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  1. Namasthey Guruji I am Harikrishnan, 27 year old. I need help from you, all these 27 years I never had a true happiness or peace of mind . I try to keep my surrounding happy and live but I am always crying inside with problems. My birth details are : DOB : 2nd July 1982 Time : 11:10AM Place: Chennai Please I request you to help me find some solution for this I want to be happy at least for some time. Consider this as urgent, I am pushed to frustration and depression. Reply me to hariikrishnang@gmail.com. Waiting for a positive reply. Harikrishnan
  2. Sorry for the missing Info Date of Birth : 02/07/1982 Time of Birth : 11.10 Am Place of Birth : Chennai Harikrishnan
  3. Namasthey Guruji, My name is Harikrishnan, i have born on 2nd july 1982 at 11.10 am, i have never been happy in my life till now and i am still facing only problems i pray God that i should be happy living or to take my life of so much of stress, i request you to please look into my horoscope and tell me and remedies to overcome all my problems and succeed in my personal life. please reply me to hariikrishnang@gmail.com regards Harikrishnan
  4. Hi My name is Harikrishnan, i have married to a Muslim girl and now she is ready to convert to Hinduism. I would request all the good souls over her to help me in know how to go forward in this regard and what are the procedures to do this, this would be of greater hel pto my future. Please reply your ideas to my personal id hariikrishnang@gmail.com. thanking you all in advance Harikrishnan
  5. My name is Hari Can i use this Mohini Mantra on my wife will it work, please tell me. I want my wife to totally concentrate on me, she spends more time on her office work , please guide me to a happy life. Thanks Hari
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