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  1. thanks a lot sasisekaran sir for your readings. yes, my surgery was on the evening of 14th may 2008 to be exact. actually, this was my second surgery. I will tell what all happened in my health point of view from 2005: till the first half of 2005 though i was slim I was physically fit and was even in the college NCC army in the rank of an Under Officer till that time. my health started deteriorating in the second half of 2005. I took a lot of treatments but we were not able to clearly diagnose the conditions. only in Jan 2006 it was confirmed as TB infection but after persisting spine pain further tests and scans showed that the TB infection was actually in the spine and a spine bone was severly damaged. my surgeon was even surprised that for the seriousness of my condition I did not have complications like paralysis etc. after clear diagnosis an immediate surgery was scheduled on 27th March 2006 (this was my first surgery). though it was a major spine surgery, it was a success and I did not have any complications. the infection was cleared and spine was stabilised. my surgeon said that my (affected) bones were brittle and there might be a need for another surgery after 2~3 years if my spine bends too much and if I experienced much pain. after 4 months I went to college to resume my studies. I was supposed to finish my degree in May 2006 but took a break and completed (with great difficulty) in May 2007 because of the surgery. even after getting job offers from good companies I was not able to join them because of the medium level pain in my spine. then I attended a few competitive exams (with higher education plans in my mind). but not much favourable results there also. and by the beginning of 2008 my spine pain increased and bending of spine was evident (as previously thought). so after a lot of tests another surgery was scheduled on 14th may 2008. though the spine was successfully stabilised with more instrumentation, a complication at the end of the surgery resulted in the incomplete paralysis. I will attach all my horoscope calculations, dasha and varshapala charts after sometime. [edit: added] All Horoscope-Dasha-Varshapala Charts and Calculations.pdf
  2. wow that was a long and good post. really illuminating for me. will like to know views from other members also. the gemstone part is quite true from my experience.
  3. thanks sriram sir if possible please suggest some remedies and particular deity workships. I would be much happy and grateful. thanks a ton... other insights also welcome
  4. first my details Name: A.Jagannath (Male) DOB: 27th August 1985 Time: 08:02 AM Place: Chennai I'm suffering from incomplete paralysis of my legs for the past year after I had a major spine surgery in may 2008. I'm taking all proper medical treatments and physiotherapy etc when we consulted our astrologer he said that I'm undergoing ashtama sani and things will get alright after 9th september 2009 he also suggested some remedies. I request others here to read my horoscope and offer their views. I'm a bit scared thanks for all your kindness and help
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