sun in 7th house for me...and will offering water to LORD SUN help me? or any special PUJA to LORD SUN...... Kindly advise guys?
  8. Hey Jaya, Just a couple of hours back... i too posted my query on the forum and mine too is MARS in 8th house while my Sun and Mer in 7th house...... MARS in in 8th house does scare me too and i just drop by to say all the very best finding solution to your problem...... I too have been scared by a lot of Astrologers of the possible problems in my marriage....... Raj.
  9. thanks Swapnil ji..... now I have BHAGWAAN KURMA DEV JI also...lol..... but thanks for your response......
  10. Hey guys, i would like to know if where can I find a real good astrologer in Delhi? I know most of you will say what I think you'll say - that a real good astrologer might not be known widely.... with choice.... i have one question to ask here apart from the one above - I have shown my Horo a lot of Astrologers & one thing that I'm getting scared of is: I have been told by almost all of them that my marriage will not be successful and if at all, its written that it might be with a lot of problems - now some say, due to me being an egoist and some think that the girl would be too proud.... Can anyone of you mastered in this Vedic science advise me on the same?... and I hope that you prove my statement above - wrong!! I would also be greatful to you extraordinarily talented people out here to advise a little about my horo and remedies if possible. About my career and my family. You could sent me private msgs..... Recently i was by some that my ISHT DEVA is SHREE HANUMAN JI and some said, its LORD SHIVA...... I have been asked to offer Jal to LORD SUN. I have been willingly worshipping GODDESS DURGA/ VAISHNO DEVI MAA from quite some time but now I have started to worship both the above GODS in addition. Some say DURGA MAA should be worshipped when one has RAHU problems but I think I want to worship her without any ifs or buts. Could anyone kindly clarify on this one too? For the Astrologer question - i have a lot more to ask about me and my family but this one I thought I should clarify here...... DOB: 12th Nov 1980 TOB: 16:07 Hrs POB: New Delhi. Thanks, Raj.
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