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  1. Thank You ...Webyogi ji .Problem in my skin skin is that whole of my body is haveing Red Iching Pimples and Rashes ...I been to so many Dockters so far but none of them is able to trace my exact problem ..thas why i come to this forum to seek astro guidence.. Webyogi ji please sugest me best stone for health
  2. Hello To All Esteemed Astrologers Of This Forum .For Last 2 years I am Suffering From Serve Skin Allergy Which Is Ruining My Face and All Of My Body .I have been to lots of Skin Specialists So far But End up with Losing Lots Of Money On Medicines without any improvement ...My Marriage is due in dec 2009 and this making me scaring now . I request to all Esteemed souls of this forum to lookup into my matter and suggest me any remedy which can help me to overcome this problem ....Also some astrologer suggest me that Wearing Moti will be very helpful to overcome this problem ..is it true .? or i should wear any other gemstone ..Please help me ...:crazy: shalini 18-04-1981 02:45 am new Delhi
  3. Respected Astrologers, PLEASE HELP!! your help & advice is urgently required. Thanks in Advance!!
  4. Hi, I need your expert advice in the below case: Details of Boy: Name- Anupam More DOB - 7 october,1980 TOB - 7.20 am POB - calcutta Details of Girl: Name- Shalini Malik DOB - 18 April, 1981 TOB- 2.40 am POB- New delhi When our kundlis were matched , only 14 guns matched & we have many doshas also .Please let me know the remedies for all the DOSHAS involved in our Kundlis. Your urgent help is required in the matter. Thanks.
  5. i hereby request all knowlegable person to llok into my problem as this is not a small issue for a girl ,i need to know when will i got married and how it will be ? arrange or love .how my life partner will be
  6. Plz Help Can anyone tell me about my marriage life
  7. Hi All , Plz tell me when will i get married ? Will it be Arrange or Loved ? My Family is very much Worried about My Marrige .. :( Shalini 18-04-1981 2:45 AM New Delhi
  8. Respected All , For last 4 years i have seen three painfull breakups..i wantt o ask wheather i got married or not ? if yes then when or will it be love or arrange ...? Hows my married life would be . 18-04-1981 02:45 AM New Delhi
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