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  1. I just want to do some analysis based on the responses I am going to receive, for last few days I am thinking on the existence of God (in fact i am trying to find the answer for "reality" when I meditate in my consciousness) but I dont find anything convincing. infact I am compelled to trust on the science more and more .... Do Reply (No Intention of hurting any religious feelings, I thought this could be the better place to post this topic)
  2. date: 8 dec 1982 time: 17:30 place satara, MH I am in US right now and not able to get a job. I am running out of money and dont want to go back to india after spending so much on my education here... when I ll be able to get a job ...what is causing me so much of sufferings these days as per birth chart is concerned.
  3. oh.. is that a wrong horoscope?? I made it online on one website ...yes I am doing yoga for last six years n have got excellence in many postures and do meditation too ..is that related to astrology?...wow I am getting more n more interested in these mystic sciences they are all connected to each other n they support each other.... how intoxications are gonna harm me as per the astrology is concerned? ...curious to know ...please reply
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions from everyone...I still have one doubt i red that the "Neelam" should not be worn alone if you are not capricorn or aquarious ,,,I am neither... so should I wear it alone ...can you guys clear my this doubt please
  5. If one is doing meditation and AADNYA CHAKRA seems to be activated, will smoking create some hurdles in the whole process of awakening?
  6. thanks a lot but i red somewhere that the people with virgo moonsign should wear gomed also my Rahu mahadasha is going on.. can you enlight on my openion... I dont understand much about these things I just red it somewhere so I am just curious to know... thanks for your time
  7. should i wear gomedh and neelam together please help...its very very urgent here are the details DOB 8th dec 1982 time 17:30 latti 17 41 N longit 73 59 E also the chart is attached
  8. what is tamramurthy shani? and what are the effects what is Rajitamurthy shani? and what are the effects what is Swarnamurthy shani? and what are the effects
  9. ppena, thanks for the guidence, can anyone tell me that how will be the second phase of my sade sati ...should i wear Gomed and Sapphire? waiting for the replies
  10. DOB: 8 dec 1982 time of birth: 17:30:00 Place of birth : Latitude: 17° 41' North, Longitude: 73° 59' East Rashi: Kanya this year is very much miserable for me I am looking for a job but cant find one. I am staying all alone. I lost my all friends. I have some problems going on with my family (e.g. mom and brother). financially I am broke. I cant even earn to survive myself. feels like I am loosing the battle. why life is so harsh to me? dont I have a right to live happily like millions of others? I am trying each n every way to make my position good but nothing at all works. How long I am going to remain in this position? somene told me that my sade sati is going on. when I will have the prosperous life? I am tired of living in all
  11. thanks for all the replies and suggestion.... can somebdy provide a detailed description of my kundli
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